Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boy Scout perversion files trial reaches settlement

Follow up to a post I put up in March of this year:

The Perversion Files - Boyscout Pedophiles

A trial opened this week that threatens to tear the facade off of a supposed well loved organization, The Boy Scouts of America.

This past week the trial ended with a settlement, albeit, a conditional one.

Six men settle cases with the Boy scouts

The settlement, reached last week, prevents the attorneys and the men from talking about how much money each received in compensation for abuse that happened in the 1980s. The amount, however, likely reaches into the multiple millions of dollars, considering the Boy Scouts of America also have agreed to pay the state $2.25 million in punitive damages as part of the settlement.

“The Boy Scouts of America, by paying these punitive damages, have acknowledged that they were wrong,” said attorney Paul Mones

Attorney Kelly Clark, another attorney for the men, said he hoped the settlement makes the Boy Scouts safer for children just as widespread sexual-abuse litigation against the Catholic Church made the church safer.

Has the abuse litigation made the church safer for children? In my opinion? No.
Will this litigation make the Boy scouts safer for young boys? NO.

Perhaps it has created a false sense of security amongst parents who send their kids to these institutions either the boy scouts or the Catholic church and think to themselves. "They wouldn't dare, look at all the law suits"

The issue in this case revolved around the perversion files;

These files were kept by the Scouts organization for decades. The files indicate they knew they had a pedophilia problem, knew who was involved and did nothing about it.

On a broader scale, the case is one of the first ( but not the first)to bring into open court hundreds of confidential files that the 100-year-old organization kept on Scout leaders and others suspected of sexually abusing boys. Though the Scouts, based in Texas, have been sued dozens of times over allegations of sexual abuse, most cases have been settled out of court, keeping files from becoming public.
In this trial some of the perversion files were used as evidence. BUT. (from the latest news story)

Although parts of the files were discussed during trial and jurors had access to all of them, the Oregon Supreme Court has yet to decide whether the files will be made available to the general public. (make them available!!)

Such public access could spur many more suits across the nation because the files were used to convince the Portland jury that Scout executives knew they had a decades-long problem of pedophiles within their volunteer ranks, yet they failed to warn parents or children. Scouting executives have kept the files since at least the 1920s, and still compile them today.

To summarize, the scouts have maintained the perversion files for 80 plus years and are still compiling them at this time, meaning, they have problems to date within their ranks, that they are very likely not addressing.

From one file-

In one file, a Scouting executive wrote that he’d need more information before he would ban a volunteer from working with boys in troops nationwide. The volunteer had reportedly been showing Scouts pornography and sleeping in the nude.

Showing scouts pornography and sleeping in the nude, and the scouting executive would need more information? Well readers, what do you think? Should the scouting executive had needed more information before banning this volunteer?
I would say-NO!

The attorneys estimated that the red-flag (perversion) files that were used during trial encompassed 6,000 to 18,000 children who had been abused in a 20-year period. Mones said that's a fraction - maybe 10 to 20 percent - of the true number of victims because most sexual abuse isn't reported.

If I may, don't put your kids in scouting. Spend time with them yourself.


  1. If I may, don't put your kids in scouting. Spend time with them yourself.I think that is good advice but I will say that not ALL scout leaders are bad. I have at least three friends who are Dr.s as well as scout leaders and have been for better than thirty years. When they hear of these allegations they are simply furious, not that the allegations are made but rather that some scout leaders have acted this way. They all say that this sort of behavior is totally unacceptable and should be dealt with to the furthest extent of the law, full stop, no exceptions.

    BTW I used to be a scout leader as well, not sure why as I really can't stand kids but I couldn't stand them growing up to be complete assholes either so I did my little part. Then life sorta got in the way and I no longer had time for that sort of tom foolery. Thank goodness.

  2. There is no way of knowing which of the scout troop leaders are pedophiles and which ones are not. Same with priests.

    What is known is that the administrative leadership has consistently protected and sponsored pedophile troop leaders for generations. This means that the administrators are in on the gig. Exactly the same scenario has transpired in the catholic church.

