Friday, April 9, 2010

The swine flu swindle just keeps porkbarreling along

The Swine flu vaccines? Manufactured by Glaxo Smith Kline?

Health Canada has shortened the shelf life, by two thirds! Because the vaccines are impotent.

Rather like elected officials and corrupt vaccine manufacturers
Impotent, Incompetent and did I mention corrupt? Oh yeah, I did.
Oh well it was worth the repeat. So, let me say this another way.
Adjuvant H1N1 vaccines have almost expired

- Health Canada says the adjuvanted H1N1 flu vaccine is reaching its best-before date sooner than expected. ( A whole lot sooner)

The regulatory agency gave the vaccine an 18-month expiration date last October, based on the evidence that was available at the time. That has now been shortened to just six months.

By the end of April, garbage.

Health Canada did not say if that means some of the millions of doses of surplus vaccine Canada owns will now have to be destroyed.

And, the expiring vaccines are in the US, by the thousands.

It’s been reported more than 71 million doses HINI vaccine may need to be destroyed.More than 378,000 doses of the nasal must have been disposed of because they expired and the Wisconsin state health departments have received nearly two million vaccines waiting to be disposed. It also worried for they are unsure how many remain among local health department.

Do you think taxpayers should be refunded for faulty crappy products?


  1. Funny how now your not hearing to much from that twinkle toed son of a bitch David the Butler to Big Pharma Jones. But then again the bastard never did have much to say that wasn't coming out of his ass.

    Perchance I shall give the poor boy a call, yuh know just to see how he's doing, cuz like I'm so god damned concerned about his health an all. Oh yeah and to laugh at him.

  2. How is it that a Health Aparatchik is overweight and asthmatic?

    Sort of like getting crackheads to do government drug policy... (which with the recent Raheem Jaffer case, it seems that they are )... or serial killers to run Canadian military bases... ooops!

    Shouldn't the Health Czar be healthy?

    How is a sick puppy like DBJ, who is about to drop dead, going to tell me anything about health... of course we know what he is really there for... may he reap what he sows.

    More bad news for big pharma - mushrooms are effective in fighting flu virus!

  3. Hey Silv:

    not hearing anything at all from the twinkled toed son of a gun.


    I couldn't believe this news yesterday. No one has a problem with this?

    I think that GSK should refund 2/3 of the price paid for this shitty product and and what does this say about quality ?

  4. and i just wonder, how do they 'dispose' of their vaccine garbage anyway? where does it go?

    no need to answer that. i'm just imagining because they seem very good at taking anything and turning it into a disaster.

  5. hey ap, they just put it all in the water..for us to drink!

  6. yeah that's what i figured pen.