Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pentagon's space partner eyes new frontiers

This seems to follow along on the line of the other day's post on the X-37B. The shuttle that seems to have military applications, covert, overt and who the heck knows what else. It definitely is capable of placing spy satellites in orbit, and evasive maneuvers.

The secretive Aerospace Corporation is finding a new niche.

The company, which gets almost all of its funding from the Pentagon, is responsible for overseeing many of the nation's most classified programs, including the development of multibillion-dollar spy satellites and rockets that lift them into space.

What is Aerospace?

Aerospace is neither a defense contractor nor part of the Air Force, which manages military space programs.

Rather, Aerospace is a federally funded brain trust for the Pentagon's $26-billion space program, which far exceeds NASA's budget of $18 billion and has increased almost 90% since 2000. Although it's not well known outside defense circles, it is regarded as one of the nation's most important assets.

Aerospace scientists oversee the technical side of contracts awarded to defense firms to make sure the work is being done properly. A separate Pentagon agency audits the contracts.

The firm also provides consultation and advice to both the government and the defense industry on how to best develop spacecraft. In all, 87% of its budget comes from military contracts and the rest from civilian government agencies such as NASA.

So it is a private company, that get's all of it's funding from taxpayers?

"Aerospace is the glue to the Pentagon's space infrastructure," said John Pike, director of, a website for military policy research. "It's an independent voice that's has become a vital component to national security."

Despite proposed cutbacks in Pentagon spending, Aerospace's budget increased to $868 million last year — its largest (budget)

In addition to its potential new role for private space ventures, the National Reconnaissance Office, or NRO, the umbrella organization that operates spy satellites, has said it's set to begin "the most aggressive" launch schedule it has undertaken in 25 years. That is expected to keep Aerospace engineers and scientists busy for a while.

Spy satellites and the X37-B......

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  1. Hey Penny,...There's just no end to it. Millions starving, homeless and desperate for fresh water and these evil SOBs obsess over this bullshit.

    I’m over it. Totally ready, for the Barricade: I’m one peasant that is definitely revolting!



  2. hey veritas, isn't it amazing, the "priorities" of the powerful people?

  3. Hey Penny,...Priorities: We've had violent storms across the country here in Oz all night, it’s a big country that's a big storm-front. The Kiwis have had a huge earthquake 7.1 R scale.

    So, what do the authorities announce? They will take this 'opportunity' to test their national community warning system, this system is a massive blanket SMS texting facility that sends everyone in a region they wish to alert, text messages to their Cell phones! Example; if there is a fast moving fire wall scorching the country-side; they will text everyone with a Cell in that region with 'evacuation instructions' (orders) or in the interest of public safety
    'instructions' to remain in their homes (curfew anyone?). It is 'feared' that the current storms will cause flooding, hence the 'opportunity' to test the efficacy of their command and control protocols!

    Big Brother is watching (or prioritizing)!

    “What do you get when you cross a sheep with a kangaroo?”

    A woolly jumper!

    "How high and in which direction SIR!?"

    “Baaaa baaaaa mmm-baaaaaaa…”