Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pakistan halting NATO supplies on vital route

This is interesting......
In yesterday's post I mentioned that the west was touting the fact that their attacks on Pakistan had, as is claimed, 'pre-empted' terror in Europe.
Which is utter nonsense as the drone and helicopter attacks have been killing all manner of persons in Pakistan for some time now, much to Pakistan's chagrin and pre-empting nothing.
The latest twist in the war on Pakistan, that no one is calling a war, has Pakistan halting vital NATO supplies! This is going to get even uglier.

NATO forces killed 3 Pakistani soldiers in cross border raids.
NATO is, of course, denying the killings.
Pakistani authorities blocked a vital supply route for NATO troops fighting in Afghanistan on Thursday, angered by a cross-border NATO airstrike that killed three Pakistani soldiers, officials said.
Trucks and fuel tankers for foreign forces in Afghanistan were stopped at Torkham border post in Khyber tribal region near the city of Peshawar, hours after the raid, the fourth reported by Pakistani authorities in recent days.
"Yes, the NATO supplies have been stopped. It has been done locally," an anonymous source.
A spokeswoman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Kabul, however, said none of its helicopters had crossed into Pakistani airspace and the incident was under investigation.

Here is what happened according to Pakistan:

Early on Thursday, two NATO helicopters from Afghanistan attacked a border village in Pakistan's Kurram region, the Pakistani security official said.

"The helicopters shelled the area for about 25 minutes. Three of our soldiers manning a border post were killed and three wounded," he said

NATO's claim:
"Helicopters targeted militants in Afghanistan's eastern Paktia province, opposite Kurram, and they did not cross into Pakistan".

I am going to be upfront, I don't believe NATO, I don't believe the claims made by their spokespersons. Here's why? The article ends with this-

The United States has stepped up missile strikes by unmanned drone planes in Pakistan's northwest, carrying out 20 in September alone, the highest for a month since it began such attacks in 2008."

Since the US has been stepping up attacks for the entire month of September, there is no reason to believe that this cross border attack was not launched.

Consider this? This is not the first incursion NATO has made in Pakistani territory in recent days that has raised serious security concerns for Pakistan!

Pakistan furious over Nato cross-border 'Taliban' raids
As reported on Monday, NATO crossed over the border from Afghanistan purportedly to kill Taliban fighters in Pakistan. This incursion (on Monday) came hot on the heels of two previous incursion into Pakistan territory.

The admission that two incursions had taken place over the weekend by helicopters from the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf), and possibly a further cross-border raid today

Making the fourth incursion into Pakistan territory the "straw that broke the camels back" and the reason Pakistan is blockading a vital NATO supply line. Still, something else.

Reports of a covert CIA military force in Afghanistan that crosses into Pakistan

Of course the claims are made that these covert operations are targeting Taliban and AlQaeda fighters. Baloney! This is to wage covert, under the radar war, on Pakistan.

Pakistan's foreign ministry condemned the incursions as a "clear violation and breach of the UN mandate

"In the absence of immediate corrective measures, Pakistan will be constrained to consider response options," said Abdul Basit, the foreign ministry spokesman

Hence the cutting off of the Khyber pass supply route happening today.

No wonder the western media is spinning the so called terror attack on Europe as the justification for the attacks on Pakistan.

A brief digression. I watched some tv programming to see if the European wide austerity protests got any coverage. I did not see them mentioned, but, the so called terror attacks got lots of play. No surprise. The media sells the fear, not the empowerment.

If I may take a bit more of your time up? Indulge me, please. While I continue to make the case that the incursions into Pakistan are intentional, including under the radar warfare to destabilize Pakistan.

I would like to direct your attention over to this article and video, an interview with Bob Woodward. Obama Out Of Afghanistan 'Psychologically,' Woodward Says

Obama is out of Afghanistan, and where do you think he is? He is in Pakistan. He is waging war on Pakistan.

"President Obama believes that "the cancer is in Pakistan,"

"We need to make clear to people that the cancer is in Pakistan," he declared during an Oval Office meeting on Nov. 25, 2009, near the end of the strategy review. The reason to create a secure, self-governing Afghanistan, he said, was "so the cancer doesn't spread there."

Obama talked about threats from Pakistan in December 2009 when he made the case for a surge of 30,000 troops in Afghanistan.

