Friday, May 14, 2010

Dr's BF Skinner, Mathew Israel and Operant Conditioning

The founder of the notorious Rotenberg Center, Mathew Israel, has an interesting background.

But, before we go there, let me back this up a bit. I commented that this whole story has that MKUltra sort of vibe going on. Experimentation on the less fortunate of society, in prisons, orphanages and psych wards, all funded with taxpayer dollars. I mentioned Ewan Cameron and of course there were others such as Sidney Gottlieb.
Not all experiments took place in institutional settings either, some took place in brothels, and some in communes.
Though the common thread was taxpayer funded and unwitting subjects, ostensibly for the benefit of society.

From this article we get a glimpse of Dr Israel's early days-

Israel entered Harvard in 1950 unsure of what to do with his life. Later that freshman year he picked up Walden Two, a novel by the behavioral psychologist B. F. Skinner, who taught at Harvard. The controversial book is about a utopian society where behaviors can be modified for the benefit of all inhabitants. It is based on Skinner's theory of operant conditioning

BF Skinner? Where had I heard this name before? Skinner, the Harvard professor, the man that inspired Israel's behaviour modification mania was also connected to mind control experimentation.

"B.F. Skinner, the high priest of the behaviorists movement. The key to Skinner's work was the concept of operant conditioning, which relied on the notion of reinforcement, all behavior which is learned is rooted in either a positive or negative response to that action. There are two corollaries of operant conditioning Aversion therapy and desensitization.

Aversion therapy uses unpleasant reinforcement to a response which is undesirable. This can take the form of electric shock, exposing the subject to fear producing situations, and the infliction of pain in general. It has been used as a way of "curing" homosexuality, alcoholism and stuttering. Desensitization involves forcing the subject to view disturbing images over and over again until they no longer produce any anxiety, then moving on to more extreme images, and repeating the process over again until no anxiety is produced. Eventually, the subject becomes immune to even the most extreme images. This technique is typically used to treat people's phobias. Thus, the violence shown on T.V. could be said to have the unsystematic and unintended effect of desensitization.

Skinner believed that people are going to be manipulated. "I just want them to be manipulated effectively," he said. He measured his success by the absence of resistance and counter control on the part of the person he was manipulating. He thought that his techniques could be perfected to the point that the subject would not even suspect that he was being manipulated.

Skinner even created something called the "Heir Conditioner" which he then placed his own daughter in, for observation

She denies being a "lab rat" but, from reading this article, she was 'heir conditioned'.
What would seem normal to her, since she doesn't recall it anyway, would surely strike many others as odd.

"My early childhood, it's true, was certainly unusual - but I was far from unloved"

"I was very happy, too, though I must report at this stage that I remember nothing of those first two and a half years. I am told that I never once objected to being put back inside"

I don't recall, but, was told I was very happy and never objected. And, why would she?

Then this, very odd statement, one could almost say delusional?
Deborah Skinner as a child

'Heir conditioner' ... Deborah Skinner as a child

"As is clear from his utopian novel, Walden Two, the furthest thing from his mind was a totalitarian or fascist state."

Walden Two is about an alleged utopian world where people actions/behaviours are modified, for the benefits of others. That sounds fascist and totalitarian to me. Perhaps it is in the understanding of what those words mean?

All Skinner's actions, involvements and statements lead one to believe he was involved heavily mind control or behavioural conditioning.

Stay tuned for part 2, and hell possibly part 3


  1. Hey Penny, .. there is so much work to be done, so many areas where these monsters are operating their malicious schemes. Thank you for the excellent work you do, it is essential.



  2. veritas,hey!

    this all stemmed out of the Rotenberg Center story, which is creepy and yet clearly mind control.
    and, there is so much mind control everywhere...

    and there are so many monsters, bought and paid for with tax dollars, working against you and I.

  3. you don't know what the hell you are talking about

    1. Judging by your comment you know nothing

  4. It's a little known fact, but here's the linked document. The BF Skinner Foundation, with one of his daughters, Julie Vargas, in charge, can never truthfully deny the fact that her father publicly praised his Harvard pupil of "torture," Dr. Matthew Israel. Skinner did this soon before Israel purchased his first skin shock device from Brian Iwata and company. See also "Prisoners of the Apparatus." Skinner praised Dr. Israel while he was doing forced ammonia sniffs and other ABA "tortures." The Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) pseudoscience cult journals say Iwata is ABA's most prolific author. This is fully documented in my "Reward and Consent" blog. All ABA and Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is breaking away from ABA, but they're bad too, so all non-PBS ABA completely supports or is complicit to this skin shock torture. That's in the R+C blog too.

    1. thanks for that most interesting news article- I am reading it presently- and may rehash this topic sometime soon- So Dr Israel continues on with Skinner's work---
      I'll check out your blog- thanks again