Thursday, September 16, 2010

India and US to ink huge military deal

Isn't this a comfort? Obama the peacemaker.

US President Barack Obama's visit to New Delhi in November may secure $5 billion worth of arms sales to India, Russia's Vzglyad newspaper reported Monday.

The deal, if signed during Obama's visit, would make the US replace Russia as India's biggest arms supplier, the paper said, adding that the deal would also help India curb China's rise. (help India curb China's rise? In other words, India will contain China, with the help and at the behest of the US)

India's shortlist includes Patriot defense systems, Boeing mid-air refueling tankers and certain types of howitzers, and the total cost of the deal may exceed $10 billion, the paper added.

The report came a day after The Economic Times in New Delhi reported that talks are underway between Indian and US officials over a deal to sell 10 Boeing C-17 military transport aircraft to the Indian Air Force (IAF).

The talks focus on the price and onboard equipment of the T-tailed C-17 Globemaster-III, which has passed validation trials and meets the requirements of the IAF, the newspaper said.

According to an official Boeing statement, the C-17 can carry a maximum payload of 74,797 kilo-grams for 2,400 nautical miles (4,444.8 kilometers) without refueling, and 45,495 kilograms for 4,000 nautical miles (7,408 kilometers) without refueling, the paper added.

Wang Mingzhi, a military strategist at the PLA Air Force Command College, told the Global Times that those reported military deals reflect Washington and New Delhi's needs in the region.

"To assist the Afghan war and the fight against the Pakistani Taliban, the US has been trying to improve its presence in South Asia and the Indian Ocean," Wang said. "Those arms sales will improve ties between Washington and New Delhi, and, intentionally or not, will have the effect of containing China's influence in the region."

"For example, once India gets the C-17 transport aircraft, the mobility of its forces stationed along the border with China will be improved. Mobility includes transportation, lifting, landing and deployment," he added.

You can connect the dots leading up to this impending deal with this older story from July/09

India, US sign three agreements on science, space and arms and defense

There is a picture of the evil, smiling Hilary Clinton there. Be warned.

July 20, 2009. The United States and India said on Monday they had agreed on a defence pact that takes a major step towards allowing the sale of sophisticated US arms to the South Asian nation as it modernises its military.

So, when President Peacemaker visits India in the very near future, November, the arms are going to flow. No doubt China will be pleased with this development? (facetious)


  1. Oh Penn, don't be fooled yet again. Sambo the sock puppet is just going for the curry and rice, cuz like Michele only cooks in the whore house not the white house.

  2. are you suggesting there is no arms deal? ;)

    Mmmm, curry and rice.
    I like that Garam Masala seasoning, perhaps they could sprinkle that all over the weaponry, to make this deal more palatable.

    On a more serious note, everytime I read stuff like this I shudder at this man, this President and that Peace Prize, what a sham, what a psy-op.

    GOD! it annoys me.

  3. The Indian prime minister avoided going to war against Pakistan in 2008. Maybe he wasn't ready?

    - Aangirfan.

  4. maybe he wasn't, but, he is getting closer to being able to obliterate Pakistan with this weapons deal.