Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gates Foundation ties with Monsanto under fire

For two years, local activists on a shoestring budget have been trying to document connections between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Monsanto, the company vilified by some for its heavy involvement in genetic engineering of crops.

That all changed with the news, reported by The Wall Street Journal last week, that Monsanto was among the foundation's most recent portfolio investments. A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission says the foundation bought 500,000 shares of the stock between April and June; on Friday, the total value was $27.6 million.

Another Gates foundation, cohort in control of the food crime syndicate, none other then the Rockefeller foundation.

The foundation, (Gates) along with the Rockefeller Foundation, created the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), aimed at alleviating hunger by boosting farm productivity.

The name itself gave some people pause. An earlier Green Revolution that started nearly 70 years ago had similar aims.

Some say that by introducing high-yield crop varieties it averted widespread famine in India and Mexico and helped those countries become more self-sufficient. Critics, on the other hand, say it led to lasting environmental damage and displaced small farmers, to the benefit of corporations that started up large-scale industrial operations.

And all these years later, who benefited from this earlier "green revolution"?
Factory farms. Food Control/modification corporations such as Monsanto.
If that was your answer, well, you were right!

The masses?
No, no benefit. Starvation has grown, food quality is worse, etc. etc.,

Back to the Rockefeller foundations earlier "green revolution"

But over time, the work has been increasingly tied to large-scale industrial agriculture and has pushed the use of genetically modified crops.

To make money and control food.....

To the Gate's foundation-

The Gates Foundation gave a $42 million grant to the African Agricultural Technology Foundation to develop new varieties of drought-tolerant maize in a partnership with Monsanto. The new varieties are expected to be available in about seven years and will be royalty-free for small-scale farmers in Africa, the Gates Foundation spokeswoman said.

Royalty free? So says the spokeswoman for the Gates Foundation, who is going to do nothing but spin. Is this true? Is there any reason to think it is true?

Recall this news in India? Farmers committing suicide in India

With giant seed companies displacing cheap hybrids and far cheaper and hardier traditional varieties with their own products, a cotton farmer in Monsanto’s net would be paying far more for seed than he or she ever dreamed they would.
Now, why would anyone believe the seed would be royalty free to farmers in Africa???
"Our biggest concern is that the foundation is invested in Monsanto so they're looking for Monsanto to make a profit," said Travis English, of AGRA Watch. "What they're doing is opening up new markets in Africa for Monsanto to monopolize the seed market."
Nothing better for Monsanto then food monopolization....Let the profits increase, along with the starvation.


  1. Gates is a Jew, his wife is a Jewess aka(whore) so what else did you expect? It's not rocket science that we are talking about here.

  2. I was not aware of that.

    Though in my opinion it all boils down to money to fund the "foundation" to continue on this creepy manipulation and control that these foundations are so well known for. ie: rockefeller foundation

  3. Hey Penny,...These Monsanto cretins are so powerful a lobby group they have managed to virtually destroyed agriculture in Australia: They have centralized almost everything, we have an Egg Board , a Milk Board and a Wheat Board. There is no such thing as a farm like the ones I remember as a child. If a farmer wishes to have cattle for Beef production, he cannot sell milk and visa versa, also no commercial egg production or anything other than one commercial product! The AWB (Australian Wheat Board) was indicted for surreptitiously trading wheat for oil with Saddam during the embargoes that starved a million children to death in Iraq.

    The wheat was hybrid and infertile by design (non-germinating). It also has a manufactured obsolescence as it cannot be stored in silos for more than a few weeks. Rats won’t eat it either, truly. Monsanto manufactures wheat grains that rats won’t eat! (wtf?).

    Funnily enough, the indictment was only mentioned for a week or two in the MSM and then, nada, not a squeak since. Suffice it to say, they were never charged nor did they spend one minute in a court of law! The CEO retired and received a golden parachute worth in excess of 20 million bucks. Hey? Anyone? Go figure!

    The following link is to a book I read when I was still a soldier and becoming politically aware; 'The Fantastic Invasion' by Patrick Marnham it's a seminal work on the destruction of agriculture in Africa, a must read. It was visionary for its time; I would check-out your favourite second-hand bookstore for a copy. Or…