    And exactly the same solution applies. Get your kids as far away as possible from all of them. Call for both organisations to be disbanded and ALL personnel involved in covering up crimes be prosecuted for same. It is impossible for these organisations to reform themselves. And we've seen this.

    Parents would be thrown in jail for allowing their children to play Russian Roulette. So why would anyone consider playing that sort of pedophile lottery with their childrens' lives, for fucks sake??? It amounts to criminal negligence on the part of the parents, in my view.

  3. hey silv, I would concur.
    I am certain that there are decent scout leaders.
    But reality, being reality, makes clear that there is a pedophilia problem in the Boy scouts institution, that it is known about and silently approved of at the highest levels of the organization.
    By approved of, I mean, nothing is done to address it.

    silv:"as I really can't stand kids but I couldn't stand them growing up to be complete assholes"

    don't you just hate when they do that! lol....

    when we see cute little kids, I always say to bad they grow up..

    (joking) well sometimes not

  4. James: this situation is quite similar to the church.

    -no way of knowing who the abusers are
    -cover up at the highest levels

    What also amazes me?
    These institutions make multi-million dollar payouts, multiple times, while they ask for volunteers, and/or donations etc.,


    One other comment, the Catholic Church get's way more coverage of their scandals media wise then the Boy Scouts.

    I find that odd.

  5. Penn in NO way am I defending The Scout organization, just saying that what is and has gone on in this little corner of the planet and as far as I know nothing unto-wards has happened here and it ain't because we is so fucking nicey nice, it's just that somethings are just not done and would never enter the minds of the people that I personally know who where involved in this

    What I do find interesting is that as far as I know no one has dug
    into another group dealing with kids, and that would be BIG BOTHERS or BIG SISTERS FOR THAT MATTER. Now if there ever was an opportunity for pedophiles to get close to kids on a one on one basis that would be it. Just think of it, Fatherless boys and motherless girls desperate for attention and guidance. It's a made to order deal for pedophiles.

  6. Hey Penny,...There are definitely good scout leaders; when I was a scout my Bahgeera was wonderful, she was firm yet malleable; a great leader and an inspiration. The lower level Baloos and so forth are the mainstay of the hierarchal system and problematically the easiest to deal with, as they take care of most of the Packs weekly functions; when I eventually met our Sheer Khan I was awe-struck; not only did I incur her wrath, I failed to accomplish the task she set!

    Has anyone noticed anything about what I have written? WOMEN! There were women involved in scouting when I was a kid; they were formidable members of the Packs. In Australia and the UK we had Baden-Powell Scouts and the so-called ‘modern scout group’ of ‘modernised’ scouting.

    The biggest bust-up between scouting’s traditional practitioners and ‘modernisers’ came in 1966-67, after the Scouting Association (modernisers) dropped the old uniform and edited the 10 scout laws, as formulated by B-P himself, to seven. Outraged, a breakaway faction won the support of Lady Baden-Powell, then still chief Guide, who gifted the rebels with her late husband’s illustrious name.

    I was a Baden-Powell Scout of the traditional scouting troops. I can tell you now: There were no sodomites involved in my troop, or any of my brothers’ troops. Scouting was unisex at a leadership level and entirely transparent. This allegation of 80 years of Sodomy data seems like more yiddish destructive cancer to me!

    Or! Is everything goys undertake rife with sodomites and lechers? I THINK NOT!

    Like every good thing goys create, the filthy yids will pursue with the intent to ingratiate themselves in order to destroy it with their disgusting degeneracy! I put it to you that the ‘modern’ scout groups are the ones INFECTED with sodomy and not the traditional scout troops!

    I hate yids!

    sorry... gotta little anger thing goin’ there...oops.


  7. Hey Silv:

    "Penn in NO way am I defending The Scout organization"

    I knew that Silv. I understood you were pointing out the fact, their are good and bad people in the organization.

    And the point you make about Big brother/Big sisters is quite interesting...
    I wonder???

  8. veritas:

    love the names...

    Sheer Khan

    very Rudyard Kipling