Thursday, April 8, 2010

Millions wasted for hysteria inducing advertising and a connection between seasonal vaccines and swine flu

Apologies up front for another swine flu post!

You may say "Penny, let it go"
To which my response is "I can't".

The swin(e)dle flu, was a swindle! A swindle of taxpayers dollars.
Dollars that could have and should have been spent in a wiser manner then this.....

The Canadian government and their big pharma friends colluded to waste tax dollars to enrich themselves and other cronies.
Including the the media! I alluded to this way back...way back.

At a time when the main stream media was in desperate need of advertising revenue the Canadian government came along, with taxpayer dollars, and subsidized the media outlets!
So here is the latest- Governments wasted millions on H1N1 advertising
or here

-The Canadian government spent $37 million on advertising and other communication about last year's flu outbreak.
-Public Health Agency of Canada spent $322 million on pandemic campaign. Hundreds of millions more were spent by provinces and their health units on vaccine and advertising, the report said, putting the total federal and provincial H1N1 spending at a minimum of $1 billion.

That is 1 Billion taxpayer dollars- you may say, well this was a deadly virus, and blah,blah,blah.
I would say bullshit! Read on-
- H1N1 outbreak in Canada and Ontario and certainly Hastings and Prince Edward Counties reached its peak in the last week in October and by the middle of November there was really no value in immunization
-"But the provincial government and the federal government persisted promoting immunization long after the danger had passed and spent a great deal of money doing that."
-H1N1 as was KNOWN- would not cause significant illness and related problems

"The lesson is look at the evidence and base your decisions on the evidence, not on pre-existing plans. If you have a plan that you wrote years ago and you just stick to that regardless of changing circumstances you're going to end up frightening people unnecessarily, disrupting people's lives and wasting money."

Look at the evidence, do not waste taxpayers money needlessly, do not cause fear to justify wasting taxpayer dollars...

Oh, and I can't help but notice the complete lack of media coverage on this story. Just 6 articles, yup, that's all I could find 6 articles. Of course, since the main stream media benefited so nicely, from the advertising revenue, increased viewership etc., why bite the hand that feeds it?
And expose themselves in this sham, for never once asking a hard question, or even bother trying to be rational or factual....

And there is more. What is being called the "Canadian problem"
A recent study, finally published last week, that demonstrated a link between people who had received previous flu vaccines being more likely to have contracted swine flu.

So, why is this a "canadian problem" when it seems it may be a world wide problem?
Since seasonal flu vaccines are distributed world wide and may be making people more susceptible to catching swine flu?

That is what you call something when you want to dismiss it. Someone else's problem.
In this case, Canada's problem.

That story was covered here prior to the early April publishing.

" A Canadian study has concluded that people under the age of 50 vaccinated for seasonal flu are twice as likely to catch swine flu."

But, that didn't stop Canada and other countries from going ahead with their massive waste of money.

Here is some more on the "Canadian problem"

" The traditional seasonal flu vaccine may have increased the risk of infection with pandemic H1N1 swine flu, according to the results of four new studies by Canadian researchers.

In one study, the researchers used an ongoing sentinel monitoring system to assess the frequency of prior vaccination with the seasonal flu vaccine in people diagnosed with H1N1 swine flu in 2009 compared to people without swine flu. The researchers found that seasonal flu vaccination was associated with a 68 percent increased risk of getting swine flu.

The other three studies included additional case-control investigations in Ontario and Quebec, as well as a transmission study in 47 Quebec households that were hit with swine flu. In these studies, the researchers found that seasonal flu vaccination was associated with a 1.4- to 5.0-times greater risk of having swine flu."

Disgusting, all of it.


  1. The funny part of this scandal is that it is exactly identical in France, Germany, Great Britain etc.. That is the more disturbing thing about this story.

    It was obvious from the start that it was a scam, it was even clear viewing it only from MSM point of view (Dr.Girard or Martin Winkler from Canada for example, were often in TV in France warning that H1N1 was benign and overhyped by the WHO).

    IMHO it showed one thing, that us "conspiracy loons" are already too late, the global gouvernance is not something that will happen if we are not vigilant, but is a "fait accompli" and already in place.

  2. Penn I do believe that I called Bullshit on the whole thing right from the git go but I could be wrong

  3. hey gallier!

    that is disturbing, but then it was a 'global response' to a pandemic, right?

    "It was obvious from the start that it was a scam, it was even clear viewing it only from MSM point of view"

    I'll agree with that, because if one was really paying attention to the news, you could pick out the fact that this was overblown.
    But, how many people were really paying attention?

    I don't know about it all being to late, but, this episode clearly shows how far the move towards global governence and global fascism has gone...

