Wednesday, September 1, 2010

AmericanTroop withdrawal from Afghanistan? No way !!

Not with long terms plans such as this...
Obama, the peacemaker. I shudder everytime I think of the fact this warmonger actually won a peace prize.
Might as well believe in Santa and the Toothfairy. There about as grounded in reality as Obama's promises....

Three $100 million air base expansions in southern and northern Afghanistan illustrate Pentagon plans to continue building multimillion-dollar facilities in that country to support increased U.S. military operations well into the future.

Despite growing public unhappiness with the Afghan war -- and President Obama's pledge that he will begin withdrawing troops in July 2011 -- many of the installations being built in Afghanistan have extended time horizons. None of the three projects in southern and northern Afghanistan is expected to be completed until the latter half of 2011. All of them are for use by U.S. forces rather than by their Afghan counterparts.

Overall, requests for $1.3 billion in additional fiscal 2011 funds for multiyear construction of military facilities in Afghanistan are pending before Congress. The House has approved the money, as has the Senate Appropriations Committee. The full Senate has yet to vote on the measure.

The three bases being expanded for U.S. use after 2011 reflect the expectation of continued combat operations, but they are just part of a broader expansion of U.S. facilities across the country.

North of Kabul, the Pentagon is planning to build a $100 million area at Shindand Air Base for Special Operations helicopters and unmanned intelligence and surveillance aircraft, along with office, ground and maintenance facilities, plus barracks for 60 new personnel, according to a notice posted last week.

Another $100 million project is planned for the air field at Camp Dwyer, a Marine base in Helmand province, where expansion is needed to accommodate fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft.

Dwyer's airfield is described as "a key hub" to support Special Operations forces operations in southern Afghanistan, according to the congressional presentation. Currently, there is not enough parking and runway space to handle the number of Special Operations aircraft required, it adds.

Contractor proposals were also due last week for a third $100 million project, this one at Mazar-e Sharif,

These figures do not include money being allocated and spent to support Afghan troops, these are just facilities for the exclusive use of American troops. Troops that were supposed to be leaving, in a war that was supposed to be winding down.


  1. They are never going to leave Penny.

  2. need many helicopters to get the heroin from the poppy fields to the bases... eventually to the c130s at manas for distribution worldwide. hopscotch. international corridor from the coast of balochistan up through afghanistan and to kyrgystan. there must be doings in tajikistan also. also makes a nice wedge-shaped US presence between china and iran. the us military: keeping things exciting.

  3. speak of the devil.

    tajikistan drawn into the fight against terrorism.

    international corridor nearly complete.