Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gaza flotilla inquiry - Lots of fallacies, shortage of facts

Trying to find something factual or based in reality regarding the Gaza flotilla inquiry.

It's tough. TIME's article is total bullshit, IMO.

Yeah Netanyahu and Ehud Barak gave conflicting testimony
Surely, well planned.

But, some of the points in the TIME article are nonsensical

"The commandos who descended from helicopters onto the deck of the Mavi Marama had no idea that the Turkish activists on the deck below were spoiling for a fight with the Israeli military. Their vulnerability — the first down the ropes wielded paintball guns"

Utter bullshit. No mention of the live fire prior to the boarding of the ship. Oh and btw, paintball guns don't kill people, real bullets kill people.
From what I had read the paintball angle had alread been discreditted, but, that didn't stop TIME from regurgitating nonsense.
BBC confirms IDF boarded Mavi Marmara with UZI Sub-machine guns, NOT paintball guns as claimed

No mention of this:

Clarification/Correction Regarding Audio Transmission Between Israeli Navy and Flotilla on 31 May 2010, Posted on 5 June 2010

IDF acknowledgement of faked audio recording.

I guess, TIME would not want to confuse their readers minds with reality, when some politcally correct fictional version will do the job..........

The one thing I can agree with is this : Turkish FM: Israel must bear responsibility for attack on 'Flotilla of Freedom'

"Israel must bear responsibility for the murder of innocent civilians in open seas and not blame us" (Turkey)

So, I will repost this video as a reminder of how much the main stream media fabricates reality
I had this posted immediately after the murders of the aid workers. Listen to the live fire, see the blood. See the wounded. Prior to the boarding. Watch the boarding. As it happened.

Additionally, I recall this video
IDF soldiers ending the life of one aid worker, after brutally beating him.
Paintballs don't kill, but guns with real ammo most certainly do.

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