  4. Silv, you called it!
    I called it.
    And still today, msm, is barking about getting flu vaccinations.

    It is your responsibility, not just for yourself but for those around you...

  5. Penn this really should have gone in your post about the submachine guns on parliament hill but I thought that you might miss it and this I just had to share.

    I had the RCMP over at my place this afternoon, two of them no less.
    I'll have to back track a little first. Last summer I was doing a little maintenance on the road that passes by my place as it had gotten a little muddy after a
    rain. As I was and as I was
    turning the atv around at the end of the road I noticed a glint of metal in the middle of the road, I stopped the machine and found that someone had built a fire in the middle of the road while we had been at the lake. The glint of metal turned out to be a nail file and when I picked it up I saw more metal which turned out to be a bunch of coins. A whole bunch of pennies, I picked them up and found more coins nickels, dimes quarters and loonies and twonnies,about twenty bucks in all. I took them in and told Skye what I had found and she said thats just crazy, who the hell builds a fire in the middle of the road and then burns money that don't burn anyway? Anyways it was a mystery and we thought that someone had just come down the road dumped some garbage and dropped a change purse or some such by mistake and it got burned. No biggie, I used it to buy a case of beer.

    Today I was doing some yard work and started a brush fire as I do every spring to get rid of the long grass in the bush. After the fire had burned through I saw what seemed to be a metal box at the base of a couple of trees just to the side of the road. I went over to check it out and found a burned out cash register. Not burned out from my fire but from last year. Aha the mystery solved, someone had broken in to some business in
    town stolen the cash box and brought it out into the country to open it and get rid of the evidence.

    Just for the hell of it I called the local pig sty and told them about it and asked if they had a file open were a cash box had been stolen and never recovered and if so they could come and pick it up if they so chose as I had found it. About half an hour later they showed up and couldn't find it. it was a bout twenty yards off of the road leaning against a tree just as plain as the nose on your face and they couldn't see it.(Canada's finest in action)I finally went out and pointed it out to them and then told them about some beer cans that I had seen about twenty feet down from the edge of the valley that I thought might have belonged to whoever had burned the cash box. They agreed, I showed them where the beer cans where, they hemmed and hawed, I asked them whether or not they were going to go down and get them? Yuh know for prints and such. They said "Thats awfully steep, we might fall" I said yes you might if you've got your brains up your
    ass. They said that maybe whatever prints had been on the cans had washed off anyways, I said maybe yes and maybe no so go down there and get the fucking cans, do your goddamn job. They said that it was to hazardous.

    There is more but suffice it to say as they got into their car and were about to leave I asked them if they were going to take the cash box with them or if I should just put it into the trash? One of them said"Oh yeah that is what we came all this way out here for isn't it"

    This is Canada's finest at work. The question I have to ask is how the hell can we as a people allow anyone So Goddamn Stupid and
    chicken shit to carry guns and drive a motor vehicle. I scratch my bald head, look out of the window and wonder.

  6. Well, the thing is, Silv, these geniuses are not there to keep the criminals in line. They are there to keep the rest of us in line.
    And since for the most part, we non-crims are in the dark about this, it's the easiest gig there is and there's no need for them to get the old brain all steamed up by, you know, figuring things out, and stuff.

    It's a worry, I'll grant you. But given the above, have you thought of the prospect of having guys with brains in their position?

    Nice story, but. Thanks for sharing it. It put a smile on my dial.

  7. Good to see someone not letting go of this brutal scam.

    I tried hard to speak out mainly on CBC comment boards at the time.
    Not one curse word, and my rate of censorship by CBC nazis was around 40%. I had two user names banned, but they did not go so far as to ban my IP.

    I have come to view that chapter as a bailout for big pharma swine.
    The health care reform scam recently in the US was clearly a bailout for big insurance.

    Bailouts now seem to get packaged as something else.

  8. Silv: stupid and lazy?

    But, the carrying guns part is worrisome.. is this any different then the soldiers though?
    Thinking of the leaked video, morons playing video games, with real guns, killing humans.

    James: and yes, it would be worse if the brainless were smart, but then maybe not, maybe they would reason.
    Or maybe I am to hopeful?

  9. anonymous:

    lol, don't even get me going about the CBC forums.
    I know what you mean, the censorship is heavy handed.
    But, look at what was at stake for them, all that advertising revenue, for all of them.

    Which is why the msm was quiet and obliging.

    "The health care reform scam recently in the US was clearly a bailout for big insurance."


    "Bailouts now seem to get packaged as something else."

    Yup, some of the time. I mean are they going to keep telling us that this big biz or that big biz needs another bailout?
    How else to get the sheep to suck it up?