Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh and btw -Dave McGowan???

In case you have been wondering about Dave McGowan????

Dave's regular appearances at Meria Heller's are on a temporary hold. Seems Dave has some personal issues not limited to, but including, IRS problems. Meria mentioned this last week.
Somehow, I am not surprised.
Isn't the IRS the government agency that often harasses people for no good reason?
Anyway... there will be some delay in new Laurel Canyon material, or any other material for that matter.
I do hope Dave get's all his issues resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.
I sure do miss his appearances on Meria's show and updates at his own site.
Best of luck to ya Dave!


  1. Yes, most definitely Penny the IRS are the enforcers for the Federal Reserve proxy of the central banking cabal. For them to go after him confirms in full that he is on the right track and his information is spot on. Great job IRS, your transparent attack has just corroborated his info and will now bring even more people to his works.

    Dave is one of the premier investigators of all things criminally covert. His work is top shelf and very enlightening, he pulls no punches and goes straight to the target with a brilliantly, wry sense of humour interjected into his exposés.

  2. Thanks Pen, I was wondering what happened to him. As for the IRS, I have the answer to this dilemma. It's simple - have no income! Works for me at any rate.

    Otherwise, I don't know that there's much for it but to continue checking on Dave's site every day or so. He's easily my favourite guy on the net.

  3. Hi Penny, Hi Nobody, Hi Hei Hu (wow, that's a tongue twister)

    Like you I've been wondering about Dave McGowan... I must admit to checking on his site at least a couple of times a week, and hoping for the best.

    Maybe this shit he has with the IRS will become some material for future writings.

    I'm currently reading "The Antiterrorist Handbook" - I really recommend it. Of late, I've been spending much more time reading what people are doing to take control of their own destiny. Those seeking to reclaim their sovereignty usually come up first against the IRS and courts. Amazing how things unfold when you know your rights.....

  4. If I hear anything else I will let you all know.

    He has always been on of my favourite person on Meria's show.