Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Catholic Church warned in 1952 about pedophiles in the ranks

Abuse in the Catholic Church. The news is just filled with stories, but, is this anything really new or breaking?

Would you be surprised to know that as early as 1952 this problem was recognized by at least one Reverend?

Reverend Gerald M. C. Fitzgerald
warned American bishops in forceful letters dating back to 1952 that pedophiles should be removed from the priesthood because they could not be cured.

He delivered the exact same advice to Vatican officials in 1962, and to Pope Paul VI a year later in 1963.

Father Fitzgerald, who died in 1969, even made a $5,000 down payment on a Caribbean island where he planned to build an isolated retreat to sequester priests who were sexual predators. His letters show he was driven by a desire to save the church from scandal, and to save laypeople from being victimized. He wrote to dozens of bishops, saying that he had learned through experience that most of the abusers were unrepentant, manipulative and dangerous. He called them “vipers.”

“We are amazed,” Father Fitzgerald wrote to a bishop in 1957, “to find how often a man who would be behind bars if he were not a priest is entrusted with the cura animarum,” meaning, the care of souls.

Father Fitzgerald’s papers were unsealed by a judge in New Mexico in 2007 and are now becoming public in litigation, although some letters were public before now, said Helen Zukin, a lawyer with Kiesel, Boucher & Larson, a firm in Los Angeles. The letters were authenticated in depositions with Father Fitzgerald’s successors.
Laicization — or removing a priest from the priesthood — was what Father Fitzgerald recommended for many abusive priests to bishops and Pope Paul VI.

At one point, he resolved not to accept pedophiles at his center, saying in a letter to the archbishop of New Mexico in 1957, “These men, Your Excellency, are devils, and the wrath of God is upon them, and if I were a bishop I would tremble when I failed to report them to Rome for involuntary layization.”
Father Fitzgerald's Correspondence available for your perusal.


  1. Yuh know Penn the only surprise here is that there was One priest that did bother to complain about the problem. It's a surprise because for all intents and purposes they are ALL cut from the same cloth.

    Virtually all religious orders are based on deception,lies and injustice and on the very top of this shit pile is now and always has been the Catholic Church. There is simply NOTHING good to be said about it.

    The Catholic Church has not only condoned this behavior but has from day one encouraged it. Oh sure your going to get some people who will say"But I've never seen this kind of thing going on in my church so it can't be as bad as all that" But then one has to look at who one is listening to, these are people who were born with blinkers on and couldn't smell shit if they were covered in it. They are the true sheep the lambs of god as it were, following Blindly to the slaughter.

    It was once said that injustice in the church will not end until the last pope is strangled with the guts of the last priest. I firmly believe that the time has come for the for the church to be dragged from their hidy holes and executed in mass(pun intended)and sent to meet their god whatever they consider it to be. It is time for the Burning times to begin again, to do to them what they did to So many others. They in all of their piety should be burned at the stake, hung drawn and quartered and their places of refuge should be emblazoned with the words (Whore Houses) before being raised to the ground with the remains of the priesthood inside. For that is all they have ever been, Whore Houses inhabited by Whores. Whores worshiping and serving a nonexistent pimp of a god.genth

  2. You let it out Silv!

    (I feel better just reading that!)

    Apt Word Verification = coven

  3. hey silv..
    yeah, I would tend to agree, but, often times there is one person who is decent and who tries to do the right thing, but the corrupt system shuts them down, or shuts them up..

    "Virtually all religious orders are based on deception,lies and injustice"

    for sure!
    I will probably have some posts in the future on more scum in more of the organized, hierarchal religious institutions.

    Edo: glad your feeling better now :)

  4. I believe this stark piece of video here: by the American comedian C.K. Louis dramatises this sanctioned abomination best. It might as well be a documentary.

    Caution - Raw language and dark humour with a point.

  5. That is some pretty visceral, stark "humour" there, Hei Hu Quan. I couldn't make it through more than two thirds, a bit much for me. I am sorry, but I just can't find any humour whatsoever in that (not making a negative judgement on you, just saying).

    When one thinks of it, the whole monk business was the beginning of the whole depravity of the church . . . and it would have been a very inviting place for deviates and rapists. Much like the army is a comforting and condoning place for psychopaths and murderers and social misfits who don't fit in.

    In both cases, the organisation will generally back you 100%. Even the church's ultimate "penalty" is dishonourabe discharge, lol . . . what a sad, sick joke.

    Crap, that's also a dirty pun. Oh well.

  6. Hei Hu Quan:

    OMG! that is dark humour with a point.
    (totally not what I had expected)

    It just about could be a documentary.

    I could see the use the church would have for a command central, to 'manage' the problem.

    Slozo! dirty pun, unintended of course.

    All these institutions have to stand behind their monsters.
    How better to continue to perpetuate there myth?

    Have you seen the coverage, msm, of course of the tape leaked of the killing of civilians in Iraq.
    msm is falling all over itself to make excuses and justify the attrocities, helping to perpetuate the myth of 'righteousness' it is all the same.

  7. So, if the Vatican won't come clean on their pedophilia cover-up, maybe it's time for Canada to stop recognizing the men in pretty dresses and Prada, and put an end to public funding of their religious schools here.

  8. Perhaps the use of the word humour as in "dark humour' was inappropriate, and you are correct Slozo, there's nothing funny about these crimes at all. What the video skit was trying to impart point-wise could have been conveyed much better. In hindsight it could even be construed as mocking and careless. It did however capture the behaviour and attitude of the Catholic church well. I did issue a warning, however if there was nothing positive gained from the viewing of it then it was not the best of ideas to share it though my intentions were sincere. In my zeal to see these bastards pay I saw it as an opportunity to perhaps show them as they actually are.

  9. Jim: I couldn't agree more with you!

    Hei Hu Quan:

    "It did however capture the behaviour and attitude of the Catholic church well."

    Yes, it did! Callous and Uncaring.

    I have no doubt your intentions were sincere, and I do not think anyone else took them as otherwise

  10. Not sure if it was intentional or if it's just my browser, but what I assume was supposed to be a link to the correspondence, is only showing up as underlined when I try to click it. I was able to get the link from the source code for the page.

    Apologies if I'm mistaken.

  11. thanks Larry, I see the link isn't working?
    which is odd, because I checked that it was

    apologies for that and I shall fix it.

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