Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Antibiotics damaging long term immunity & Drug recalls

Haven't done a health post in a while and I thought it was long overdue.

First up: Antibiotics doing long term damage to your vital gut bacteria

Many people don't realize how vital gut bacteria is to your health and well-being.

Not surprising since our health care revolves around popping pills, meds and other invasive treatments. When it should be encouraging healthy habits, nutritious eating from non-toxic food supplies and raising awareness of how it is our bodies actually function on their own and as part of the environment. These very sound health habits are not encouraged because they are not profitable to pharmaceutical corporations or gmo creators, who wish to have you ingest a pill or a genetically modified food, in the name of good health. With the very questionable long term effects of both, hidden from the population.

But, lets get back to the point here: Antibiotics and gut bacteria
Two research scientist wondered how hardy gut bacteria are, how well they bounce back?

So they recruited healthy volunteers who hadn't used antibiotics in at least the past year to take two five-day courses of the antibiotic Cipro, six months apart.

The first round of antibiotics brought about these results:

The volunteers reported no diarrhea or upset stomach, yet their fecal samples showed a lot going on beneath the surface. Bacterial diversity plummeted as a third to half of the volunteers' original germ species were nearly wiped out, although some other species moved in. Yet about a week after stopping the drug, two of the three volunteers had their bacterial levels largely return to normal. The third still had altered gut bacteria six months later.

Round two of the antibiotics brought about these startling results:

Another die-off and shift happened with the second round of Cipro, but this time no one's gut bacteria had returned to the pre-antibiotic state by the time the study ended two months later.
Two five day courses of antibiotics and not one of the volunteers gut bacteria had returned to it's pre-antibiotic state after two months.

The lack of healthy bacteria in the gut is a indicator of trouble to come.

I wonder in fact about the use of antibiotics not just as prescribed by doctors, but in the use of meat production for this alarming news story :Colon cancer cases 'may rise 50%

While this article links obesity to the increase, obesity and gut bacteria imbalance may be connected, it fails to mention this important information:Red Meat Consumption Linked To Colorectal Cancer

Is it the meat? Or is it all the antibiotics fed to the meat, in turn consumed by humans?

While on the subject of pharmaceutical intervention, this news caught my eye-

Drug recalls surge

I would actually say they have skyrocketed. Look at the chart

Recalls of prescription and over the counter drugs are surging, raising questions about the quality of drug manufacturing in the United States.

The Food and Drug Administration reported more than 1,742 recalls last year, skyrocketing from 426 in 2008, according to the Gold Sheet, a trade publication on drug quality that analyzes FDA data.

Ironically, or typically the FDA " maintains that it hasn't identified any alarming patterns in last year's recalls."

Bottom line: there is no such thing as a quick fix, no miracle pills, and the long term effects of many of these drugs is not well known, so none of them should be taken lightly.


  1. Ha! First hand experience here! A while back I had an issue for which my dumb doc gave me antibiotics. They helped, but only temporarily, and the issue came back. So, after three rounds over one year of these nasty drugs I gave up and ordered myself some 150 ppm colloidal silver, from a small family company in the US.

    Hooray!!!! No more stomach problems, which took almost six months to rectify, and whammo - issue solved! I have not had a reoccurance of this problem since I used the silver water for only two weeks!! (It's been over a year now).

    NEVER again will I take ANY antibiotics.

    Oh and on a side note, my namesake Buffy the Cat, had a wee problem which has also been solved by the use of the silver water!!

    Sometimes the old cures are better than the new.


  2. I am in the same boat at this time, I swear my troubles began with antibiotics without getting into specifics a week for something unrelated to where I am at now, then took two doses of strong antibiotics which did not clear up a UTI (my first one ever, though I understand they are extremely common, especially in the summertime and at times of great stress.)

    In one of the drug printouts there was a mention of an increase in drug resistant strains.

    The antibiotics left me worse off then when I had began.

    I am now going a different route.

    Glad to read that buffy cat is better :)

  3. Penn, "With very questionable long term effects of both, not known". This statement is fundamentally wrong as the long term effects of both are and have been known for a very long time indeed. Also it is NOT the red meat but rather it is what is in the red meat that is to blame. Forty or so years ago people ate a great deal more red meat than they do today and Colo-rectal Cancer was all but unheard of.

    All one needs to do is ask ANY large animal veterinarian what is the single biggest problems in todays dairy and beef herds and the answer will always be the same,
    Gastrointestinal insult, and when asked how it is that they treat this common condition that was all but unknown forty years ago, You guessed it with ANTIBIOTICS.

    Strange is it not that my cattle are never sick, they get no medications, they eat organic hay and alfalfa during the winter and fresh un violated grass grass down in the valley during the summer and they don't get sick. fact of the matter is that I haven't spent twelve bucks on vet bills in twelve years. This applies to both
    the Jersey herd and the buffalo that remain here. Cattle are pretty damn tuff, that is they are until they get shot full of growth hormones and antibiotics.

    The hard cold fact of the matter is that in virtually every dairy in this country and elsewhere a dairy cow of four years of age is virtually identical psychically to a cow of fourteen years. You have to ask yourself why.

    And oh btw on the UTI, Skye was a chronic sufferer until she met me. One of the first things that I did for her was to shitcan the meds that she was on and put her on raw cranberry juice(not ocean spray) but pure cranberry juice as well as cranberry concentrate capsules, cleared her right up with no side effects.

  4. "This statement is fundamentally wrong as the long term effects of both are and have been known for a very long time indeed"

    You are correct, and I will change it.
    The effects are known, just hidden.
    Thinking of all the endless drug recalls that kill countless people and the pharmaceutical company covered up their test results.
    So, I will change that.

    Interesting info on the cows.

    and Btw how long did it take skye to rid herself of this horrid problem.

  5. Penn. It took about two weeks, It's an old remedy but it works. The concentrate capsules are available in health food stores and they don't break the bank.

    There are better things in life than pissing razor blades so try the berries it's an easy non invasive fix.

  6. Actually Silverfish, it's even worse for cows these days than you say . . . most dairy cows only give good milk for two years because of the hormones for milk production, as well as a totally unnatural diet consisting almost totally of grains, and all kinds of shit mixed in as well, sometimes even meat! And the udders get horrible bleeding ulcers - because they produce milk at an alarming and horrible rate - which means the milk HAS to be pasteurised (super heated to just below boiling then brought down quickly) to get rid of the puss and blood.

    You read that right: The puss and blood has been "boiled out" of your store bought milk, and supposedly the vitamins lost in the pasteurisation process are added in afterward.

    Of course, normal cows give milk for about ten, even twelve years . . . on a diet of grass and very little to no grain. Doesn't have to be pasteurised, because it has very healthy bacteria in it as well . . . which is why it sours to a state where it's drinkable as cream or sour cream or butter milk, as opposed to poison (pasteurised milk).

    What a fucked up world we live in.