Monday, September 20, 2010

Missing Weapons in Afghanistan leads to false flag terror in Pakistan

Interesting article
It is rather worrisome to observe that large quantities of weapons have gone missing in Afghanistan. Over 72,000 American supplied AK-47s, hundreds of heavy machine guns and Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) launchers delivered to Afghan police are not traceable
Curious and here is why-

Americans follow a stringent system for ensuring the security of weapons. They use a sophisticated tracking system to continuously register the precise location of each weapon held on the inventories of various security outfits. This helps in recovering the weapons which go missing or fall in the hands of adversaries during combat. Presumably, same procedures should have been in vogue for the missing weapons of Afghan police as well.

So how is it then that so many weapons could go missing? Unless that was the intention?

Hence, one could assume that this saga of theft of weapon at such a large scale could not be accomplished without the connivance of insiders, because weapon tracking system must have been initially blinded and then disabled before such an action of theft; and this could not be done by illiterate and poorly skilled recruits of Afghan police. While reporting the incident, American military newspaper ‘Stars and Stripes’ has quoted ‘NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan’ as saying that a massive hunt is on for tens of thousands of rifles, machine guns and RPG launchers that the U.S. government procured for the Afghan National Police but are unaccounted for.”
Who could be behind the funneling of these weapons to illegitimate activities?

A major bulk of its activities is out sourced to private contractors of the category of Black Water/ XE Services etc, operating under various brands. These agencies have their trans-border agenda extending into various countries of the region. Personnel employed by these outfits are known for their criminal record and blatant violation of rules and regulations. Hence, the loss of weapons could be a part of planned pilferage by these security contractor agencies for some illegitimate activities elsewhere.

Yes, mercenaries, private contractors, killers for hire could easily funnel the weapons for their own covert missions. Including, but not limited to false flag operations. Weapons could have been passed along to so called freedom fighters, who are aiding the occupiers.

In the recent past, fingers have been pointed towards some of these entities for their dubious presence and clandestine activities in Pakistan. In all probability, XE Services, the company formerly known as Black Water, has been conducting false flag terrorist attacks in Pakistan that are later blamed on Pakistani Taliban. One could also speculate that due to overwhelming sympathy within the security apparatus of Afghanistan for the political struggle against the presence of foreign armed forces in Afghanistan, the missing weapons could have been intentionally and systematically passed on to ‘freedom fighters’.

Pakistan has complained about the proliferation of weapons, to no avail.

Pakistan has recently complained to Western states about the support provided to anti-Pakistan terrorists’ networks in Afghanistan, but ISAF/NATO officials are reluctant to take necessary action to curb infiltration of men and weapons from Afghanistan into Pakistan.

Hm, why would NATO be reluctant to take action? One would think that this would help them to get the war under control in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Unless the distribution of all these weapons is the goal? And chaos is the agenda?

This is not the first time that weapons that go missing in Afghanistan have reached Pakistan. During military operations by the armed forces of Pakistan in Malakand and Swat areas, it was found that such flow of weapons is the mainstay of military power of terrorist outfits, which carry out subversive activities in various parts of Pakistan. ISAF/NATO certainly need to do more in the context of physical security of these small weapons which provide a source of sustenance to terrorist activities in Pakistan.

What role is India playing in the destabilization of Pakistan? Missing explosives, the next false flag?

India is not far behind Americans in misplacing the instruments of death. After all it must copy each and every action of America in a run up to its quest for super power status.(Remember the arms sale deal) Some 61 trucks loaded with over 300 tons of explosives went missing in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, a couple of weeks ago. These trucks were sent from a government factory, ‘Rajasthan Explosives and Chemicals Limited’, to a private company called ‘Ganesh Explosives’, the convoy went missing enroute. Convoy of 61 trucks is a huge thing; it could not disappear just like that. Normally, explosive containers move under stringent security arrangements. No encounter between security personnel and ‘highjackers’ was reported. All this happened quietly and smoothly like a well rehearsed military drill. Apparently it is another gimmick of Indian intelligence agencies; which could use these lethal explosives to stage manage an event and then blame Pakistan for it. Rumours have it that forthcoming “Common Wealth Games” could be one such venue. Moreover, Indian support to various terrorist outfits in Pakistan is an open secret.

In conclusion-

At this critical stage of Afghan conflict, when draw down of foreign forces is around the corner, one needs to watch out for oozing out of auxiliary conflicts in the region. Some of these could be stage managed by various actors to gain strategic space within the overall settlement framework of Afghan conflict; others could be ignited by those disgruntled entities that have been marginalized and wish to act as spoilers. Small arms proliferation alongside drug trafficking is the lifeline of terrorist outfits ( covert government ops) and under world mafias. There is need for stringent multi-state measures to break this nexus for achieving sustainable peace in South Asia.

