Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel brutally attacks Gaza Aid Ships, many murdered in cold blood

Reports have as many as 20 dead. Dozens injured. Israel is claiming self-defence.
Obviously preposterous.
Since the IDF soldiers attacked and boarded the ships, the IDF attacked cannot rationally claim "self-defence". Honestly, one would have to be brain dead to believe that claim.

The IDF is reporting this as a well planned "lynch". Note the choice of language?
Intended to create the idea of a racist attack by an out of control mob, against the poor victim state of Israel.

The spin has begun....

The boat, it is being reported was attacked in International Waters. The IDF is blocking all information coming from the ships. Israel has censored all information regarding casualties and wounded.

A sampling of the fall out-

Two Australians that were on board were found safe
. I am certain that is good news to their families.

Turkey is responding by withdrawing it's ambassador, cancelling joint military drills and calling on the UN to convene an emergency session. They have warned Israel this action could have grave consequences. Meanwhile the people of Turkey have taken to the streets in protest

The UN? Acting in legitimate humanitarian terms? Laughable. If they ever had, the siege on Gaza would not be continuing, and so many other attrocities would not have happened.

Here is a quote from Ban Ki Moon

"It is vital that there is a full investigation to determine exactly how this bloodshed took place. I believe Israel must urgently provide a full explanation," he said at a press conference in the Ugandan capital of Kampala.

He may as well be saying, there will be a full cover-up and Israel can do it.

The Arab League, meanwhile, urged member states to "reconsider" their dealings with Israel.

"Israel's attack indicates Israel is not ready for peace. Israel attacked the liberty fleet because it feels it is above the law," Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa said in Doha.

"There is no benefit in dealing with Israel in this manner and we must re-assess our dealing with Israel," he said.

The EU condemns the attack Speaking on behalf of the EU and Spain

Spanish Secretary of State for the EU Diego Lopez Garrido has condemned Israel's action, calling it "unacceptable."

"Both the Spanish government and in its role as current president of the EU wishes to express its utmost condemnation of this action," he said.

Turkey, Germany, France Lead Condemnation of Israeli Ship Raid

Turkey said its relations with Israel may not recover, and European nations including Germany and France issued condemnations after Israeli troops stormed an international aid flotilla bound for Gaza.
Very early footage taken by a reporter on board


  1. I woke up to this news. It's tragic and so, so sad.

    The one ray of light is that Israel is truly showing her colours for ALL to see.

    I advise everyone to call, write and email their reps and call for the immediate withdrawl of Canadian diplomats from Israel, and the booting out of all Israeli reps here in Canada.

    Netanyahu should be immediately arrested. Turkey is a nato country and Israel has attacked her - where is Nato now?

    Time to pull the plug on the most hated country in the world.

  2. Hey maggie!

    Nut'n-yahoo left, he cut his trip to Canada and US early to go back home.

    Apparently it was a real love fest here in Canada.

    I note the ship targetted was a Turkish vessel, in International waters, so this would/should be the equivalent of an attack on Turkey?

    There were some comments as I was reading, Israel has gone to far "this time".

    What? Israel has gone to far, many times. Operation Cast Lead, Israel had gone to far...

  3. Maggie Israel has been showing it's true colors for a very long time, but sadly the world is color blind.

    I just can't wait to hear our own Sweet Shit Jew loving Harper justifying his masters actions.

    ps Penn, been out at the lake and out of touch, what simply wonderful stuff to come back to huh.

  4. Textbook coward operations launched under the cover of a US holiday. While the largess of Americans are occupied with family, barbecues and assorted bread and circus distractions, a coldly planned, calculated massacre in open sea occurred. Israel, both stupidly and arrogantly committed the act that will speedily lead to their demise as they are now laid bare as an official terrorist empire. The world now sees that they are nothing but a vicious pitbull that sits at Rothschild's side attacking any and all that stand in the way of the imperial Reich.

    Today the world saw the mask drop in what has to be the clumsiest and insipid military strategy ever employed. It is exactly as I stated before, these monstrosities are losing and are now in a desperate bid for all-out endgame power. Desperation in warfare inevitably falls to critical errors and hastily planned decisions that blowback with the same ferocity they are deployed. Today, the thinking peoples of humanity have heavy hearts saturated with sadness at the loss of innocent life. Today, heroes were killed in action whilst in the service of humanity and a mission of mercy. They will never be forgotten for their courage, bravery and fortitude, I salute them all for their selfless endeavour.

