Sunday, April 25, 2010

A walk in the woods

I admit to being an occasional woods wonderer, ok actually more then occasional. It is good for the soul. So I am going to share...because spring has sprung in the woods. This is an old growth Carolinian forest in a more northern range.

Trout Lily

Red Trillium

Obviously a white trillium!

Ferns emerging from the ground

Really tall trees, in an old growth forest

Skunk Cabbage on the forest floor.

Feel free to click on each image, for a better look!


  1. Nice one Penny. It looks as if your forests are at about the same stage as ours. Leaves not quite out here, bluebells just about to go. We haven't had any proper rain for weeks now which is slowing everything down. It seems like the rain is all or nothing here. Nice photos!

  2. Yup about the same here, the forest here is just waiting for the spring rains. The poplars have their greenies out and the oaks are starting to turn a sad shade of green, hopefully it will rain today. But on the upside the dry weather has allowed me to catch up on the yard work, tree's to prune, flowers to plant and god all of the grass to cut. And then of there are all of the humming bird feeders to fill.
    Retirement is easy but yuh really have to work at it.

  3. hey john: we have had rain, yesterday rained all day, then this morning again.

    we were in that area just a couple of weeks back and it was amazing how much things had changed in that time.

    The trout lillies were mere leaves, a few trilliums dotted the hills, but the day we took those pics some of the hills were just covered, very beautiful.

    Silv? Retirement is easy, but you have to work at it?

  4. pen you made me laugh with the "obviously a white trillium"...

    ok the white part was obvious... the trillium, not so much! ;D

    and i think they delivered your rain to new england by accident.

  5. Hey AP, sorry about that. 'red faced'
    I just assume, everyone out there knows every flower in the world, which is silly of me.

    The rain went east did it?
    The sun is shining finally this am,
    so I hope we have a few days of sun now.

    April showers bring may flowers?

  6. Hey maggie!

    Yeah, Carolinian.
    That is what the forests in this neck of the woods are called, and we are in the region.

    My rhubarb is doing well also.
    Rhubarb Strawberry pie, yummy!

  7. strawberry rhubarb pie -- my gram used to make that it was so delicious.