Thursday, May 27, 2010

Toronto Police to use "non-lethal weapons" at G-20

But, what doesn't kill you, can cause you a great deal of harm.
Ah, democracy.... free speech..... your right of protest?!

Toronto Police to get "sound cannons" for G-20.

And they are going to become a permanent part of the Police State of Toronto

Toronto police have purchased four, long-range acoustic devices (LRAD)— for the upcoming June 26-27 summit, the Star has learned.

Purchased this month, the LRADs will become a permanent fixture in Toronto law enforcement, said police spokesperson Const. Wendy Drummond
But critics say they are really non-lethal weapons and infringe upon protester rights.

Yes, they really are non-lethal weapons and that is why I called them by their correct name and description.
These are weapons, that may not kill you, but they can cause you a great deal of harm.

LRAD: An instrument of social control

Juergen Altmann, who is conducting an independent scientific assessment of acoustic weapons, has warned that there is risk of hearing damage to people exposed to the beam at ranges of up to 100m. ... An added difficulty with ensuring no permanent damage is that some people are more susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss than others and hearing damage can occur at levels below the threshold for ear pain. A report from the US Army's 361st Psychological Operations Company gives an idea of the powerful effects of the LRAD: 'During distance tests at 100 meters, the sound was painful to listeners, even with hands held over the ears and ear plugs in'."

The main effect of having those weapons at public events is to chill people and chill free speech and free association."

Which is why these weapons are going to be present at the G-20.

The 'powers that be' wish to exercise their powers unrestrained, and not be bothered with the niggling concerns of the masses. And their lackeys at the police department are always willing to oblige their masters.


  1. Stealth Zio-pig subsidies in the guise of G20 - co$t is $1 Billion so far. When can we roll out the guillotines?

  2. anachore: NOW

    Plus miles of hemp rope and some nice tall trees.

    Tar, feathers and concrete blocks

    iron maidens, stockades and the like.

    Bring it on.

  3. hubby says, trench, bullet, bury.
    If alive, oh well!

  4. thanks Peter, I had noticed it thanks to Gallier leaving mention of it, it had been so long I had not been checkin' as regularly as usual

    I have already heard Dave on meria's show this week also.

    But, I want to relisten..

    Weird, the mention of Madame Blavatsky...

    Dave made a comment about her being the equivalent of Aleister Crowley, mysticism, mind control.
    And I thought how odd, that I had posted that Aleister Crowley movie last week?

    Synchronicity, but, his name just keeps popping up.

    Loved the irony, that in the end, all the 'master' could conjure for himself was to die in a boarding house addicted to heroin or opium

  5. Penny wrt Crowley, he was totally unbelievable to me anyway. I was always dumbfounded by others who thought 'Oh how cool!'

    A fitting end to such a piece of filth.

    Though one can see how the manipulations continued and have poisoned many waters. When one speaks of more esoteric ideas often it is dismissed, not unlike how I as a teen dismissed Crowley. It's a sort of 'throw the baby out with the bath water' message. No exploration of alternate ideas allowed, implying that spirituality without the cult of approved 'gods' is evil.

    Mind control?

    You betcha.

    ha ha word verification: d ISIS

  6. Oh and this whole G 20 thing is ridiculous.

    (thought I better leave at least one relevant comment, and NO I haven't heard back from my MP as to where all the money went! :|)

  7. I thought crowley was a scam artist a con, that is about it.

    I like the part about how he channeled his 'bible'
    what bullshit.
    So did the Mormon guy, what a load of crap, his power came from those that beleived it, because they gave their power away to him, because they were mind controlled.