Friday, May 21, 2010

Plum Island: What fruits has this Island born?

Plum Island must be sold!
Scratching your head? What the heck is Plum Island?
Plum Island is correctly called the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. Charming name.

Equally charming place?
Is is located about a mile and a half off the north east coast of Long Island in New York State.
Aerial view of the Island-

The island has frequently been the target of rife speculation about what really goes on there.

Some background- The USDA took over this island for about 50 years and was closed to the public because of the risk associated viruses. It was first introduced to the media in the year 1992. So, it has only been publicly acknowledged for the past 18 yrs.

It is now run by Homeland Security, who announced the closure.

Following the Sept. 11 attacks, the Plum Island facility was to found to be vulnerable to terrorist assault. That led authorities to enact measures that reduced access to the laboratory to safeguard against the chances of harmful pathogens being appropriated by terrorists for a biological weapons attack, according to a 2007 Government Accountability Office report.

United States officials have announced plans for a new National Bio- and Agro-defense Facility in Manhattan, Kansas.
There are worries about installing an animal disease research site in a region with a significant amount of livestock. Nonetheless, plans are progressing for the Kansas facility. Construction of the facility is scheduled to begin this year, with operations set to begin in five years (Frank Eltman, Associated Press/Google News, May 20).

Perhaps the fact that their are significant amounts of livestock make Kansas an ideal place for an Animal Disease Center?

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