Friday, April 16, 2010

WHO investigates their H1N1 response

Just think about that, for a moment.
The WHO is going to investigate its own response to the H1N1 outbreak.
Can we say, this is the equivalency of the fox guarding the hen house?
This will not be an investigation by any stretch of the imagination. How could it be?
It was the WHO that precipitated the H1N1 response to the pandemic.
In plain terms it was the WHO that caused the near panicked response to a mild flu outbreak.
They set the whole ball rolling by changing the definition of pandemic!
(Click the swine flu label at the bottom and you will see I addressed that way, way back)
And to make matters worse, they keep their perpetual fear mongering on the go...

Despite the extreme mildness of this flu strain, currently the WHO's alert level remains at phase 6, the highest level.

And of course they reject all charges of business influence in the pandemic response.
Influence of pharmaceutical business is rejected because not one one the SAGE members declared a conflict of interest.
David Salisbury "There has been no declaration of conflict from any SAGE member in our proceeding on A (H1N1) vaccine"
Simply saying, no one has 'declared' a conflict of interest, does NOT mean there wasn't a conflict of interest, it means NO ONE DECLARED A CONFLICT.
Two totally different concepts.

Another interesting statement made by the WHO is that the internet somehow interfered with the handling of the swine flu. What?

"The Internet had a disruptive impact on the handling of the flu pandemic by fanning speculation and rumours"
While it meant information about swine flu became more widely available, it also produced "news, rumours, a great deal of speculation and criticism in multiple outlets,"
First of all "the internet" can't disrupt anything.

Second of all what the WHO seems to have a problem with is the access to information, and the criticism that it received in multiple and accessible outlets.

Why if it weren't for the accessibility of information on the internet, there probably wouldn't be an investigation right now into how the WHO handled their fear mongering mission.

If it weren't for the people on the Internet, who tried to get some credible, rational and realistic information out, including yours truly, what information would people have had?
Oh yeah, the main stream medias spoon fed fear, fear and exaggeration.

All that said, the WHO is going to give themselves a pat on the back and some high fives with their big pharma compatriots for a job well done. And it was a job very well done, for the profit margins of the pharmaceutical corporations.

An interesting read and while I don't agree with every bit of it, some very good points are made about the WHO's biggest mistake.

Despite claiming to want to know what went wrong as much as what went right, the WHO seems unwilling to even entertain the possibility that it created a counterproductive panic by labelling H1N1 a pandemic of the highest order (“level 6”).

Can you imagine how happy it makes me to see some gets it.

"As an organization, it might very well be securing its own irrelevance in the years to come"

Not that, the irrelevance of the WHO would necessarily be a bad thing


  1. Yeah but Pen, it's not being investigated to make sure it doesn't happen again. It's being investigated to make sure they get it right next time. Thus the WHO is the perfect set of people to investigate it. And they point fingers at the internet do they? Sure of course. There people can get the truth and God forbid they should be able to do that.

    Anyway, try, try again and eventually there'll be 5 billion dead. Yay.

  2. For sure nobody, investigating it to get it right the next time, and to head off 'interference' from the internet.

    Interference like, you know, information, so that ordinary folk can make better decisions in their own interests.

    And the bastards will try again, for sure.