Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trees causing clash on border were in Lebanese soil

Here is another take on the border clash between Israel and Lebanon:

Lebanese Information Minister Tareq Mitri said on Wednesday that the trees cut down by Israeli troops which led to deadly border clashes with Israel "were on Lebanese soil," contradicting a statement by the UN peacekeeping force saying the trees were on the Israeli side of the shared border.

"The trees were south of the Blue Line, but in Lebanese lands," Mitri told a press conference in Beirut, noting "the Blue Line is not the international border, and Lebanon always has its reservations about it. Yet, Lebanon has always respected the line. "

"The Israeli forces acted without coordination with the UNIFIL, which was considered a provocation by the Lebanese army," he said.

What is the "blue line"?

A UN-drawn border line between Israel and Lebanon after the withdrawal of the Israeli army from southern Lebanon in 2000.

The problems with the blue line?

Israel and Lebanon both have reservations with the blue line

Infact the statement from UNFIL notes that this place, where the clash took place, was disputed by Lebanon-

The UNIFIL statement added that the area where the clashes took place was a subject of reservation by the Lebanese government when the Blue Line was drawn.
What this means is... the minute this arbitrary line was drawn Lebanon contested the line.
Israel was surely aware of that, since they raised concerns about other sites, but not this one.

The Israeli government had similar reservations about other sites, the statement noted.

The fact that Israel did not raise concerns about the specific site where the clashes took place indicates to me, they know they had NO legitimate claim to that area.

Therefore the cutting of the tree was a clear provocation by Israel, as was intended.

Why would Israel provoke a war with Lebanon?

Israel is expansionist, always has been. Which is why they have stolen the land of the Palestinians over these past years and the UN/world sits quietly by allowing it.

Then there is the matter of the natural gas disputed by Lebanon, and of course, water. Israel steals water from the Palestinians and would like to do the same to Lebanon.

Therefore, there are many reasons Israel would provoke this attack.

But let's get back to the border clash!

We have these disputed trees. UNIFIL implies these trees were south of the 'blue line'
Arbitrary line drawn by the UN in an area Lebanon promptly disputed.
"The tree was certainly north of Israel's own "technical fence"
Which would explain the methodology of tree removal.

Then this, which confirms the opening news story I quoted from-

Along with the fact that Israel had apparently not co-ordinated its gardening expedition with the Lebanese via the UN.

Israel did NOT coordinate the tree removal with the UN!
Gosh, why would Israel forget to do that?
Obviously Israel didn't want the UN or the world to know of their intention to provoke Lebanon?

And Israel, the country that always wants peace, NOT, was at it again yesterday.

They were at it again yesterday, tearing down more undergrowth on the Lebanese side of the fence – though south of the "Blue Line" – without any coordination with the Lebanese.

- Note they are NORTH of their own technical border!! (noting again, the methodology of removal, necessitated by the fact of the tree being on the other side of the border)

Hilariously, the UN is still investigating what went wrong. But, let's think about this:

Many UN troops mount foot and vehicle patrols along the frontier road where the shooting took place. They often spend their time trying to prevent journalists taking photographs of the great vista of Israeli countryside in northern Galilee. They can stop cameras shooting pictures, it seems. But not guns shooting bullets.

Because the UN, when it comes to Israel, is the best friend Israel ever had. Along with the US.


  1. my, my, my....gloating.

    not at all like "itburns' would have us believe.

    I wonder, does "it" even read the news, ever?

  2. Penny - for the ziobots, their only purpose is to repeat propaganda in ways that may gain traction with absolutely anyone.

    They will try to use language to twist and turn arguments, they will ignore all logic and arguments they cannot refute, and will in general be a complete troll. But it's not treu trolling, as the purpose is just repeated messages that may eventually be believed.

    When something is repeated often enough, people start to believe it. It just can't be stopped, and it is a powerful psychological tool when wielded so heavily by a media which can dominate things so thoroughly. . . especially with dissemination of news from the middle east regarding all things Israeli or jewish.

    Like the movie star who hears from every fawning butt-licker how great they look and how great an actor they are, no matter how ugly and stupid they KNOW they are, it starts to filter in. It starts to gain traction, and before you know it, you think you are what everyone is saying you are.

    A lot of people have the opinion that even though a lot of the news is bullshit, not all of it is bullshit, and thus, our filters eventually let in some of the propaganda. You repeat a lie loudly enough, long enough, and people start to doubt the truth, no matter the facts of the matter. And all logic is put aside, otherwise there is a severe cognitive dissonance.

    Israeli borders . . . BP "massive" oil 'spill' . . . restrictions of movement and freedoms for reasons of security . . . these are all repeated ad nauseum.

    We must all cut ourselves off from the propaganda spewing machines. It is your only hope of regaining the integrity of your logical reasoning to disseminate news.

  3. And to add on slozo remark, propaganda is not designed to address or convince the doubters, its purpose is to give arguments/excuses to the believers to rationalize their behaviours/beliefs.

  4. Hey Pen,since you have the Lebanon in your crosss hairs. As'ad AbuhKalil wrote this today
    The mood in Lebanon
    There is a mood of anxiety in Lebanon. People are really concerned about the prospects of an Arab-Israeli war. A friend called me from South Lebanon yesterday because his wife was freaking out being there and wanted assurances from me that there is no war. I tell people who ask me daily that there is no war coming here, but that it is hard to prove. I had a long argument/discussion with Norman Finkelstein last week about this issue: he thinks that war is coming and I don't. Don't get me wrong: all sides are preparing but Israel does not have any more tricks up its dirty sleeves against Hizbullah. They tried all that they had and got humiliated back in 2006. Why would killing more Lebanese civilians and destroying many more buildings advance the Israeli cause, you would as. Israel ran out of options against Hizbullah a few years ago. ***The uncovering of wide network of Israeli spies in Lebanon is the biggest espionage story in the history of the Middle East conflict***. Israel "uncovers" one Arab spy in Israel and it becomes a sensational international headline. Lebanon and its police--Lebanon for potato's sake--are producing Israeli spies at the rate of one a week--and the international press is barely taking notice. This is big. This will set back all Israeli criminal espionage decades backwards. That is what Hasan Nasrallah meant about the "blind elephant." Gulf tourists did not show up in large numbers this summer: partly due to anxieties about war and partly because the Gulf tourists now prefer Syria and Egypt because the people there don't cheat them like the Lebanese do. A Lebanese can't see a Saudi without seeing dollar signs over his/her head. It is pathetic. One should say more about Saudi Arabia: the ruling elite is fragmented more than ever. Every prince is practically running his own media and his own foreign policy.
    Posted by As'ad at 9:26 PM

  5. galllier - we definitely agree here on the main (I stress main, because it does have corallory uses) point of most propaganda:

    Giving rationalisations to people who already believe the lies, or more importantly, the people who WANT to believe the lies.

    And most important on top of this, is who it is they believe . . . THE GOVERNMENT. The authority, the people in positions of power in gov't.

    The exact people who have had to compromise, subvert and extinguish every single living piece of good and moral humanity they ever used to have, TO BE WHERE THEY ARE NOW.

    People are weak for the most part, and want to believe others are good, that the gov't actually consists of people like us who want to help others. What must be understood, however, is that they go through a long and complicated vetting process whereby they are also brainwashed into following orders, believing everything they are told from their superiors, and they are taught to ignore and put away feelings of community over their own feelings of self preservation and greed.

    Truth is, this "ziobot" as I call him/her, could just be some teenager or young adult, self important in the knowledge they have gleaned from Huffington Post and Wired, that chooses to believe what they want to, and chooses to totally ignore what causes any sort of cognitive dissonance.