Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pennsylvania's' terrorists' and the Israeli agency that calls them that

Pennsylvania has a problem. They have a terror problem. At least that is what is claimed by the Institute of Terrorism Response and Research. A private Israeli/American non-profit contractor, that was paid 125,000.00 to spy on citizens of the US!

( I find the non-profit angle really concerning. How can a private company not make a profit, unless it's real funding is received elsewhere? I also find the labeling of the company as Israeli/American kind of questionable)

-Some of the terrorists identified by the ITRR include
opponents of natural gas drilling, describing them as "environmental extremists" and suggesting they were a threat to the state.
The also identified animal rights activists and anti-war events as potential security threats to the state. Oh and Gay and Lesbian activists!

The Governor of Pennsylvania has been all kinds of apologetic after all he "didn't know"
But, this article really makes one think his excuses are bogus, he knew, and is now distancing himself from the bad publicity. .
Rendell staff knew of tracking

Some of Rendell's top staff knew in July that the contractor was tracking lawful public protests. The information was sent to law enforcement and private companies around the state.
I find it improbable that his top staff knew and he didn't. This is face saving at it's most obvious.

A little bit of info on Institute of Terrorism Response and Research.

Perelman declined to comment and Richman could not be reached for comment

The Institute of Terrorism Research and Response is headed by Michael Perelman, who formerly worked for the York City Police Department, and Aaron Richman, a former police captain in the Israeli capital.

They formed the company six years ago in York to provide "on-site educational seminars on institutional security against terrorism and other threats," a state filing shows. Three years later, in 2007, they formed a nonprofit foundation for "enhancing anti-terror training." Richman works as an assistant professor at Philadelphia University, which identifies him as a former police captain in Jerusalem.

As one can conclude information on these two men is lacking. Even on their website
They have some interesting partners. One being MTS, Multi Tier Solutions

Comprised of experts in their fields, all with specialized government experience.
A licensed vendor to the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Another interesting "partner" is Terror Medicine International. Another Israeli based organization. That specializes in "terror medicine"?

Professor Shmuel Shapira MD, MPH.
Prof Shapira served in the Israeli Navy and was the Head of the Trauma Branch in the IDF Medical Corps. Currently he is a Lieutenant Colonel(Res)

I am getting an entirely different picture of this organization. Of course the non-profit was the first hint. But the ties to the Israeli government and the IDF point one in an entirely different direction. Was this so called security firm, spying on Americans and sharing information with a foreign government? Is this group connected to Israeli intelligence? It would seem entirely possible. Why is homeland security paying them to spy on American citizens?

You can watch a video report from Democracy Now. Fast forward to 5:00 minutes in.
The report mentions that the Institute of Terrorism Response and Research has extensive ties to the Israeli government.


  1. Thanks for the info Penn. Yuh know I always thought that there was something quirky about that place. Pen State, Penz Oil, Pennsylvania Dutch and then there is of course Hershey's chocolate, talk about a way of winning the hearts and minds of the people, and using chocolate on the innocent, now thats just nasty.

    Hell I have close personal friends in Pennsylvania and I wouldn't trust them with an empty non refundable pop bottle.

    Nope nutting good ever came out of Pennsylvania, just cia spooks and people wearing black hats weird clothes and riding around in buggies, very strange goings on there.folke

  2. ***Oh and Gay and Lesbian activists!***

    Priceless Penny :D

  3. Did you catch this little gem on WRH:

    State's homeland security chief goes in hiding

    Tip of the iceberg, Pen, tip of the iceberg!!

    Oh and word verification: OPSYCA


  4. silv: Pennsylvania can now correctly be called 'spooksylvania'

    thanks Peter.;)

    and Buffy, read it, thanks for that too.

    Hiding while the storm rages, what a coward. It is to bad the governor won't make like a decent human and fire the State's Homeland Chief. Who knows, maybe he can't.

    This group is IMO linked to Israeli intelligence, so one can imagine how much of this info was going straight to Israel.

    Fascism, it stinks!

  5. Israeli intelligence has inserted and positioned itself within every source, in every country, of strategic intelligence value to them and their foul machinations. Once there they siphon and harvest intel like an insatiable parasite. Sensitive data gets sent directly to military intelligence for analysis to be used to gauge strength and weaknesses, gather classified military information, and to specifically seek out classified military weaponry. Listening in on police and judicial chatter allows them insight to protect and warn their lackeys in the criminal (drugs, child pornography, etc.) enterprise fronts they've established for quick black ops cash and civilian destabilisation. For alternative financial sources they use compromised officials to gain entry into sensitive areas where they are rewarded with lucrative no-bid contracts, as well as tactical access to military ordnance, sensitive and classified civilian and military data, and technical industry access. Financial intelligence gains them strategic advantage in the stock markets through one of their principal assets Goldman Sachs. Also gained through financial intel is information on critical and valuable research and development products and projects before they are made public.

