Friday, August 13, 2010

D.M. Murdock- Christ in Egypt and more

I listened to this interview, twice. I found it very interesting and it gave me alot to sort of mull over. Been meaning to get this one up for a while, so I hope you give it a listen, and leave your thoughts...

One thought I took away from this interview was how religion has been altered, adapted or manipulated, if I may, and how it is used to manage and control people. You may hear some things that will suprise you, I did.

One of the most controversial religious scholars in the entire world is my guest today.

D.M. Murdock, gained expertise in several religions, as well as knowledge about other esoterica and mystical subjects. She is the author of several books, including: The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold, Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled, Who Was Jesus: Fingerprints of The Christ and Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection.

Are Christianity and the story of Jesus based on more ancient sun worshiping religions? Does the story of Jesus have its roots in Horus, the ancient Egyptian Sun god? Today we’ll be discussing Acharya’s brand new book – Christ in Egypt.

The interview is from Gnostic Media


  1. No surpise to me from your short description (haven't listened to it yet), as Gary Bell of am640 "A View From Space" fame has been telling listeners the same thing for years. Osiris, Horus, Isis, the ancient Egyptian gods, and it all revolves around sun worship.

    son of god = Sun (of) God
    Sunday - day of rest, of worship - to the Sun!
    All the holidays - Christmas, Easter, even seminal ones like St Patricks Day - all pay homeage to ancient Sun worshipping and religion deities

    It's all much more plausible than what we are told, and explains much of the symbolism that doesn't make sense to us. Of course, I do find Gnostic Media a bit disinfo in other areas . . . and The Spaceman (as Gary Bell is called) broadcasts strangely enough from one of the most "conservative" (see: war/hate mongering, divisive politics) radio stations around . . . but the ancient Sun religions being hidden in plain view by the Illuminati makes a lot of sense once you start researching it yourself.

  2. Penny, I will give it a listen!

    I have often thought that it was all stories of other stories, being thankfully never force fed 'religion' while growing up. (Other BS for sure, but organised religion no).

    But, that said, worshipping the sun, is not such a bad thing. It is our connection to this physical life, without it we would die. Plus, to quote George Carlin, we can actually SEE the SUN. That helps. Now, would I sacrifice my child to a 'sun' god? Uh... gee No... even these days when I feel like killing him myself. :O

    So, I can see it all being a story told over and over, embellished and twisted for power and glory for the few.

    Same old same old eh?


  3. slozo:
    I think you may be in for a real treat with this interview.

    I was.

    Especially the part where they discuss the role of an affluent follower of Judaism, and his role in the creation of christianity.

    One thing I recall them discussing is how the way organized religion has through it's manipulations actually done mankind a great disservice, sort of seperating us from a sort of reality we should be aware of.

    That said

    gnostic media disinfo?

    I don't get that feeling, but, I will say they have their own interests their, they may not jive with everyone elses.

    I heard the spaceman last show, well most of it, he had someone write into him saying they weren't 100 percent sure about him (along those lines) He is interesting, but, even I am not 100 percent sure about him. I thought his show on the G-20 was good.
    It takes me a while to decide if I think someone has an ulterior agenda.

    Makes me think of the recent Alex JOnes, Mike Rivero drama.....

    But, Alex Jones did claim that Arabs run Hollywood, which is why they make so many negative movies about themselves,right LOL.

    Personally he is the worst mouthpiece for the 9/11 movement, which I would like to see disassociate themselves from him, some other individuals also, from the love police to press for truth Canada, but, I can't tell others what to do, just express my thoughts on it all

  4. Buff, right on!
    I think you will also like it.

    agree with you on the sun, it is like a god since it can giveth and taketh away.

    but over all, it's good, without it their would be no us.

    when you listen, and slozo too, let me know what you thought???