Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rebranding the Earth in the name of global warming

I am hoping we are all familiar with the concept behind 'rebranding'?

It is a means by which something, be it a product or service, is renamed to create a perception, that the said product or service has been fundamentally changed, even though it really has not.

A recent example of this was the rebranding, in Canada, of the traditional square Shreddies as diamond Shreddies. Had the Shreddies changed? No. Just the sales pitch did. This was done to perk up sales on a long standing and forgotten cereal line. You can read about the rebrand sales pitch here and it's apparent success on the gullible consumer here.

Which is really a sad indication of how stupid people are. If I have offended you because you were one of the individuals who expressed a preference for diamonds over squares, too bad!
You got sucked in.

Now, back to the concept of rebranding the earth in the name of global warming.

Here we have a so called veteran climate campaigner calling for the Earth to be renamed.

What he is promoting is rebranding. Rebranding earth, the planet Earth, to alter your perception of the reality of the planet. And of course, to sell his books.

Now my question for this fellow..... this veteran climate campaigner.
Explain all the previous periods of global warming ?

During the last ice age, which was one of many ice ages the planet earth has witnessed or has been subjected to.. there was obvious 'global warming' in between those ice ages.
There had to be! Because the earth warmed between the ice ages. No humans necessary.

Here is a timeline of glaciation, five known ice ages and obviously between those periods of glaciation, periods of warming, global warming.
Despite the spin from this fellow, the simple fact is the earth has always changed.
It's whole geological history is rife with change!

No rebranding necessary. Just a fact, a simple bit of reality.
Earth is earth. Sometimes it is colder, sometimes it is a lot colder. Other times it is warmer.

The idea of rebranding the earth to reflect changes to it, is a sales pitch. It is being promoted to have you believe that earth is changing to eaarth. Earth has always changed, and will continue to change and it will always be Earth. Earth is earth, warm or cold.
Just like a Shreddie is a Shreddie, call it diamond or call it square, makes no difference.

The earth rebranded 'eaarth' is to create the perception that the earth has changed.
Reality being, the Earth is change.


  1. Top observation, Penny. Rebranding and other nonsense notions are accepted because most people have no means of discerning what is acceptable and what is nonsense. No one is taught simple logic, nor inductive and deductive reasoning.
    It's all fairly simple and should be an integral part of basic literacy. But it isn't. Just as basic financial literacy should be part of numeracy and sociology taught in our schools. But it isn't either. And for good reason. At least, as far as the interests of those that run our governments are concerned.

  2. Oddly today I read that DeBeers say diamonds are running out and they will have to decrease production, doubtless the price will have to increase.
    Diamonds only have a value as DeBeers rigged the market


  3. I thought I remembered reading that diamonds could now be manufactured that are indistinguishable from the natural ones.

  4. John It has been possible to manufacture diamond that are actually superior to natural ones for many years. The process is expensive or at least it is when compared to the cost of having poor blacks groveling in the dirt for them, and of course there is also the factor that little miss Huggins doesn't really want a rock on her finger that was made in some high end industrial machine now dose she.

    On a side note it's interesting that Canada is now becoming one of the worlds largest exporters of High Quality Diamond gemstones, with each and every one laser engraved with a tiny polar bear.
    I guess diamonds like gold is where yuh find them.

  5. Hey james!

    and there is a heck of a lot of nonsense abounding!

    the idea of renaming earth, to eaarth is so utterly ridiculous.
    I also noted they called this fellow a climate campaigner.

    What is that exactly?
    If he campaigns for climate change, who does he work for?
    Who pays him?
    Because it ain't the climate.

  6. aferrismoon
    "diamonds are running out and they will have to decrease production, doubtless the price will have to increase"

    creating the perception of scarcity, to justify the price increase.

    Doesn't Debeers do that kind of market rigging already?

  7. John and silverfish, I was not aware of that. Diamonds man made?
    I'll admit, it isn't quite as romantic a notion as being generated by the earth, over time.