    A few elements within the U.S. intelligence community are aware of this and have not only investigated and collected evidence that documents clearly that Israel is running active espionage operations within the country. They've been told by their superiors much like then pilots in NORAD on 9/11 to stand down or face severe consequences career-wise and otherwise. The U.S. Justice Department for one implicitly threatens against pursuit of these Israeli spy operations and states that they refuse to pursue any of them through law enforcement and the judicial system. This is full-blown treason and subversion at the highest order, not to mention aiding and abetting a foreign enemy. A foreign enemy convicted by their actions of espionage, terrorism, murder, theft, narcotics distribution, child pornography networks, subversion and assassination. You see, their bosses and higher ups have no doubt been compromised by damaging information that was discovered through Israeli espionage. After all, they run honey-pots like kiddie porn sites that never seem to make the radar or get shut down by law enforcement. That way when a high value political scumbag enters their web, he's theirs, and then there's other more repugnant methods they utilise with both voluntary and involuntary assets at after-parties and social gatherings. Some of the dupes they gain are twisted to begin with and the evidence of their depravities documented for politically expedient insurance purposes.

    The scope and breadth of their operations is the biggest secret they and their accomplices desperately never want uncovered and revealed to the public. If it were, hundreds of officials would see a hangman's noose for treason or receive the Mussolini arrivederci. A thousand other rats would fall all over themselves trying to cut deals to avoid the same treatment, and then Israel would be exposed for what they really are for all the world to see. Then, even the most cognisantly dissonant moron would have to admit what can no longer be denied.

    It's these reason that I've absolutely no doubt that the next false flag will be engineered by Israeli intelligence, as even corroborated by whistleblowers within the US intelligence community.

  6. "Listening in on police and judicial chatter allows them insight to protect and warn their lackeys in the criminal (drugs, child pornography, etc.) enterprise fronts they've established for quick black ops cash and civilian destabilisation."

    think I hear something about this and ecstasy dealers??

    Anyone else?

  7. Just thought I would let you all know, this post garnered an interesting visitor

    Washington, District Of Columbia, United States

    Washington Institute For Near East Policy, The ( [Label IP Address]

    No referring link

    "no referring link"
    I wonder????

    IMO a pro-israel group, pretending to be unbiased or scholarly.
    probably funded by Israeli government

  8. Penny, brilliant sleuthing. This Washington Institute for Near East Policy are absolutely a front for Israel and her interests, for one, Martin Indyk who was one of the founders of the organisation, was at one time the Deputy Director of Research for AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). You know them as the alpha-Zionist outfit that utilises bribes, extortion and threats to leverage political policy and favour for their hosts in Israel. I do believe the proper term for them is 'Agents of influence'. They are also documented and suspected as running a spy operation within the U.S. by the FBI. Charges filed by the FBI and were as follows: Five espionage-related charges filed against former Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin, two counts of conspiracy to communicate classified information to a foreign power (Israel) have been lodged against former AIPAC foreign Policy Director Steven Rosen, and a single count of conspiracy against Rosen’s assistant, former AIPAC Iran specialist Keith Weissman.

    In fact, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) targets the media and the U.S. executive branch to broker favours and to propagate their Zio-rubbish. John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, authors of "The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy" have described them as "Part of the core" of the Israel Lobby in the United States. They also advanced that . "Although WINEP plays down its links to Israel and claims that it provides a 'balanced and realistic' perspective on Middle East issues, this is not the case. In fact, WINEP is funded and run by individuals who are deeply committed to advancing Israel’s agenda…"

  9. Did you know Israel has it's own office in the White House: The Office of Special Relations, or something like that? Remember the first invasion after 911? Shock-n-awe. Sounds a lot like the Shekina (pronounced like Shock-n-awe, except it's "shek") of Jewish Kabbalah. I recently came across something that reported a few years ago our military in Iraq had walled off a 1 kilometer wide circle around an archeological site and then performed a ceremony of the Feathered Serpent. Shekina is also known as Feathered Serpent.

    Seems Israel is pulling strings everywhere.

  10. HHQ: my bullshit detector is working pretty good then?

    That makes me very pleased.

    It didn't take long to look through the site and notice the bias.

    Erik: did not know that.
    btw reading your book and taking notes....