Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Turkey: Diplomacy is the way to resolve Iran's nuclear issue

There was a time, not so long ago, these words would have never come out of the mouths of Turkey's leaders. This seems to bolster the contentions made in this previous piece.
Turkey will get increasingly reluctant to comply with Washington’s exhortations
Perfect example

Diplomacy is the biggest chance and the only way on Iran's nuclear issues, said Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Tuesday.

In a press conference with his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki, Davutoglu said, “we can prevent sanctions, solve this problem and find some replacements for it.”

Referring to Turkey's non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council, he added, “every issue in the Security Council particularly those related to Iran and the region is closely related to Turkey.”

“Turkey's instance over nuclear issue has been always obvious, using peaceful nuclear energy is the right of all countries including Iran, but nuclear weapons are dangerous everywhere and Turkey is against them.”

Concerning Iran's nuclear issue, he said “neither imposing sanction nor military operation is the solution but diplomacy should continue.”

Saying that Iran's nuclear issue should be solved in the shortest possible time, Turkey's Foreign Minister noted solving Iran's nuclear issue can help settlement of the region's problems.

“Particularly regarding Iran's nuclear conference we should congratulate Iran and the conference’s motto which was "Nuclear Energy for All, Nuclear Weapon for None" should be focused.”

“All the countries should work in line with the NPT, Turkey stands by Iran's negotiations on nuclear issue and supports it, in fact Turkey tries to find a proper solution over nuclear subject and it continues its diplomatic efforts.”

He turned to Iran-Turkey relations, saying “Iran and Turkey's relationship is of special importance, we have already had bilateral relationship on transportation, energy and economy.”

Also Iran's Foreign Minister on his part said, “if unanimity is created on fuel exchange, it is possible to confer on other aspects based on mutual trust.”

Regarding the two countries' stance on Iraq, Mottaki said, “ establishing stability and peace in Iraq is one of the issues being discussed by the Tehran and Ankara.”

“We support all the parties’ participation in forming Iraq's new government and we hope that the country’s leaders be able to provide the conditions for Iraqi nation's advancement and progress through cooperation.”

Concerning Fox News Network claim that Iran has had a new nuclear site, Mottaki said, “Iran's nuclear activities are absolutely clear and public opinion and the IAEA have been informed on the issue permanently.”

“All the Iranian sites are under supervision of the IAEA.”

Iranian Foreign Minister added, “concerning sanction, Iran welcomes talks, if western countries are persistent to follow their failed experience again, nothing can be done about it.”

Mottaki noted, “regarding fuel exchange, consultations have been made with Turkish friends and trips have been taken, if a strong will emerges in other parties involved in fuel exchange formula, it can be an opportunity to establish multilateral trust.”

Yeah, that is what Israel and the US have in mind, 'congratulating Iran'

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