Friday, August 13, 2010

Israel's tree removal provocation and it's planned escalation

Getting briefly back to the exchange of fire at the disputed Israel/Lebanon border.
I just came across another interesting little tidbit in the news.
And, I quote-

UN Under-Secretary-General Alain LeRoy told reporters in New York on Aug. 4.
Israel rejected the UN’s offer to cut down the tree, he said.

Why would Israel do that?

Put that together with the fact, that as I had previously mentioned Israel had failed to notify the UN that they were removing the tree when they did.

Along with the fact that Israel had apparently not co-ordinated its gardening expedition with the Lebanese via the UN.

Then remember that this specific area where Israel was removing trees, was immediately disputed by Lebanon when the UN drew the arbitrary blue line

Lebanon had expressed reservations in 2000 when the Blue Line was delineated by the UN

Israel had a number of options regarding the disputed trees.

-Israel could have just left the trees knowing this was a disputed point along the blue line and that the tree was north of their own techinical border. But they didn't!

-Israel could have had the UN remove the trees. But, they didn't!

-Israel could have notified the UN who could have coordinated with the Lebanese, and supervised the tree removal. But, they didn't!

The only conclusion that can be drawn is that Israel was looking to provoke and that the tree removal excuse was a cover for the provocation. They wanted a response and they got it.

Also interesting was the intention by Israel to escalate this provocation into an all out attack.

Press reports on Wednesday said Arab states and Western countries, including Egypt, Jordan, France and the United States, made contacts at the highest levels of israel to prevent the Jewish state from launching a wide-scale military strike against the Lebanese army following the armed clashes last week in southern Lebanon.

French sources told Asharq Alawsat newspaper that the Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak told French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner in a telephone conversation after the deadly clash in southern Lebanon,Israel was "intending to carry out a major military operation to discipline the Lebanese army and to "retaliate for the killing of a senior Israeli officer."

In other words Israel was looking for a fight.


  1. Very useful. Israel may want another invasion of Lebanon.

    - Aangirfan

  2. Hey Penny,...Your prolific elucidations are inspiring and humbling...however:

    Fuck Israhell. Let's Do it NOW!

    I'm sick and tired of waiting for the filthy yids to perpetrate yet another obscenity and watch as our paid-for politicians and do-gooder scum-shills look the other way.

    Let's just do the job and get IT DONE! No more satanic child-molesters!

    No more wars, No more usury, No more poverty, No more disgusting ribald porn! No more tears over dismembered children!

    Aaaarrggh!.....Excuse me while I count my fingers and hundred...two hundred...three hundred...four hundred...




  3. If it's a nuisance might as well remove the tree for many other convenience or it could have been better if they'd just relocate the poor tree. Thanks!