Friday, April 2, 2010

Israel destroys dreaded cheese factory

Gosh, did I say cheese factory?

No, it was weapons manufacturing facility! So says Israel

But, doesn't that look like cheese to you? Click on it to get the full image.

Israel's claims -Not even credible.

We have heard this type of nonsense repeatedly from Israeli officials while they wantonly attack schools and shelters. Oh, there were militants. Yes, there was gunfire.
No militants, no gunfire.

Israel is attacking food production and infrastructure as usual.
Just another day for the colonialist, expansionist Israel.


  1. Let them eat jogurt!!

    Go for it Israel, keep it up - great work!

    Cracker factory next round....


  2. well ya know, the crackers could theoretically collude with the cheese, to create a weapon of mass feeding.

    Can't have that.

  3. Indeed, and no chicken soup either!!

  4. And the ones who sit back and watch all this while doing NOTHING to stop this madness are the ones who proclaim to live in their gods back pocket. Makes yuh wonder don't it?

    But on a lighter note some time ago, 5 weeks as a matter of fact. Now you may not know it but when it comes to wood work I'm a big spender. Anyhoos I went into the local lumberyard in town to pickup a new saw blade and I noticed all the empty shelves when I asked the manager who I know quite well he informed me that he was getting in a new product line of wood working equipment manufactured in ISRAEL. After the feeling of revulsion had eased just a little bit I informed him that he could from this day onward kiss me off from buying so much as a two penny nail from him. He asked why and I explained it to him , I explained what Israel was doing in Gaza as well as other places and also informed him that if he stocked his shelves with Jew products that I would rally every wood worker and cabinetry shop in the area to boycott his business(this is a major wood working
    region btw) and that within 6 months he would be locking his goddamn doors. This fellow and I grew up together and he knows that I don't fuck around and that I mean what I say. The new tools came in as they had already been ordered and were sent back and the old product line is back on the shelves. Chalk up one for the good guys Huh

  5. Hey Silv,

    Believe it or not but Costco has taken Ahava cosmetics out of their line up.

    So, it CAN be done, when others are educated! Kudos to you.

  6. right on silv!
    and maggie, kudos to costco.
    Me, I am still not buying anything from Israel. My money, my choice.

  7. The problem is, we could all not buy Israeli products, and their economy would still be propped up by the outpouring of huge financial support and donations from their organisations and major companies that support them. And then, on top of that, even if we all stopped supporting them - and that'd be near impossible - you'd have to stop the US gov't from supporting them.

    The network is sooo large, and the support is massive. Not that I don't support Silv and his fine efforts, because I do - I try to do the same if confronted with similar circumstances - I just feel that it becomes a moot point unless one could kill the terrorist supporting organisations and gov't support.

    Don't want to be a wet blanket, I support Silv all the way and we should all do our part in terms of awareness . . . but we also must face reality here.

  8. Slozo I hear you and don't think you're being a 'wet blanket', just a realist.

    Still, at least this is a way for something, no matter how small, to be done, and it does have it's therapeutic values.

    You're quite right though - unless the US and others stop their blind financial support, the SLC will never change her disgraceful ways.

    Personally, think the Jews are being set up by their own to be tossed under the bus - again.

  9. Hey slozo:

    I know full well that it wasn't a biggie, perhaps less than a drop in a bucket,BUT Dammit it felt good. It felt good just to be an annoyance like a mosquito in the tent. The best part about it was how when the salesman had demanded to know why the product line had been axed and had been told about the potential boycott how he had gone ballistic and started screaming antisemitism. This was told to me by one of the floor personal and dammit it felt good. Like I said it may not have been much but it was more than most do.

    Besides the word in the lumber and building community is now getting around and no business in Southern Manitoba will have anything to do with this so called Israeli wood working company.So thats got to smart just a little dontya think. Besides who the hell ever heard of a jew who knew anything about tools in the first place.

  10. Yeah, it's an odd thing, an Israeli wood working tools company . . .

    It's a small hit for some company in Israel, for sure . . . but in reality, that one company in Israel that makes the power tools has so little to do with the money going to the gov't in power there, the decision to bomb and attack and build new settlements and whatnot, and all the other evils that the Israeli gov't and military does. Trust me, when the country gets a guaranteed 3 billion a year from the US with tied-in promises to buy US military hardware plus billions more from the jewish groups in north america plus a multitude of contracts . . . it's a meaningless drop in the bucket. Some wood working tool guy company president, who may be an honest, hard working nice guy (probably neither, but let's just say), who is he/she to us? Potentially, another poor schlep medium sized business owner who may have nothing to do with politics.

    And, like all business, they are interchangeable and easily replaceable.

    This reminds me a bit of the line in Canada (and the States) for "buying Canadian" (or American) as opposed to getting something Made In China. It's a laughable thing to me, for starters, to show an allegiance to a country (Canada) that helps invade countries that the majority of the people don't want to invade, increases taxes annually, wastes billions of taxpayer dollars while printing more money to decrease your purchasing power, keeps politicians in power who bribe, steal, cheat, commit fraud, etc . . . who would pledge allegiance to a country like that by spending more of your hard earned money? To do what, buy something made in Canada as opposed to China, as if that would have an effect on the multinational corporation from moving from country to country to get the lowest possible manufacturing cost?!? It's all ludicrous, and built on a premise of multiple logical fallacies . . .

    . . . and yet, we all hear this repeated often - and Silv, I remember you saying once about not buying from China. Do you think the oppressed people of China - having been more repressed than we have, on the whole - do you think those poor slobs don't deserve a chance at a better life as well? They need jobs way more than we do . . . which is why the Chinese gov't has been suppressing the Yuan for so long - their currency goes up, and it's off to Malaysia or Indonesia for the multinational, and they could care less about the Chinese . . . or the Canadian.

    In the end, any economic sanction, has in my observation, been only detrimental to the common people - the lowest ones on the totem pole. If suffering a severe sanction (like Cuba, say), the middle class also suffers.

    But the rich don't suffer too much (not what one can call suffering), and the powers that be controlling the country don't suffer.

    We are all humans, all of us one people of earth, and we should strive to help out our fellow man who is also repressed and slogging through the muck to feed his family and make a buck. No matter where they may be.

    just my two cents.