Last week I posted on the arms deal between India and the US, mentioning the fact that China would be quite unimpressed with that one. In the tit for tat world of geo-politics, here is the latest on Pakistan/China business dealings. Not arms, but nuclear power plants. Of course the west is 'very concerned'.

China to build large nuclear power plant for Pakistan

- China's main nuclear energy corporation is in talks to build a 1-gigawatt atomic power plant in Pakistan, an executive said on Monday, a move that could intensify international unease about their nuclear embrace.

China has already helped Pakistan build its main nuclear power facility at Chashma in Punjab province, where one reactor is running and another near finished, and it has contracts to build two more there, despite the qualms of other governments.

The proposed expansion of China's nuclear power ties with Pakistan is likely to magnify unease in Washington, Delhi and other capitals (like the capital of Israel?) worried about Pakistan's role regional security and nuclear proliferation. Beijing is wary of Indian regional dominance and U.S. influence. Critics of that U.S.-India deal say it prompted China to deepen its own nuclear power cooperation with Pakistan

Of course Beijing is wary. India and the US inked a big nuclear deal, which China questioned, in 2008. The US had no qualms about signing the deal. Now, these arms sales upcoming to India from the US....


  1. Over 72,000 American supplied AK-47s, hundreds of heavy machine guns and Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) launchers? Don't you find this somewhat strange as both the AK-47 and the RPG are either Russian or Chinese made, not American. Why would America first buy arms from either Russia or china and then give them to whoever?

    And as far as stringent systems for insuring the security of weapons? Oh Paalease! I spent enough time in the US military to know that there is just NO such thing. No such thing at all at least there isn't if you know how to get around the Toilet paper trail, and that s all that it is just a shit trail that leads NOWHERE.

  2. "Why would America first buy arms from either Russia or china and then give them to whoever?"

    To make it look as if someone else was funding the terror?

    I believe the US supplied the mujahideen of Afghanistan, when they were freedom fighters with weapons from other countries.

    you can read here about that

    I will excerpt

    "The CIA became the grand coordinator: purchasing or arranging the manufacture of Soviet-style weapons from Egypt, China, Poland, Israel and elsewhere"

    "In the first years after the Reagan administration inherited the Carter program, the covert Afghan war "tended to be handled out of [CIA director William] Casey's back pocket," recalled Ronald Spiers, a former U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, the base of the Afghan rebels. Mainly from China's government, the CIA purchased assault rifles, grenade launchers, mines and SA-7 light antiaircraft weapons, and then arranged for shipment to Pakistan..."

    Silv, no sytems in place for ensuring weapon security?
    At all?

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  4. Xe/Blackwater, and the UK's SAS, with coordination from the CIA, Mossad and MI6 regularly commit strategic false flags and terror acts on civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sometimes ham-handedly guised as "terrorists", other times using pseudo-gang terror cells they created. I distinctly recall reading an article a while back from October 2, 2005, of how automobiles stolen and transported from the US were turning up at a lot of these market car-bomb terror slaughters.

    At the time I remember thinking that it was not so-called Iraqi or Afghani "terrorists" who would employ this, as one can only imagine the expense, time and extralegal coordination it would take to undertake such a ridiculous endeavour. Why would alleged terrorists go half way 'round the world to collect stolen american cars for terrorist bombings? Answer, they wouldn't especially when Europe is much closer. However, for a frugal-minded coalition military network it would be relatively easy, especially for Xe/Blackwater, who possess their own large military sea vessels, aircraft and vehicles as well as special carte blanche immunity from cargo inspections. Not that they'd need them as they work closely with the CIA.

    Outrageous hubris is the only mentality "master-minding" this kind of cut-out operation that considers the public so stupid that they could not suss this out. Don't forget also, that Xe/Blackwater, are just the tip of the military contractor pile and there are numerous other mercenary outfits that ply their hands in the same dirty trade. Follow the money and record who benefits from this perpetual false flag terrorism. Does one really think that the same insurgents and so-called terrorists would commit acts of genocidal slaughter on the very civilian populace they would be actively trying to recruit from?

  5. "how automobiles stolen and transported from the US were turning up at a lot of these market car-bomb terror slaughters"

    interesting, indeed.

    "Why would alleged terrorists go half way 'round the world to collect stolen american cars for terrorist bombings? Answer, they wouldn't especially when Europe is much closer"

    terrific analysis there HHQ.

    It would make zero sense for Iraqi "terrorists" to bring in American cars for marketplace bombings, unless of course, it is the Americans bringing them in via the private contractors or the military itself.
    For them, a piece of cake, comparatively speaking.