Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Israel/Lebanon Clash Update

More on the clash at the Israel/Lebanon border.
See IDF soldiers with bucket over the border, cutting trees in Lebanon.

Here is another picture, different angle, available at the The Independant

Odd, the IDF, just happens to be in the business of tree removal armed to the teeth.
Helicopters with missiles attacked and artillery shells were lobbed.

Israel attacks offending tree in Lebanese territory
Lebanese soldiers opened fire into the air.
Israel fires back
All hell breaks loose

Now for the Lebanese army to take on the Israelis, with their 264 nuclear missiles, was a tall order. But for the Israeli army to take on the army of one of the smallest countries in the world was surely preposterous.

So says's Robert Fisk in his column.
But, then he is not considering that Lebanon is coveted by Israel.
Natural Gas and Water. Easy pickin's.

Sadly as always, the Israeli's forget that their God, the God of the old testament says,


  1. Aw come on Penn, the tree was totally at fault in this last little skirmish. Hasn't anyone mentioned that it had Antisemitic roots.

  2. Ahhh, Pen, the tree was clearly a terrorist jihad loving Hezbolla worshiping miscreant, and clearly needed to be removed.

    I wonder, will the IDF come and get rid of the Sumac which is now invading my backyard? Perhaps they could trim my neighbour's plums as well?

    On a more serious note, this is just another provacation by the greatest provacatuers in the world. Poke, poke and poke again - then wait for the whining that they are the victims.

    Same old same old...

    Sigh... think I'd rather just live and have some good old fashioned fun these days...


    ciao ciao


  3. These are the opening lines in the next to final act, I reckon. War with Iran can't be too far off in the future, as troop and submarine and ship movements suggest.

    Has to be one of the most hilarious and ridiculous provocations ever though . . . cutting down a tree on the other guy's territory.

    Where's the UN?

  4. Do you even pay attention to the news? UNIFIL confirmed the trees where on the Israel side of the border. The fence is a number of meters in from the border just so Israel can do things like clear brush.

    The only 2 soldier wounded and killed where the unit commanders located 100 meters from the border in an observation post, and not the soldiers at the fence line doing the brush clearance. This jives with the Israeli side of the story which says that the fighting started when the unit commanders where hit by sniper fire.

    But I'm sure that I'll just get flamed for pointing this out. All part of the Zionist conspiracy I guess.

  5. itburns,

    I will pose a question so obvious, so astounding, as to potentially leave you speechless . . . and I use the ever decreasing world resource called "logic" to topple your amazing theory:

    If the trees are really on Israeli territory, why are they even there, so close to the fence? I know you are repeating the line given by the MSM - that they set the fence back a bit - but have you ever seen a border fence like that with natural growth? On either side?

    I haven't.

    I will tell you why I have never seen that - because on borders like that - contested border lines, hostile neighbours, etc - they usually put a road, or pavement around the fence. This is to ensure a clear view like you say, and to be able to drive around the fence for maintenance, repairs, patrols, etc.

    Go ahead, ziobot - come up with another example like that with two hostile nations - do it! As if a hostile, land grabbing nation wouldn't have totally defined borders where the fences are . . . it's laughable. Like they would allow undergrowth, and no clear line.

    Israeli history shows that without me having to even look it up, I am certain the fence is in fact over the actual border, and the Israelis weren't happy with that and reached farther in to provoke.

    We have the GPS technology to make this all a moot point, right? Prove it, "itburns.

    Where is your proof of the actual fence line, the actual border? Other than repeated lies from the MSM, that is.

    Fucking prove it, otherwise you are just making it up. If you can't, shut up.

  6. Funny how quick the Jew trolls crawl out of their slimy little hi-die holes to defend their inbred brethren. Next it will be that the tree was actually a spotting post for Lebanese rocket squads being so tall an all.

  7. If the trees had been on Israel soil they wouldn't have been even existed as they would have been uprooted when building the fence. That they even used the equipment they used with the elevator is further proof, they wouldn't need that if the trees were on "their" side.

  8. Hey Penny,...itburns, like a timberland hollo-cost mate. Your yid mates are stirring the preverbial with all and sundry to foment more of their death-cult satanism and you think you can cheap-shot in a comments section of some-one with the credibility and integrity of Penny? STFU!




  9. great comments all except for the assimilated to doublethink borg "itburns"

    It does burn borg and you have been burned

    I pay attention to the news ALL THE TIME.

    If you spent any real time here other then to come and troll for Israel, you megaphony, you would know that.

    As slozo and gallier already pointed out disputed border, because Israel disputes all borders given their propensity to land grab.

    If the tree was on Israel's side of the border, why didn't the IDF soldiers simply drive over and chop them down with a chainsaw from the bottom.

    Big clue:
    they couldn't because the trees were not on their side of the border/fence.

    "The fence is a number of meters in from the border just so Israel can do things like clear brush."

    that you would even make such a nonsensical statement is too much, just too much. The entire sentence makes no sense!
    I will let you reread that and figure out the absurdity in that yourself.

    "But I'm sure that I'll just get flamed for pointing this out."

    Ah, poor you......, come here, say stupid things and pre-set your self up as the victim when the illogical thinking and error of your ways is pointed out.

    Must be an Israeli or a follower of Judaism?
    The victim card is the card always played.

  10. If it burns... then stop doing it.



    wv: dense (kinda like the poster) :P