Friday, September 24, 2010

Threats from space disguise the push to weaponize space

Yesterday's post touched on alien invasion, or the news of a potential one?
I do hope everyone has marked the date mentioned for "visitation" on the calender and read the excellent comments....
I wanted to expand on the thought of threats to mankind from the sky, or the heavens, or from other galaxies, whatever scenario floats your boat.

Could the hoax or false flag of an otherwordly threat be a cover, an excuse, to justify for the need to weaponize space? I have covered this topic before including a link to a movie, which I will relink as soon as I can find it.

Then this story gave me pause for thought?
Britain vulnerable to space nuclear attack or 'solar flare' storm, conference told

I do not know what if anything can be done to protect the earth from a solar flare storm, but, this article doesn't deal with the fact of protecting the earth, only Britain.

The purpose of the article seems, to me, to float out in the public mind the idea of a threat coming from space, a nuclear threat, and the necessity to be prepared at all costs for this threat.
Except the alleged perpetrators of such attacks are not very likely to be capable of such attacks, nor is it likely they would attack from earth, in more traditional manners, let alone attack from space.

I will excerpt from the article:

Rogue states such as North Korea and Iran could use nuclear weapons to attack Britain’s vital communications and electricity networks from space.

Dr Liam Fox warned countries that sought nuclear capabilities could attack Britain from the upper atmosphere instead of through more traditional “nuclear strikes”.

Dr Fox warned that terrorists might seek to employ such methods. He urged the public to take greater heed of the threat.

These comments were made at a summit of scientists and security advisers

The Coalition’s Strategic Defence and Security Review is considering potential weaknesses in Britain’s defences against hi-tech attack or disruption.

Conventional military units, cyberwarfare and other technology-driven capabilities are likely to get more money when the review is concluded.
More money?! So the scientists along with security advisers are making claims that will benefit the industry that the security advisers operate on behalf of ? Which is the war machine.
Sort of self-serving isn't that?

Much of the Ministry of Defence’s planning focuses on the risk of a hostile state exploding a nuclear weapon in space, creating a sudden, intense burst of electromagnetic energy called a high altitude electromagnetic pulse, Dr Fox said.

To my knowledge the only country that is far advanced on that type of technology is the US. Pentagon's space partner eyes new frontiers or The Stealthy X-37B shuttle Or, refresh your memory here.

Is Dr Fox suggesting that Britain will be attacked by the US?
I don't think that is the case
I would say he is suggesting that this type of technology is necessary for Britain to be an aggressor nation. And that taxpayers had better ante up for it.

Now to an interview I heard earlier this week, on the same topic.
The Progressive Radio News Hour - 09/11/10

Download this episode (right click and save)

Bruce Gagnon is co-founder and coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. Having worked on space issues for over 20 years, he says:

"The US intends to control....and dominate space (militantly) and deny other countries access."

America's militarization of space and quest for "full spectrum dominance" will be discussed.

He brings up some very disturbing issues on the weapons in space agenda and the race to control space, thereby controlling the earth.

Which brings me round to all this talk in the news about threats from space. Alien, nuclear and otherwise. There is an agenda behind this talk. It is the weapons in space agenda.

Oh and btw here is the link to the movie Arsenal of Hypocrisy
It is older, but good for background on this topic.
Think of all the news about "threats from space"
Listen to the Sept 10/10 interview from Bruce Gagnon and connect the dots.

Is there a threat from space? Or is the population being prepared to have their pockets picked in the name of having to protect themselves from a non-existent threat? Thereby allowing certain nations to have space weapons and global supremacy. You decide.


  1. I believe that weaponizing space is of the least concern to tbtb. What is a concern is getting rid of a god that most people in whatever color of their god obey. There is only ONE way in which to accomplish this end and that is to bring a new player onto the stage be it real or imagined. A player who has come from where God is, yuh know UP THERE. The very second that that happens all of mans illusions about being important in the grand scheme of things will disappear like a fart
    in the wind.

    Oh sure there will be the great revival of religion with all of the fence sitters find new ways in which to pray, but within six months all religions and I mean ALL will simply disappear, and with that disappearance mankind too will degrade into nothingness. For when mankind finally understands that everything that they have ever believed was a lie then what will be the point.

    Oh sure there might well be an upside to all of this as in atheists like myself will finally be able to sit back, chuckle , point fingers and say "SEE TOLD YUH SO" but it will be a rather
    hollow victory.

    For those who think that we are alone in the universe, well they are not but fools, however those that think that we have been and are regularly visited by ET oh PALEASE.

    The earth is so far out in the boonies galacticly speaking that it is all but inconceivable that we would even be detected let alone visited. Just think of the distances involved and TIME. Why would they come here? Any being with the ability to travel those distances would have as much in common with man (perhaps less) than I have with a microbe under my microscope.

    So rest assured that if ET drops by, ET was made by BULLSHIT INC. a wholly owned subsidiary of Fly by night Ind. made in the US of A

  2. The MOSSAD Studios tapes of a DEAD 'Bynjamin' Laden making dire threats doesn't pack the punch like it used to, so it's time to keep the sheeple shitting in their pants with some other 'boogieman.'

    If some advanced race of beings are able to travel the huge number of light years to get here, why in the hell would they want to fool around with a bunch of dumb asses that like to wage war for fun and profit?

    If there is any 'threat' that appears, it will be some kind of Pentagon hologram projection, the technology they already posses and almost used it during the Iraq invasion to project the Prophet M appearing overhead urging them to give up the fight.

    Does anyone know where the escape hatch is, cause I'm ready to get the fuck off this planet dominated by liars, thieves, con artists and mass murderers.

  3. silv, a new messiah, imagine that?

    What a great way to get the masses to fall in line.

    Still I do think the agenda to weaponize space is legitimate, and is real.

    I only wonder at the means in which certain countries leaders will justify the tax pickpocketing to do so?

    Edo: lol! :)

  4. Greg:

    "Does anyone know where the escape hatch is, cause I'm ready to get the fuck off this planet dominated by liars, thieves, con artists and mass murderers."

    I understand where your coming from when I have to listen to people having deadly serious conversations about....television programming!

    You look at them, think how pathetic they are and feel disgusted.

    While the world revolves around them and life passes them by, real life, not fictional programming and they are missing the participating in it.

    And life is all to short to miss a minute of it.

    Let alone miss great swathes of it to mind control programming