Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Israel to "cooperate" with UN over flotilla probe

Seen the headlines, the ones that go like this,"Israel to cooperate with UN flotilla probe".
Or some variation of said headlines. Sound good, right?

The article from BBC is such a fluff piece. Benjamin Netanyahu, says "Israel has nothing to hide, the opposite is true"

Complete with 'analysis' from Wyrie Davis, and I quote-

Israel has a track record of not co-operating with, or giving limited co-operation to, UN inquiries.

There will be two extra representatives on the UN panel - one from Israel and one from Turkey - so perhaps Israel's involvement will go quite deep and perhaps this will be a genuine change of approach from Israel to the UN.
Well Wyrie Davis, before you offer BBC readers such an insightful analysis you should have taken the time to get informed.

From Ha'aretz-

The panel's mandate (UN investigation) is to examine the investigations that Israel and Turkey are carrying out regarding the incident of the Gaza-bound flotilla on May 31. In addition, the panel will seek to examine the facts surrounding the flotilla and recommend ways to avoid such incidents in the future.
The panel will not be authorized to call witnesses - especially no Israeli soldiers or officers.

And Ynet news

Poor Israel, had to 'cooperate' with the flotilla probe

Source says Israel had no choice but to cooperate with UN flotilla probe BUT but will set strict guidelines
Official: State won't allow UN to question Israelis

Therfore, Israel will 'cooperate' without actually cooperating! How did Wyrie from the BBC miss this important fact in his brilliant analysis? Because I am not getting a "genuine change of approach" kind of vibe from this news.

State officials stressed Monday that though Israel had agreed to cooperate with a UN probe on the IDF raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla in May, the government would not allow the committee to interrogate Israeli officers, civilians, or soldiers
The committee would not receive testimony from any Israeli citizen or military official, and would have to make do with documents.


  1. Hi Penny. Your label at the end of your posting is right; Propaganda. The BBC is just awful in my opinion.

    People in this country have to pay for the privilege of listening to this bullshit Govt.line propaganda machine to the tune of £145 per year to have this shit shoved down their ears and eyes.

    Funnily enough since our wonderful digital switchover a lot of people cannot receive BBC 1 and 2 in a watchable form anymore for some technical reason but still have to pay for it anyway. It's progress of some strange sort.

    cheers for now and all the best Penny

  2. hey john!

    I loved the analysis bit, it was just over the top!

    the same goes on here with CBC, taxpayer funded and on top of that they routinely ask for donations.

    for garbage!

    btw, thanks john