Friday, August 13, 2010

Iran nuclear power plant -start date August 21/2010

Three posts? In one day? What can I say.

Will this nuclear reactor even get started on this date? Will Israel attack within the week? Will the US? Who knows?

Keep in mind the bombing of Iraq's nuclear power plant -
June 7/1981:
Israel bombs Iraq's power plant

The Israelis have bombed a French-built nuclear plant near Iraq's capital, Baghdad, saying they believed it was designed to make nuclear weapons to destroy Israel.
What one believes and what reality is, can be vastly different.

Back to Iran's launch of the power plant
In the news Friday July 13/2010
Iran to gain nuclear power as Russia loads fuel into Bushehr reactor

After years of delay, uranium-packed fuel rods for 1,000-megawatt plant will be installed next week.

Russian and Iranian specialists are to begin loading uranium-packed fuel rods into the reactor on 21 August, a process that will take about two to three weeks. This will be a key step towards starting up the reactor, although it will not be considered operational from that date.

Russia to activate reactor at Iran's nuclear plant on Aug. 21

Russia is set to activate a reactor at Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant on Aug. 21, Russia's state-run atomic energy corporation Rosatom said Friday.

A Rosatom spokesman said Russia would help load the reactor with fuel, which would be a key step toward starting up the reactor at Iran's first nuclear power plant.

"The fuel will be loaded on Aug. 21," Rosatom spokesman Sergei Novikov was quoted by Itar-Tass news agency as saying.

"This is the start of the physical launch (of the reactor)," he said.


  1. Lets hope it all goes well for them Penny.

  2. I do hope they get it off the ground, without any troubles.

  3. We do know how this will end, right?

    Badly. Actually, I think it will be more of a start than anything . . . the start of a major war, involving all of us.

    You can see it in the ship and troop and sub movements. You can see it in the rhetoric. You can see it in the ramped up propaganda. You can see it with the pre-positioning of 'moral' arguments. You can see it in the psy-op daily headline incidents that highlight who the bad guys are ahead of time, so you know when the shit goes down who to cheer for.

    It is utterly beside the point whether it starts off with a false flag blamed on Iran (my guess), or a bombing run by Israel and retaliation by Iran, or a border event and attack by the US and Israel, or with Iran helping out one of its beleaguered neighbours in a manufactured clash . . . it will all lead to the same thing.