Wednesday, April 21, 2010

US cannot stop Iran from going nuclear without occupying

Ask yourself two questions.
How out of control, insane is the US government?
How beholden is the US government to external influences, such as lobbies?
Because if the US attacks Iran, average joe and jane, you think the times are tough now, it will get worse, much worse. BBC

If Iran decides to go for nuclear weapons, the US may not be able to permanently stop this from happening unless it is willing to occupy the country.

I am going to repeat that-

If Iran decides to go for nuclear weapons, the US may not be able to permanently stop this from happening unless it is willing to occupy the country.

This conclusion came out in an exchange during Senate testimony:

Senator Jack Reed, a Democrat from Rhode Island, then asked Gen Cartwright whether the "military approach was a magic wand".

Gen Cartwright, the vice-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, acknowledged it was not, adding that military action alone was unlikely to be decisive.

Senator Reed prodded further, getting the general to agree that a military strike would only delay Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon if Tehran decided to go nuclear.

(therefore, we know Iran has not gone nuclear, despite the propaganda)

The senator then went further, asking whether the only way to end any potential Iranian nuclear weapon programme "was to physically occupy their country and disestablish their nuclear facilities?"

The general answered: "Absent some other unknown calculus that would go on, that's a fair conclusion."

The military is averse to any action against Iran and Adm Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said a military strike would be 'his last option" and has warned of the unintended consequences of such a strike.

I covered that "unintended consequences statement by Mike Mullen two months ago, here.

As usual Senator John McCain demonstrates his insanity, hence in private conversation I generally refer to him as insane McCain.

"George Schultz, my favourite secretary of state in all the world, once said his marine drill instructor told him, never point a gun at somebody unless you're ready to pull the trigger. We keep pointing the gun. We haven't pulled a single trigger yet, and it's about time that we did."

It's about time to pull the trigger? Of course this is the man who sang
"bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran"
Sure McCain, send the future of your country off to die in more wars.

Talk of embargo hopes-

"If the international community was prepared to impose crippling sanctions, embargoing imports of gasoline and exports of oil, if it strangles Iran - Iran might recalculate,"


"But imposing such sanctions without the support of Russia and China is impossible"

What will the US do?

( This could just be psy-ops via the media, take with a grain of salt)
US official: Iran military strike 'off the table'

"hoping instead negotiations and United Nations sanctions will prevent the Middle East nation from developing nuclear weapons"
Again, we know that Iran has no nukes!
The US knows the sanctions are going nowhere, so why would they say this?
False Flag, as maggie says?

What about Israel, the nation that has been pushing hard for an attack?

Israel Weighs Merits of Solo Attack on Iran
Officials, Seeing Impending Policy Split With U.S., Debate Prospect of a Military Strike Without Washington's Consent

"Some senior Israeli officials say in interviews that they see signs Washington may be willing to live with a nuclear-armed Iran, an eventuality that Israel says it won't accept."

So Israel attacks first and then the US follows...Of course, to support the only 'democracy' in the ME?? Where have I seen this scenario previously?


  1. Time for another false flag!!

    Gotta get the yokels on board!

  2. It is possible?
    Gonna add something that is breaking, hang on!

  3. Interesting, have you seen these two articles in Haaretz:

    US: Iran military strikeis 'off the table'

    Indyk: If Israel manages alone it can decide alone

    Personally, I think this is either total smoke and mirrors, or Israel is about to tossed under the bus.

  4. Hey maggie:
    I added one article that said the attack is off the table, then another one about Israel launching an attack.

    Right now I am leaning towards psy-op via the media.

    US putting out the message, attack is off -
    Israel is going to launch and attack?
    -Forcing the US to join in.
    It feels like a set up, like we are being warmed up,