Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Baptist Church- "Our Haiti rescue team" needs your help

If the Catholic church scandal has shown us all one thing, just one thing, it is that organized religion is a perfect front, a cover, for any and all means of deplorable behaviour.
Far from being alone, the Catholic church is just one branch, on a tree of corrupt religious groups.

Then we have the Baptists. I have covered the Baptists and their foray into Haiti, to steal children. While you may disagree, this is what it was, I can't see this action as anything but evil. Lying to earthqake devestated parents and families to gain access to their babies.

When I first started covering it, I definitely saw Laura Silsby and Charissa Coulter as the two ringleaders, and conceded it was possible the others were duped, though still responsible for what had gone on.

The harder I looked, the more I began to wonder if the others were as innocent as they had proclaimed. Or like the thieves they were, and none of them having any honour, they began to plot against their chosen fall guy.

The last post I had put up, was that all charges were still pending against all of the Baptist missionaries. This confirmed my increasingly suspicious thoughts that I was looking at all missionaries being equally complicit.

Then I came across this, and kudos to the blogger at Baby Love Child for uncovering this info.

Googles cached pages of the Central Valley Baptist Church as it appeared January 10/2010.
I checked, the recent pages show none of this. But, back to what was on those pages.

From Pastor Clint:

We need to raise $2,000 in the next 24 hours for our Haiti Rescue Team.

"Our Haiti rescue team"?

And then upon scrolling down further, the Church exhorts parishioners to help, with suggestions-

Urgent and Immediate Needs

  • Support the Temporary Orphanage in Cabarete, Dominican Republic
  • Support a Response Team to Dominican Republic $1500.00 each
Both of these are tax deductable donations that need to be given through
Central Valley Baptist Church. Write on the Memo Line: Haitian Orphans.

And mentions that the donations are of course, tax deductible when given through the Central Valley Baptist Church!!

Clearly, this was not Laura Silsby's idea alone to go off to Haiti and steal other peoples children and smuggle them over the border into Dominican Republic.
This was the mission of the Baptist Church!

I realize many people want to believe that organized religion serves some greater good. Or is actually representative of 'god on earth', a claim I have actually heard.

But, reality is reality.

That being said, like the Catholic church , the Baptists appear to be using their religious status and their tax exemption status, for very nefarious purposes.

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  1. Thanks for the addy Penn. My Echecks in the mail. It's the tax deductible part that really plucked at my heart strings, anything for a good cause and dammit any deductions on my taxes are a damn good cause.

  2. Oh, your welcome silv!
    Don't even get me going on the tax thing...

    Isn't it interesting that despite all the reporting on this story, the churches role in it, has been conveniently left out??