Monday, May 3, 2010

Panic in New York ! - An alleged terror attack

For some reason "Panic in Detroit" David Bowie is running through my head?!
I think, I will throw that up here later down the line. Since the lyrics do seem to suggest a terror attack.
He looked a lot like Che Guevara, drove a diesel van
Kept his gun in quiet seclusion, such a humble man
The only survivor of the National People's Gang

For now- New York.
So have you seen the video, of the person of interest? Definitely not Che, who went down in a hail of CIA backed bullets, but, I digress.
We see some random man in video footage that the authorities are saying - "May show would-be bomber" Or maybe not?
This man, who had two shirts on, stopped to take one off.
He is no where near the vehicle in question, but, we are told he is looking furtively in the direction of the vehicle.
Of course, from the video one cannot see what the man, who may just be too warm, is looking at.
But the authorities are telling you he is looking at the smoking car.... furtively, no less.
Do you get the idea? Because you are supposed to.
The idea being planted in your head via the mind control mechanism of main stream media.
Reality being this is just a random person, who stopped and took his shirt off.
When I saw this story yesterday, my bullshit alarm was wailing a blaring pitch.

Why this? At this time? In this city??
So many reasons I can list, not in any specific order of importance, just to list the reasons.
Keep up the fear.
Refresh the 9/11 incident
Deflect from something else of importance.
Direct your attention elsewhere.
Justify more war on terror.

Right away there was some alleged terror group that released a video, linked to Pakistan, the Taliban in Pakistan, claiming responsibility.

Then a second video was posted on the same website, this one showing its commander, Hakimullah Mehsud, promising to launch attacks in the United States.
Mehsud, who U.S. and Pakistan authorities initially believed was killed in January drone strike, and yet now appears to be alive! Convenient, and a good excuse to ramp up attacks on Pakistan.

Wanna guess who first noticed the alleged terror videos?

"According to the SITE Intelligence Group, a private firm that tracks extremist Web sites, a YouTube video allegedly released by the Taliban in Pakistan claimed responsibility for the attempted bombing

SITE said the video states that the attack was retribution for the recent killing of two al-Qaeda leaders in Iraq and for U.S. military actions in Pakistan"

SITE. A propaganda outlet perhaps connected to Israeli intelligence? They are always timely.
They had all the burka wearing Jihad Jane videos ready to go.
I would think the claims of a Pakistan connection can be discarded. But, then I don't have an endless war and occupation agenda......

Thanks to this recent terror scare, the heat will sure be off of any mention of Israel's massive nuclear arsenal at the UN.
It may get mentioned but no one will be noticing, what with the "terror attack in New York"
Being front and center.

But, I will mention it- Clinton in struggle for Israel's nuke secret
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will try this week at the United Nations to keep the worst-kept secret in the Middle East: Israel's status as a nuclear power.
The U.S. diplomacy on the proposal also has been coordinated closely with Israel, according to a senior White House official.
The US is very focused on Iran's non-existent nukes. But, Israel's very real nuclear arsenal?
Shhh... good thing there was a 'terror attack' to distract the masses from this very problematic issue.

A U.S. counterterrorism official said Sunday that FBI investigators are following "the history of the vehicle," but that the effort has "turned up nothing" definitive. Fingerprints and a vehicle identification number were recovered. The license plate had apparently been taken from another vehicle; it was traced to a Connecticut auto shop, whose owner is not under suspicion.
Nothing definitive.

One more thing worth mentioning-
New York Lawmakers Call for Security Funds After Failed Times Square Attack
New York lawmakers, responding Sunday to the failed car bomb found in Times Square overnight, challenged the rest of the federal government to keep homeland security dollars flowing

More money, always a means to gain more money.

Just like 'Panic in Detroit', where Bowie's protagonist, takes advantage of the panicked situation to enrich himself.

And I found my teacher crouching in his overalls
I screamed and ran to smash my favourite slot machine (oh oh oh)
And jumped the silent cars that slept at traffic lights

Having scored a trillion dollars, made a run back home....

Panic in Detroit- David Bowie


  1. Who writs this shit? I mean REALLY!
    Like no sooner has this joke hit the punch line but then the Taliban in Pakistan claim responsibility for this failed attempt. It's like "YEAH WE DID THIS AND WE CAN"T DO YO MUTHER NEITHER". Please people why in the world would someone, anyone claim responsibility for a complete screw up?
    This simply goes way beyond any stupidity that I thought that the US was capable of. The sad thing is that there are many in the US who will fall for this crap hook line and sinker.

