Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sharp-Shinned Hawk

This very handsome bird appeared in my yard earlier this week. Quite a small hawk. Really not much bigger then a pigeon. He hunts small rodents and other smaller birds.

I think I felt the need to share, as a reminder to myself and others, that though there is ugliness in this world. There is so much beauty around us every day. In and amongst the creatures we share the planet with. So enjoy the sharp-shinned hawk. Remember, always keep your eyes open for unexpected surprises that could just be sitting right outside your window.


  1. Thanks for your great photos, Penny, and the reminder

  2. He is gorgeous Penn,

    I spent the afternoon in MY backyard, with Dad enjoying the sun.

    The scallions are foot tall, followed closely by the chives - irises have gone nuts - everything is waking up and alive!!

    I love it sweetie!

  3. Lovely bird and great photo too Penny, it was good of him to sit still for a bit. He looks like he brought a message.

  4. looks a bit like a Kestrel to me Darlin. the Sparrow hawk,the duck hawk the fastest bird on the planet,180 mph in a power dive.

  5. Reminds me of the day I came home and found my own bird surprise.

    It was the weekend, and the wife and I had been away most of the day, and got back in the mid afternoon. It was late spring, and the weather had turned very nice, and after all the driving around I rushed through the house and opened the back porch door.

    As I quickly opened and stepped through the sliding glass door, a large movement happened to my left, and I saw a large bird in my peripheral vision. It had hopped over the fence to the side out of view, and I peeked around the corner of the house to see what must have been one of the ducks that sometimes visited from a nearby pond where they were fed.

    I saw a large turkey instead.

    I actually stepped back, glanced back again, and was amazed at the large wild turkey striding around nervously now in my garden . . . and went quickly to call the wife to see. I grabbed a camera and as I dragged the wife to the backyard, the turkey had already hopped back over and on to the fence separating us from the neighbours, as he was about to make his getaway. I managed to snap off a quick shot before he left. Please note that I do not live in the country, and live very much in a suburban area and my backyard borders on retail establishments.

    Never saw him again, but it's a hilarious story to tell - that a wild turkey came into my backyard.

  6. Sloso: I could only wish that wild turkeys were a rarity around here.
    I have herds of the buggers numbering in the hundreds. Every morning the gobble gobble chickens raid my bird feeders which in and of itself wouldn't be so bad except the bastards weigh in at around twenty pounds and my little feeders just aren't geared for that kind of tonnage. Mind you they do give my dogs a fair bit of sport so it's not all bad.

  7. Oh those darn turkeys wander around my neighbourhood too - middle of the city!! The obstruct traffic and are too big to fit in my tiny oven....

    The look tasty though!


  8. good morning all!
    James- glad you liked them

    Maggie: I thought he or maybe she was a looker too. As for the turkeys none in the city here.

    John: Yeah, it was amazing how long the bird just sat on the fence. But, when we tried to get closer, off it went...

    slozo: I can honestly say, I have never had a wild turkey in my yard, I have seen them. Up close and far.
    The one close encounter was totally surprising. I was out for a walk, and coming up a hill towards me was a turkey! Surprise?!
    I don't know how that bird got there, or where it came from, given it would have had two cross two bodies of water, a river and canal too get to where I was... I still don't know.

    Silv: we thought it was a kestrel too at first, but, kestrels have a very distinctive mark that comes down from there eye, rather like a running tear, dark in colour. We even thought it was possibly a falcon. But, finally concluded this was the sharp-shinned hawk.
    (such a bird geek!) but I love em, and am particularly fond of hawks.
    OH and black cap chickadees!

  9. I don't know how that bird got there, or where it came from, given it would have had two cross two bodies of water, a river and canal too get to where I was... I still don't know.
    It's called flying Penn, it's a bird type thing. Wild turkeys could fly from here to Kansas if they wanted to but they don't, they prefer to just walk around. You should see them when my dogs spook them. They just take off straight into the air and fly across the valley all the way to the states and thats a fair hike. Then they have to walk all the way back to raid my bird feeders. Every day it's the same damn thing, the dogs spook the turkeys, the turkeys walk back, the dogs spook the turkeys and the turkeys walk back Yada yada yada. It's just a big game, so I just sit back and watch the show. The dogs think they are doing a good thing, the turkeys get a good workout so in the end it's all pretty much a good thing here at Turkey Central. AKA the Swallow's Nest

  10. silv: I didn't think they could fly, at least, not very far!

    Learn something new everyday!