Monday, April 19, 2010

Hallucinogens have doctors 'tuning in' again

One of my core topics has been mind control, I would like to get back to that briefly.

Mind Control is ongoing. The biggest mind control device in our lives is still the television.
Television or tv tells us what to buy and how we feel when we make the prescribed purchase.
If we buy a certain car, we will be sexy. Drink a certain beer and get the girls. You get the idea?
It conjures emotional reactions to created situations. The very worse thing is does, is deprives us of our own thoughts and imagination.
Getting back to the 'old' MKUltra experiments, which in my mind, never went away.
Really, why would they? What government in the world, particularly a world government , which by it's nature would have to be more tyrannical then anything regional, would not love a mind controlled compliant populace. TV has already got you part way there. But drugs can take you the rest of the way. In the 60's the drug that it was hoped would bring about the mass mind controlled population was LSD.
Guess what, it is back......

Scientists are taking a new look at hallucinogens, which became taboo among regulators after enthusiasts like Timothy Leary promoted them in the 1960s with the slogan “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” Now, using rigorous protocols and safeguards,(they had safeguards and protocols previously) scientists have won permission to study once again the drugs’ potential for treating mental problems and illuminating the nature of consciousness.

Scientists are especially intrigued by the similarities between hallucinogenic experiences and the life-changing revelations reported throughout history by religious mystics and those who meditate. These similarities have been identified in neural imaging studies conducted by Swiss researchers and in experiments led by Roland Griffiths, a professor of behavioral biology at Johns Hopkins.

Life changing revelations? Illuminating the nature of consciousness?
That all sounds good, right? And quite possibly it could be? Except, where there is good, there is bad.

Because reactions to hallucinogens can vary so much depending on the setting, experimenters and review boards have developed guidelines to set up a comfortable environment with expert monitors in the room to deal with adverse reactions. They have established standard protocols so that the drugs’ effects can be gauged more accurately, and they have also directly observed the drugs’ effects by scanning the brains of people under the influence of hallucinogens.

Control the setting, control the experimenters, control and guide the experience.
And a positive experience can be made a negative experience.

The monitors sometimes had to console people through periods of anxiety
What if during periods of anxiety, 'monitors' did not console?
What if they cajoled? Coerced? Suggested? Anything and everything, what would the results be?


  1. There seems to be a TV psy-op in the UK to promote Nick Clegg as head of a National Government?

    Gelsemium may help with colds and flu.

    - Aangirfan

  2. Noooo, they wouldn't do that would they? Would they?

    There's a scene exactly like that in the film "Men who stare at goats" with Clooney and McGregor. A "rogue" operative in the "new earth army" (I shit you not) decides the best way to create a super soldier is by being able to control his mind. He covertly (and acted entirely on his own of course!) issued the willing victim some LSD, then proceeded to terrify the shit out of him for a couple of hours before having to hide in fear for a suicidal maniac, who in the film, ends up gratuitously shooting himself.

    Worth a watch just for all the New World Order symbology.... McGregor's accent is totally crap.

  3. There is a Canadian book called "Journey into Madness".. tells the tale of the CIA MKULTRA experiments in the Ewen Memorial in Montreal - the Canadian govt complicit in torture of Canadians who went in for 'depression'.

    Don't ever get into the psychiatric/medical system.

    As for LSD, could be that the LSD backfired and instead of programming them it deprogrammed them!

  4. ^
    The street LSD experience made by rogue chemists, not by CIA torturers trying to break down your mind you see... it is all about set and setting... and MKULTRA are all about nightmarish settings.

  5. I recall a few people who had bad trips and were never the same again. I know others who have no problem with hallucinogens.

    I can see how one can be coerced into having a really bad trip though, thus leading to a profound life changing experience (this can also happen with good trips too).

    These drugs and their natural origins are shamanistic and pagan in their origins - they predate an organised force and are often associated with rituals which those who partake must be prepared for.

    They are powerful mind altering substances not to be taken lightly - but of course leave it to the military and the psyops folks to take them out of context and find a nefarious use.

    I guess what I am sort of saying is don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  6. hey aangirfan

    I noticed this Nick Clegg, seemed to come out of nowhere..
    Almost as if he was conjured.

  7. Edo: saw the movie, it was good.
    And yeah there were alot of names and situations dropped for sure.

    gotta check that book out, familiar with the saga, not familiar with the book.


    not that I am opposed to people using LSD to have experiences just that when you read an article, such as this one, and it is presented all nicey nice except for some little hidden words dropped here and there.
    And you think, this is just a rehash of what was done late 5o's to 6o's.

    And nothing was done to 'help' anyone. Though I am certain much was done under the guise of helpfullness. Like Camerons experiments in the hospital, where he was 'helping' patients.

    Then thinking of Frank Olson, dosed with LSD, and then either thrown or jumped in a drugged state, I wonder how his controllers were aiding him on his acid trip???

    One can just imagine

  8. Hey Pen,

    I guess my point is that anything can be used nefariously. Sort of like religions using spirituality to pervert society for their own purposes.

    I think this is what has happened to various ethneogens, like mushrooms, salvia, peyote etc.

    These kind of people pervert all they touch, hence it is no wonder they would use these substances in the way they do. Sick puppies.

  9. Re: previous post

    When Topolanek [ last PM of Czech Rep. spoke against the EU he was swiftly toppled, WHILE President of the EU. In place we got a caretaker government [ the experts] andf as such have had an unelected ruling government since then. The only one in the world.

    sarkozy made veiled threats to Topolanek. Now we have jan Fischer, who shares the same faith as Mr. sarkozy

    Czech still haven't got the Euro as they know its a pile of bankers doo-doo

    Looks like Czech will have the Socialist party as they lead in the polls by guite a margin. Elections sometime soon, maybe , as is usual here. Their colour is now Orange.

    There seems a battle in central and eastern Europe between those who want to fully join EU against those who believe its the aformentioned doo-doo


  10. "These kind of people pervert all they touch, hence it is no wonder they would use these substances in the way they do. Sick puppies."

    couldn't have said it better myself!

  11. thanks aferrismoon

    "There seems a battle in central and eastern Europe between those who want to fully join EU against those who believe its the aformentioned doo-doo"

    that does seem to definitely be part of the issue.....hmmmm.

    which leaves me really wondering, what kind of fragile state is the EU really in?

    cheers to you also!