  2. In the report I read it states that the bomb contained a fertilizer like substance. I think I know what this fertilizer like substance smells like.

    Personally I am not in favour of bombs of any sort but it seems odd to me that these Alan Queerda types who can organise multiple bombs that do explode and kill lots of brown people seem to get eight year olds to design their bombs in America: a very cheap looking Chinese alarm clock with wires attached and some fireworks.

    Did they get this idea from watching an old episode of Mission Implausible?

    And yes, taking your shirt off should now be considered a very suspicious activity.

  3. Watching how media spin a story can give a good indication of what their goals are.

    Yesterday, this mini false flag knocked the oil spill disaster down a few spots on TV coverage.
    Right wing blogs blamed Pakistani Muslims and that gave the trailer park crowd reason to hate, and to support more war.
    The fake progressive blogs, the ones who sell war to Democrats (huffpost, the nation, rawstory, alternet) were all over the teabagger angle. I see a major effort under way to incite hatred of teabagger-Sarah Palin types beyond the normal ridicule and verbal taunts.
    The point seems to be to demonize those poor misguided right wing fools to a point where they will 'need to be dealt with' by our government and military. The people (Obama Democrats especially) are being conditioned to expect violence from those right wing teabag types. The crackdown on them will naturally include 911 truthers and progressives (like me) who oppose the Obama wars.
    Those same sites I listed above are also working to lump progressive 911 truth people in with the teabag movement, using dubious links in news stories and misleading headlines.

    I see this NYC false flag as one more step in staging violence between the US government and a largely fake and controlled extremist right wing movement.

    Divide and conquer, divide and rule. That game is always in play on some level.

  4. Hey Silv,who writes this script?
    Some B-movie producer from Hollywood of course!

    "Please people why in the world would someone, anyone claim responsibility for a complete screw up?"

    only someone brought to you by SITE intelligence group would do that!!

    Because your right, there is nothing worth laying claim too.

  5. John!
    good point, btw!

    How is that so?

    "these Alan Queerda types who can organise multiple bombs that do explode and kill lots of brown people seem to get eight year olds to design their bombs in America"

    entirely different agendas?

    Did you get that book, the one that Hei Hu Quan had talked about the military leader and his tactics??

    I should relink it..

  6. anonymous:

    I had though of the good fortune in knocking the ecological disaster off the front page.

    But then there is always Israel's nukes and with the meeting coming up today....

    "Watching how media spin a story can give a good indication of what their goals are."

    I agree, completely.

    And I noticed the tune is changing a bit, and now we have gone from No connection to Pakistan to a possible foreign connection.

    Tell-tale signs' of foreign link in NY bomb plot: report

    WASHINGTON: US investigators are looking into "tell-tale" signs of a foreign connection to the failed car bomb attempt in New York's Times Square, the Washington Post reported on Monday.

    The newspaper cited unnamed administration officials as saying the failed bombing increasingly appeared to have been coordinated by several people in a plot with international links.

    "Don't be surprised if you find a foreign nexus.... They're looking at some tell-tale signs and they're saying it's pointing in that direction," a US official told the Post.

    The officials cautioned, however, that al-Qaeda or another terrorist organisation was not necessarily involved even if the investigation points to an international link, the report said.

    Iran, anyone?

    I like this comment

    "In one way you take a look at it and say 'Why would you again take responsibility for a failed, amateurish attempt?

    why would you? Unless your involved in a psy-op?

  7. Hey Penny,.. excellent coverage; our BS alarms must be in-sync, I splurted oatmeal all over the T.V. screen when I saw the press release. Lucky I wasn't at the Pub, may have caused a scene in the front bar of 'Ye old Whore & Shekel'; will drive-by your Blog regularly from here on. Excellent.



  8. Veritas, greetings!
    Spraying oatmeal?


    I have always had a thing for that greeting.

    Simple, elegant and appropriate

  9. I'm sorry but they (tm) need a new script writer. First we get the underwear bomber, then this BS. The sad thing is how many idiots seem to fall for it all - hook, line and sinker!


    I'm not really following any of this, as I have enough garbage to deal with these days on a more personal level - my stomach can only handle so much.

    It's all such a f*n joke.


    Buffy the Cynic