Friday, April 2, 2010

Laura Silsby and the trouble with Baptist Predators

We are getting alot of news on pedophilia the Catholic Church way, but less so on the Baptist religion and there pedo-problem

Yes, pedophilia and the Baptists go hand in hand. I will get to more on that shortly.

First let me start off with Laura (Psycho) Silsby, I just like to call her psycho silsby myself..
Recap: Laura Silsby and her Baptist cronies went to Haiti and stole children in cahoots with the pedophile/runner of prostitute rings and devout follower of Judaism Jorge Puello.

Poor Laura Silsby, her husband is demanding full custody of their kids and she has a bunch of other problems.

I saw this picture of her, which seemed to ooze evil. Weird?

Evil grin?

Setting the Silsby/Puello saga aside briefly, it is her Baptist church, religion and faith and their predatory ways we will move on to.

I came across a most interesting site today. StopBaptistPredators
This is the website of an individual who suffered abuse at the hand of a Baptist Minister.
Christa Brown
As a naive 16-year-old growing up in a North Texas Baptist church in the 1960s, she was pressured into having a sexual relationship with her youth minister. The married pastor told Brown it was God's will and justified his marital infidelity by citing Bible verses about concubines - then excoriated her as a satanic temptress when his wife found out."

The site makes note of the Hush it up-Cover it up pattern. It covers just some of the scandals and updated scandals on it's news page

On that page you will notice the coverage of the Baptist Laura Silsby, her church and their scandal.

Reading through this site, just set my brain a churnin' !

Was Silsby really acting on her own? Was Silsby acting on behalf of the church?

I had come across a comment somewhere, someone had taken notice of how the Baptist church back peddled on their connection to Puello, once the news came out that he was running pedo/prostitution rings. The commenter had thought that the way Puello came out to help, he must have had a previous connection to the church. Maybe he did?

Maybe, just maybe the Silsby story isn't isolated to just her, the few followers and one church.
Because recalling initially there were Baptists from other churches involved.

-Silsby is a member of Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho
- pastor Paul Thompson, his son Silas and church member Steve- Eastside Baptist Church in Twin Falls, Idaho
-Allen and Drew Culberth, a firefighter who also is an assistant youth pastor at Bethel Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan.

Bethel Baptist is the only church not affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. I am not sure what the 'southern baptist convention' is, or what is signifies, but it must be important enough to garner mention.

And what about this man? Pastor Jean Sainvill? Who now seems to be missing in action?

"The pastor, Jean Sainvil, described the controversy as a misunderstanding stemming from the volunteers not having the needed paperwork for the children. Sainvil said the Baptist volunteers were acting "with a good heart."

Is he a Baptist also? Two interesting videos here and here regarding Pastor Jean Sainvill.

Could we really be looking at organized pedophile rings being run through these churches?
Nothing seems very clear cut at all.

If you are interested in reading the other posts covering this Haitian child stealing scandal, click on the Haiti label at the bottom to access them.


  1. Keep on digging.

    - Aangirfan

  2. If I can find anymore, it'll be here!

  3. Hi Penny,
    AP has just posted an absolutely brilliant essay on pedophiles and their apologists at her "It's Rude To Notice" blog.
    The piece is entitled Guerilla Warfare

    Everybody, go take a bo-peep. Your time will be well rewarded, I assure you.

  4. That sociopath hellbitch Silsby and her rictus grin-like smile are very revealing. That photographic image of her face looks like a mask worn by a demon. Those troubling themselves over whether she will see any prolonged jail time will be greatly disappointed. 'El Retardo' Bush and the smarmy Lothario Clinton are there at ground zero cutting deals and tossing lucre about (none will see the masses). You can bet that as the two stooges represent the customers of her 'services', that she will be cut loose at the earliest opportunity that she fades from public memory and scrutiny. It's as guaranteed as the sun will shine tomorrow.

    Penny you are correct, satanoids have long used the church as fronts or cover for operations. One reason is because it's looked upon as a sanctuary that law-enforcement fears to tread or look into. Another is because at first glance you see a closed (for the most part) community with smiles, piety, hymns, seeming providence for the membership and what all. The church is usually the cornerstone of a town, village or neighbourhood that has often been established there for quite some time. They know everyone in the area, often have political connections from on high and are used as an effective pacification tool. If it were an actual intelligence operation it would be a good one, as it has spies that watch and report on what goes on in town and individuals who they consider suspect. As a closed community with ready access to the children of often zealous members willing to do whatever for the Lord and it makes for quite a set-up. Many have Sunday schools, day care, child minding services and youth programmes. Money never seems to be a problem what with tax exemptions, government contributions and a steady tribute of tidings from the congregation. I'm often wary of strategic entities such as these because I think they operate much like the Disney corporation. Indoctrinating herd think and false front mythologies wrapped in a sugary wrapper that masks a base core that's rotten. Mind you, I'm not attacking peoples beliefs nor all religious houses, I'm just commenting on a big picture observation.

    There have been a good many examples of nefarious doings at churches such as the Jim Jones People's Temple, the Hosanna Church of Louisiana, Faith Chapel of Spring Valley California, and so on. If you can stomach it check here: for case after case, after case of wolves in the cloth of sheep.

    James, much thanks for the link to the It's Rude to Notice blog, very inspiring, no-holds-barred posts by the host A. Peasant (brilliant moniker). My favourite passage:

    "The time has come to stop apologizing for being human beings. whatever kind of eugenics or elitist bullshit experiment they have going on, the people who thrive on this culture of death and violence and pornography, they are the inferior species. sub-human. they have no feelings, no empathy, which they prove by their actions and confirm with their vile excuses. they lack something they know they lack it and they don't want *you* to know they lack it. that's the gig. their only advantage is their devotion to keeping their weakness secret and you don't have to cooperate by being gullible. really. they are defective they overcompensate with their intellectual bullshit but they can't fake the feelings they always make mistakes and you must notice the red flags when they do.

    the human instincts for survival and for selflessness are not concepts at odds. we will protect the weak and vulnerable, no questions asked. it does not need to be explained because it is unspoken, written into our DNA. they can only try to convince us that we don't have these instincts or that they are wrong, but in doing that they expose themselves."

    Carry on with the great work all!

  5. She looks like a cheshire cat.

  6. "sociopath hellbitch" yup, that is why I call her psycho silsby.

    Hei Hu Quan:

    I have been getting the distinct impression that yes the pedophelia in the churches, in the organized religion is not a anomoly, but in fact the norm.

    And that it is, indeed, the perfect cover for this trash.

    Why is it more people do not see through it?
    Is it that they are so blinded by the promise of 'salvation'
    As if man, or religion offers any such thing?

    It is funny you mention Jim Jones, because reading the story about that girl being seduced by the Pastor, made me think so much of Jim Jones it was kind of frightening.

    I wonder, how many psychopaths are attracted to the organized religion 'concept' it is empowering for evil doers.

    So one can assume where there is power, there is evil, especially in the churches.

    as always hei hu quan, thoughtful response, much appreciated!

    Maggie: an evil cheshire cat!

  7. Check her predator record. Check out the concubines in their youth group gossip.
    Fundies want these folks executed - why not one of their own.

    Check out this cult group - look at their creepy website with all the "little kid" pictures

  8. anonymous:
    "Check her predator record. Check out the concubines in their youth group gossip.
    Fundies want these folks executed - why not one of their own.

    Check out this cult group - look at their creepy website with all the "little kid" pictures"

    I would love to check this out, but, where would i begin looking?
    any tips would be appreciated,greatly!