Sunday, May 30, 2010

Abolishing the slavery of a few, as a means to enslave the masses

As I have previously mentioned I am reading Ellen Brown's book-
Web of Debt-The Shocking Truth about our Money System and how We can Break FREE.

I came across a most interesting quote. It is from the Hazard Circular of 1862

Ellen explains- "The European bankers wanted a war that would return the US to it's colonial status, but, they were not necessarily interested in preserving slavery.
Slavery meant that the slave owners had to feed and care for the workers.(Pg.92)

The banking interests had another idea..

“Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power and all chattel slavery abolished. This I and my European friends are in favor of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers, while the European plan, led on by England, is that capital shall control labor by controlling wages."

You can find the entire quote here

Another one,Pg.93, very thought provoking...
From a private communication of Rothschild Investment, dated June 25,1863.

"Those few who can understand the system will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on it favors, that there will be little opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear it burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests."

"Mentally incapable" or mislead for so long, that we have allowed ourselves to be the masters of our own undoing? Not even aware that we do not act in our own best interests?


  1. Infinitely revealing but nothing that we haven't sussed out through our vast, life-destructive, experiences with these soul-squalid predators. These bastards have seriously underestimated the growing level of intelligence and rapidity of communicating ideas of extricating ourselves from their filthy grasp. They weren't far off in blueprinting and socially managing a landscape that produces generations of compliant, servile, cowards. After killing off family, community, honour and replacing freedom with a twisted illusion of comfort and security, it was a simple matter to produce their desired results. Add in self-cannibalising practises such as envy, material greed over all else, false idolism, and hatred of one another based upon religion, race and the lot. Quite a feat of covert warfare that has lasted generations with no end until we, the masses declare enough and end it, full stop.

    Penny, this was quite a valuable find that will hopefully wrench some of our fellow sleepy citizens awake. We need all hands on deck to repel this unrelenting onslaught which is often felt, rarely declared and targets every one of us with enslavement, abuse and disposal. We're worse than slaves because as their diabolical missive indicates we literally pay them to enslave us. Run that 'cross the mind slowly again... we pay them to enslave ourselves.

    Research, learn as much as you can to the refine skills necessary to ensure and secure your survival and the well-being of your loved ones. Reject their 'heroes' embrace our own, purge your weaknesses that are their strengths, form strong communities that uphold courage, fortitude and honour. Make your peace with death and find the liberation from its captivating fear. Live your word and commitments, be resolute and honourable in all your actions. Live to be their poison and demise and dare to defy their criminal rule. The ones amongst us fast asleep at the wheel, the cognitively dissonant that would rather contort themselves into the confines of dictated freedom, will hit the wall, well hard. Sorry to mention this but we're in a war, a war long waged and silently declared, to which we are all fighting by various means in a defensive stance.

    The good news? Is they're losing, living on borrowed time and are well conscious of it which only makes them more reckless and desperate. This is the generation that wins or loses this battle for freedom in our time and for humanity's children.

  2. "We're worse than slaves because as their diabolical missive indicates we literally pay them to enslave us. Run that 'cross the mind slowly again... we pay them to enslave ourselves".

    I have a similar thought, HHQ, every time I hear someone I know has spent god knows how much on a new plasmagorical teevee!

  3. I read these comments earlier this week, then bookmarked the page so I could share them.

    HHQ- Infinitely revealing.

    I couldn't have said it better myself.
    And so blatant. So obvious.
    Just like these people do not bat an eye at the misery they cause.

    And as you say, we do indeed pay them to enslave us.
    How crazy is that? The whole system is rigged, and we lose.

    James: Thinking over the past ten years, of the people who owned more and more expensive homes and leased they indebted themselves willingly.
    Buying stuff they can't afford, and alot of the time, never use or get's used once.

    Perhaps this is why the msm calls us 'consumers' and the ptb's call us the useless feeders.

    Because we have reduced ourselves to is whining, wanting, crybabies only wanting to consume, feed and satiate ourselves on plastic junk made in slave labour factories, and the unreality of the mass produced media world.


  4. The NEW Slavery: Homo Sapien Motochondrion. Translate that and you might get it. You will never wake up a certain percentage of people. Another way must be sought and found.

  5. Homo Sapien Mitochondriann?

    I am perplexed?

    I looked up mitochondrian.

    the singular of mitochondria

    -a rodlike, threadlike, or granular organelle that functions in aerobic respiration and occurs in varying numbers in all eukaryotic cells.
    -bounded by two sets of membranes, a smooth outer one and an inner one that is arranged in folds, or cristae, that extend into the interior of the mitochondrion, called the matrix. Mitochondria provide the principal source of cellular energy through oxidative phosphorylation and adenosine triphosphate synthesis. They also contain the enzymes involved with electron transport and the citric acid and fatty acid cycles. Mitochondria are self-replicating and contain their own DNA, RNA polymerase, transfer RNA, and ribosomes.

    and I am lost even more...
    If you would explain what you mean by this, I for one would appreciate it

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  7. You are absolutely correct James and Penny, and our worth to these two-legged demons is only measured by our ability to produce/facilitate the processing of disposable shite goods, paying blood taxes extorted by threat of imprisonment and violence, and by how much material rubbish we can buy before we die.

    We are like cigarettes that they smoke down to the butts and are extinguished and replaced with another. What they'll soon find out that these cigarettes are terminal after prolonged abuse.

  8. Key words: "Mitochondria are self-replicating and contain their own DNA, RNA ..."

    Mitochondria are the "workers" of the body. They "labor" to serve the greater metabolism or "economy" of the body. Now think of the growing global economy as a new form of metabolism on a giant scale (like in the self similar images of fractals within themselves).

    Homo sapien sapien has three minds: instinctual, emotional, and intellectual. Homo sapien mitochondrian is driven by instinct and guided by intellect; the heart has been destroyed. It's another way of portraying Orwell's Warning, summarized by Eric Fromm as "soulless automatons" in the After word of 1984.

    What's more, if laborers disobey the demands of the body, they get segregated by organs like the spleen. Now jump back in time to when there existed only one category to segregate the insane ("lunatics") and you'll find that the cause of lunacy at that time was the "spleen." This says to me that the asylum system functions like a spleen.

    Perhaps I should have said: Fractal geometry, Kabbalah, and Homo Sapien Mitochondrian.

  9. Erik:

    You got me thinking about something, I was listening to recently.

    It had to do with managing stress, and the discussion was about the three parts of the brain and their function.

    The premise was that stress prevents you from accessing all but the lowest form of your brain, which would be the instinctual part.
    So constant stress stops humans from reaching their fullest potential, sort of leaving them in this state of rudimentary reaction, never moving beyond this.

    Thinking of the ptb's perpetuating this state of permanent stress and how it stunts the growth of humanity.....

  10. Yes. And it goes even deeper. The higher 'positive' emotions can actually switch on genes, while the lower negative emotions can shut them off. For example, an examination of the dna of people thousands of years ago revealed that people used to be able to produce vitamin c in there own bodies. Most mammals do today. Pregnant women have been documented to produce vitamin c. So experts now ponder what we could be like if we could switch on all the genes that are dormant. I like Greg Bradens take on this material. Check out Beyond Zero Point if you can. You'll really enjoy it.

  11. Erik:

    thanks and I will check out Greg Bradens take on this. I searched for the Beyond Zero Point, it's a video on You tube?
    That is what I found. On a quick search. wondering if it is a book also?
    I will find out, but, yes I will watch what I have found, because I find this subject quite interesting