Thursday, September 9, 2010

Burning Korans- Provocative Behaviour: The Illusion and Reality

I have been paying attention to the drama unfolding over the burning of the Korans.
Should I comment on it? Should I ignore something that is quite obviously a massive psychological operation.

An operation set up to give the US government and top brass in the military the opportunity to present themselves as moral and taking the higher ground. As opposed to the way those Muslims allegedly conduct themselves? As opposed to reality.

A fluff piece was done by CNN, about how courteous and considerate the troops are in Muslim countries, while killing, maiming, raping and occupying largely innocent people, including lots of children in those same countries. But never mind all that, they are courteous and considerate, dammit! CNN is informing the viewer of that!

I came across this piece and I thought ok, I am going to use this to express a different opinion on the psy-op of the Koran burning.

American policy, at the highest levels of state, is specifically and deliberately designed to kill, despoil, dispossess, insult and outrage Muslims, in operations all over the world. That's what the Terror War is all about. We have spent more than $3 trillion burning Korans -- and their readers -- in the last decade. This policy has been pushed, championed and cheered by virtually the entire bipartisan political and media establishments -- and by much of the religious establishment as well.

Yet this week we have been treated to the bleakly comic sight of the avatars of these very establishments expressing their deeply humanitarian concerns -- and their nostril-flaring moral outrage -- over the plans of a Florida religious crank to publicly burn a few Korans on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. These 'societal leaders' -- such as Gen. David Petraeus and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- sternly warn us that such an act will inevitably produce violent blowback, stoke Islamic extremism and exacerbate anti-American feeling in the Muslim world.

Gen. Petraeus was admirably forthright about the effects such actions produce:

“We’re concerned that the images from the burning of a Quran would be used in the same way that extremists used images from Abu Ghraib — that they would in a sense be indelible,” Petraeus told NBC’s Brian Williams. “They would be used by those who wish us ill, to incite violence and to enflame public opinion against us and against our mission here in Afghanistan, as well as our missions undoubtedly around the world.”

These concerns are, of course, pertinent, and it is good to see them aired so prominently. However, one wonders about the ultimate effectiveness of such messages, coming as they do from these particular messengers.

For example, how many Korans have been burned in the countless civilian houses and institutions destroyed in attacks under Petraeus' command in both Iraq and Afghanistan? Hundreds of Korans? Thousands of Korans? Tens of thousands of Korans? (Along with their eviscerated owners, of course.)

How many Korans have been burned in the destruction of civilian houses by missiles fired in the Obama Administration's ruthless, ever-expanding -- and entirely illegal -- drone war in Pakistan?

Take this story, reported just yesterday by Jason Ditz at Children Among 24 Killed as US Drone Strikes Rock Pakistan.

The attacks destroyed three homes in North Waziristan as well as a car. The children were in a home near one of the targeted homes which was also damaged in the blast. The US has launched a number of drone strikes over the past several days, but there has been no indication that any “high value” targets were killed and most of the dead appear to be local tribesmen who are nominally affiliated with militant factions.

Three homes in this single raid (one of dozens now striking homes in Pakistan every month): how many Korans were burned, do you think? At least three, and probably more. And then there are the dead children, of course. One wonders if the fact (not just the "images") of these dead children -- and the thousands of other innocent children whose bodies have been gutted, beheaded, gashed in or torn to shreds by American missiles, bombs and bullets fired at the order of General David Petraeus and Barack Obama and all their worthy predecessors whose noble work they are so assiduously continuing -- will be "used by those who wish us ill, to incite violence and to enflame public opinion against us and against our mission here in Afghanistan, as well as our missions undoubtedly around the world"?

One wonders if the actual burning and slaughtering of actual human beings in the Muslim world -- covertly and overtly, in country after country, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year -- by the highest, most honored, respected and powerful worthies of American society might, just possibly, incite more violence and ill will against us than the burning of a few books by a marginal, powerless goober down in Florida.

But let us not spoil the nice little moral bubble bath our bloodstained leaders are giving themselves. They do enjoy it so much.

To which I will add, General Petraeus, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama do not shed one tear, nor care one whit about the death and destruction of the many, that the troops actions are causing. Actions conducted at the so called leaders behest. Nor do they concern themselves with the safety of the troops. Despite the spin, the song & dance. The troops are expendable. To be used for goals they are largely unaware of. Pawns.

There holier then thou, concern over some Korans being burned in the US is all a show, as stated a psychological operation for and on the American audience. To manipulate the dumbed down into believing some moral or higher ground is being held by these so called leaders. It isn't!


  1. As usual Pen, you are bang on with your analysis! This is a massive psy-ops. No word though on the Yeshiva students burning of Christian bibles though eh?

    People are so f*n stupid, it's amazing that they even know or remember to breathe.


  2. Penn besides the Government taking advantage of the situation, the thing is that the only people affected by this drivel are those that don't have two brain cells firing at the same time at any given moment. These are those that believe that a book, any book has some deep seated power or meaning and forget that it's just a goddamn book, just ink on paper.

    Oh sure there is the symbolism of what the book represents but again what is symbolism?

