Sunday, April 4, 2010

Carbon Currency interview with Patrick M Wood

What a wonderful weather week-end! After winter, it is so good to get outside in the sun...
And just be out there! Had a wonderful walk in the woods, with the chipmunks and butterflies. Birds singing all around. A snake. So much activity! Spring, and everyone and everything just comes to life. Out on the bikes today. Wonderful. Hubby is out there with the roto tiller, getting the garden in shape.

Hence, my absence!
I do hope everyone had wonderful weather too and got outside to enjoy it?
But, I am baaaack!

I have listened to this interview already. I am familiar with Patrick M Wood from previous interviews. He seems a reasonable fellow. Usually makes assertions backed with solid research.

Think about that. Every month, we’d all get an allocation of carbon credits that we could use for food, fuel, or anything else. And whatever we didn’t use would disappear at the end of the month, like unused cell phone minutes that don’t roll over.


VFTB 035: Patrick M. Wood — Carbon Currency
This isn’t a new concept. Please read Patrick’s report “Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy”


  1. Well spring has sprung here at the nest as well, the raptor migration is in full swing, it's Skye's first view of it and all day long she just sits in front of the living room window with her binoculars counting the eagles all the while drinking wine and eating French bread with Brie. She says tat it just don't get much better than this. The count is now up to several hundred per day and should continue for the next few days as some of the Eagles are already starting to nest in the area. Next will come the Balds. The Falcons are already here as are the Kestrels. It's a good time to be here, I always look forward to this time of year as the winters back is broken and summer is on the way.

  2. Hey silv,

    wine and french bread with brie. skye! it doesn't get better then that combined with the birds on parade.

    I can't say I disagree.

    Though nothing like that goes on here, I noticed this past week the red-wing black birds are back.

    Now once the swallows get here, summer is as good as around the corner.