Monday, May 24, 2010

$200 million dollar airport 'behaviour detection' completely fails

Building on the theme of the two previous posts.
Behaviour detection, adapted from that alleged superior Israeli security.
Has proven itself to be a miserable failure?
Or, has shown that the war on terror and terrorism are myths created by governments bent on terrifying and controlling their populace?

A team of more than 3,000 "behaviour detection" officers hired to spot terrorists at US airports have failed to catch a single person despite costing the taxpayer $200 million

The specially-trained officers patrol terminals monitoring passengers for suspicious body language and facial expressions.

Since 2006, the officers have been stationed at more than 160 airports across the US in order to provide a hidden measure of security.

But 16 people accused of being part of terrorist plots have passed through US airports undetected a total of 23 times ( accused means just that accused. Someone makes a claim. As Guantanamo detainees have demonstrated accused means innocent)

Keep in mind-

However, a 2008 report by a team at the National Academy of Sciences said "behavioural surveillance" had "enormous potential for violating privacy" and there was no evidence it worked.

Even further to that point-

Stephen Fienberg, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, described the programme as a "sham". By 2008, around 160,000 people had been selected to be interviewed or given further pat downs based on the behaviour detection technique but less than one per cent of those were arrested. (and you can bet, the arrest were not for 'terrorism')
Charles Slepian, and aviation security analyst, said the failure of the programme to catch a terrorist was a "disgrace." "If it worked, you would catch them."

Perhaps? If there were actual terrorists to catch?


  1. I don't think those that received the $200m would think it a failure, at all

  2. Here's the thing, all of these measures including the encroaching, instituted use of "naked full-body scanners" have nothing to do with the implementation of security. They have everything to do with fulfilling no-bid contracts for obscenely overpriced technological devices that undermine freedom, privacy and dehumanise a hostage populace. Big, fat pay-to-play contracts delivered by be-suited and connected political brokers pretending to be government officials, straight into the hands of private "security" concerns or entrenched, covert Israeli intel security enterprise fronts.

    The ugly facts are laid bare for all who wish to see quite clearly now. Travel now constitutes being treated like a free-range prisoner, living the cruel, mocking Zen joke of being free without being free. Today it's naked body scanners, shoe removal, profiling and enhanced security assessment, tomorrow it will be bend over and cough with your knickers 'round your ankles in public view.

    There's never a limit to how much a wolf will eat when sheep are on the menu.

  3. You are so right on that count James, so right!

    No way would those recieving the 200 million think that was a failure.

    In fact it could be said they are 'laughing all the way to the bank'

  4. "They have everything to do with fulfilling no-bid contracts for obscenely overpriced technological devices that undermine freedom, privacy and dehumanise a hostage populace."


  5. All this and our Premier Dalton is off kissing the butts of these dudes right now!!!

    Given his home riding I'm not surprised.

  6. hey maggie, good post up about Dalton...

    he should take his hst and his trip to Israel and.....well, you know.