  5. Hey Silv,

    Most of us here already know about the colour of Israel (brownish, runny? smelly?), yet I think that this act coupled with the deplorable attack on Gaza last year (and the ongoing siege) has now turned the tide and there is nothing that the SLC can do to spin this in their favour.


    Retribution time.

  6. Silverfish!
    I wondered where you had been at?
    Thought about dropping you a line...
    glad all is well.

    "Simply Wonderful" and typically Israel.. Will the world powers finally hold Israel accountable?

    I am also entertaining thoughts of Israel's government leading their "lambs" or sheep to to more violence, in order to perpetuate their endless victim hood.

  7. HHQ: hadn't even thought of the memorial day holiday, until you mentioned it.

    Operation Cast lead was undertaken, while something else was going on in the US...

    Is this a pattern? Was the US government aware,(beforehand) were they aware that the attack was going to take place on the flotilla?

  8. oh and btw, the latest

    Canada is taking a wait and see approach. So while the rest of the world condemns. Harper waits.

    Canada deeply regrets the loss of life and the injuries suffered,” said Harper’s spokesman Dimitri Soudas, in a brief statement prior to a bilateral meeting today between the two prime ministers.

    “We are currently looking for more information in order to shed light on what exactly happened.”

    Maybe they could watch the video I posted, see the Israeli commandos drop down from the helicopters, hear the gun shots from the IDF.

    All the while the white flags are unfurled

  9. Hey Penny,..Watch out for false-flag attacks on U.S. to allow obongo and 'hillarious C' to shill-it-up and divert the attention span of amexico!

    Good coverage; my response was a little, well, a little more passionate, doh!



  10. Obama to Netanyahu: Can you give us anything to distract from the Oil leak?

    Netanyahu: Sure baby, here is comes, remember how much you owe us

  11. veritas, good god, haven't we had enough of that??
    Do you think that will be necessary to divert the attention of the weak-minded?


    It did knock the oil leak off the front page,gone, but not forgotten...

  12. Yes Penny, it is directly from the textbooks of intelligence tactics to run operations you want kept low-key, and 'off-radar', during national holidays and/or weekends. This is in order to capitalise on the most amount of people distracted with holidays, associated travel, festivities or sports programmes. If the op is blown and discovered like this bit of festering business, a largesse of people are disconnected from news reports that will be sanitised or spun to advantage, with details kept to small, well-managed sound-bites. Easily digestible bits of PSYOP info dished out for those who find the truth a little troubling to their selfish, sold-out interests and loyalties.

    False flag operations do not use distractions and need the full, undivided attention of their intended audience. They are usually run in full view, during lulls that conflict with nothing else, because the goal is to create a horrific act, and have your patsies ready to be conveniently sacked up and preferably terminated during the operation. The media assets then gear up, and the subsequent managed, agit-prop is dropped into place and broadcast through as many controlled venues as possible. False flag ops constitute a full-scale government sponsored terror operation launched at the populace to 'shock and awe'. The populace both dazed and confused turn to the grand deceptors for information to shoot the warmth of security and hope deep into their veins. Forums, blogs and the other last bastions of true democracy will have their ranks descended upon by infiltrated, trained and untrained PSYOPs agents and assets, to create confusion, disinformation and foment chaos and discord amongst the rank and file. The rest of the programme involves the media assets, managed with 'Operation Mockingbird' type control agents, taking on-site eyewitness reports, and either sanitising or omitting them altogether. The official story is then scripted from heavily spun raw stories, and any dangerous evidence immediately collected and secured from the public by agencies like MI-5 or the FBI.

    This is all a complicated but predictable affair providing one knows what to look for. There are many kinds of ops run for various reasons and goals, some of them seemingly contradictory. They are all run with specific control missions in mind and strategic purposes to accomplish. A couple of things to examine in the landscape are sudden and strange activity in the stock markets, sudden political targeting by imperial nations against conjured 'enemy' nations, or rapid, staged changes within foreign national infrastructures. Then look to big national holidays that are used by these subversive architects to create convenient distractions. Keeping to mind again that false flags don't usually operate under the cover of holidays or bread and circus diversions.

  13. sorry to interrupt here. nothing i can say about the latest onslaught.
    talk about appeasement.

    am wondering if anyone has heard from nobody. kind of concerned about him.

  14. I emailed nobody on Saturday but haven't heard anything back so far.

  15. Hey Su and John:

    I have been popping over to nobody's blog, looking for a new post and nothing....
    I thought it odd...
    Hopefully all is well? Hopefully.

  16. Hoping like hell he is okay.
    Miss the guy.