    Any Muslims who will get offended by this crap really aren't to bright. What they should do is simply say Ok so yer gonna burn this book, big deal we'll just print up a million more JUST like it, no great loss, hope yuh had fun Asshole. But sadly that is not what is going to happen, some ditz is going to get his nose all out of joint because of this NON EVENT event and the shit is going to hit the fan again and that is the whole point.

    What should happen is that whoever is in charge of this whole charade should be wrapped up in barbed wire and then set on fire for being Stupid and trying to cause trouble.

  3. I am now wondering if the "burning Korans" is the set up for a false flag attack.

    Obama is now saying the Koran burnings could lead to "suicide bombings"

    ie: patsies

    why would an obscure pastors stupidity garner so much attention in the msm?

    President Barack Obama warned on Thursday that an *obscure* U.S. Christian pastor's plan to burn the Koran could provoke al Qaeda suicide bombings

    "You could have serious violence in places like Pakistan or Afghanistan."

    which would of course serve the occupying forces, further justifying the occupation, the illegal drone attacks in Pakistan etc., etc.,

    "This could increase the recruitment of individuals who would be willing to blow themselves up in American cities or European cities."

    Any act like that would automatically be suspicious, thinking of the news of both the mossad and british intelligence recruiting muslims under pressure and with lies being used.

    "Terry Jones, leader of a small Protestant church with about 30 members in Gainesville, Florida"

    30 members, the nutty pastor has 30 members, why is this getting this much attention????

    I am concerned about this, setting up the false flag narrative???
    I wonder???

  4. I am now wondering if the "burning Korans" is the set up for a false flag attack.

    Agreed; its as if they're trying to raise Osama out his grave to start lobbing bombs around - again.

  5. Seems now on the news that the shit head preacher has called off the book bbq, Gee I wonder why? Perhaps he didn't have enough Hell fire and brimstone to get a good blaze going Huh?

  6. freethinker: whew, glad I am not the only one!


    I heard that last night that the pastor is not going to do the burning, but......
    This morning Jones is doing a flip flop and this is tied now to the "mosque" which is not really a mosque in New York City.. on the so called sacred ground, which happens to have a strip club in the neighbourhood???

    Anyway the latest..

    "Jones said he would call off the event but then seemed to be changing his mind later Thursday. During the afternoon, Jones said he canceled his plan to burn copies of the Quran, based on what he said were assurances that the Islamic center in New York would be moved.

    Late Thursday, Jones said he would "rethink our position" after Musri said he had never given Jones that assurance."

    how these two psy-ops got joined together is beyond me, but there it is???

  7. Penn this time I really don't think that Jones is shilling for anyone ie? the Government. I think he's just one of those religious assholes caught up in his own sense of self importance. Sure the Government is making hay on his coin but Jones is just a shit disturber, we've all known them. They get an idea into their little pea brains and then just won't let go until someone gives them a
    spanking, and thats what this little prick needs, a damn good spanking and then be told to shut the fuck up already.

  8. hey silv!

    Agreed, it is possible he is not shilling for the government. Entirely possible the government is making hay of this moron's actions.

    I call it a psy-op on the basis of the massive media coverage of something completely un-newsworthy giving the US gov and military the opportunity to present themselves as good or of higher morals, which they are not.

    I spent a bit of time looking into his history, I see he was booted by a congregation in Germany, to fanatical

    Something else interesting... I will post the video

  9. I didn't post the video, to lengthy. Just a couple of news articles

  10. I see that you called this a psy-ops as well, Pen - I just commented on the second post of the same story.

    In the Us currently, to find a story about any kind of religious leader burning any kind of religious document would be easy . . . it's a nation of 360 million people, many of them crazy. I am sure it would be just as easy to find a pastor of some faith with more than 50 followers who burns bibles of the Christian persuasion . . . but that doesn't get play.

    No no, the whole thing is 9/11, and connecting it to muslims. Nowhere does anyone mention that not a single shred of solid proof exists to this day linking any of the supposedly muslim people fingered in the press as "terrorists" with the false flag attacks. Not one thing places them there. No video of them going in the plane, even with all the cameras. Not on the passenger lists even! Just a bunch of intact passports floating down from heaven after massive fireworks displays, landing right in the hands of police miraculously after no corraboration of them actually being found on the scene. At least 5, maybe 7 of the supposed perpetrators alive. Not one shred of evidence other than the flimsy circumstantial kind to link Osama to the attacks.

    It's like a bad comic book, really. But like a good psy-ops, it depends on starting off with a false premise (muslim extremists did 9/11) and goes on to an emotional and controversial issue meant to get an immediate emotional response (burning a "holy book" that we know is a BIG DEAL - after all, there was that Salmon Rushdie thing, right? see: psy-ops set-ups). Thus, the human physiology is unprepared to logically think and disseminate, and skips to emotional response.

    The war drums are banging loudly everyone . . . you know what that means, right?

  11. hey slozo, besides setting the US junta up as moral, you are right, it reinforces the 9/11 lie.

    There never has been any evidence connecting any muslims to 9/11.

    Even the dead but often resurrected OBL is not wanted for 9/11.

    The so called evidence connecting Atta to the plane is so flimsy, such an obvious plant, it can't even be considered seriously.

    Because people on suicide missions bother to pack a suitcase?
    Who buys this stuff?