The U.S. has increased its drone attacks in Pakistan. ABC News reports that so far there have been 20 drone attacks in September.

Woodward's book also reveals that the CIA directs a 3,000-man army within Pakistan called the "Counterterrorism Pursuit Team."


  1. Fuck a Duck, here we go again.

    SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Sales people working neighborhoods in Northern Utah County have been asking some odd questions that have nothing to do with making the sale. Folks are reporting that they're asking about the new National Security Agency's data center that is being built at Camp Williams.

    The sales people say they're Israeli art students and are selling their works to raise money for a gallery. Some have even produced what appear to be legitimate Israeli passports.

    So, why would art students be interested in an NSA data center?

    Blogs and even church bulletins are buzzing. One such bulletin sent out to LDS women in Highland said, "This is a scam! These are not art students and federal law enforcement groups are actually investigating their ties to organized crime and terrorist groups." The note went on, "Part of their mission here is to gain information on the new NSA installation coming to our area."

    One Israeli artist knocked on Gail Black's door in Eagle Mountain. She bought a painting from him knowing that the price was too high, but she explained that she felt sorry for him. I asked her if he looked like a Mossad spy, she laughed and said, "No, just a poor thirsty boy." She said the subject of the NSA did not come up in their conversation.

    Saratoga Springs residents have complained to their police department about the art students. Officer Matt Schauerhamer tracked down one group at a restaurant. He does not know if they were spies, but they're definitely not artists. "I told them, 'If you're actually an artist, why don't you draw something?' I gave them a piece of paper and gave them my pen. They produced a picture that was about on par with what my kindergartner could have done."

    Officer Schauerhamer cited the group for soliciting without a city business license and then passed along their information to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He said ICE is investigating.

    ABC 4 also contacted other agencies that might have interest in possible door-to-door spies. We were told by a spokesman for Utah Homeland Security that they were unaware of the Israeli artists and the FBI had no comment.

    Shades of 9/11.

    No federal law groups are investigating these MOSSAD spies, if anything, the FBI is probably escorting them around, providing cover and protection while giving them intelligence on where and what to spy on.

  2. Hello Penny,

    I stumbled upon your blog post today about the conflict between the NATO troops and the Pakistan government. I really enjoyed how you wrote your post, because you incorporated both story facts and your point of view. I think several points you brought up resembled this video:

    When you referenced the NATO spokesperson explaining their incursion into Pakistani territory, it was also touched on in the video. Points like this are why I believe this video would be a nice complement to your video, which would provide your readers with video to watch when you’re explaining something in your post. This could be helpful to your readers who like to watch video along with reading this info. It was nice reading your blog, and by the way, I loved the tunes you had on the side. Nothing quite beats the classic rock songs you had, like “Toys in the Attic.”

    Take care, and I’d love to hear back from you if videos like this interest you,


  3. Sounds like mutiny in the ranks to me, Pen.

  4. Hey Greg, thanks for that, so should we be on the look out for a false flag attack?
    It would seem so.
    Who will be blamed?
    I am leaning more towards Pakistan at this time.
    Sort of a rerun of the Gulf of Tonkin to justify the on going attacks on Vietnam.

  5. thanks daniel p.
    I did check out the video.

    James; it does seem as if Pakistan has had it with going along to get along.

    I have to go check the news and see what is going on with that.

  6. Pen, I meant 'mutiny in the ranks' literally; not 'Pakistan' per se. A much harder thing to control and much more threatening from the zionists point of view than 'mutiny' from the leadership.

  7. aah, ok, james, now I get where your coming from.
    Mutiny in the ranks may explain the burning oil tankers.
    Opened upon by so called "militants" as Pakistan is claiming.

    I did wonder, was it really militants?
    Or military type militants?

  8. story here

    Men believed to be militants set fire to 35 tankers

  9. Thanks Pen. The NYT article says that ten people have been arrested. But this article says they all got away. Both articles datelined yesterday. I tend to believe Pajhwok Afghan News over the NYT. But then I'd believe anyone over the NYT!

    I don't think I'd like to be a Pakistani politician right now, caught between a rock and a hard place. Copme to think of it, I don'tthink I'd like to be a NATO commander either. Dry times ahead!