Sunday, September 26, 2010

The winner in Settlement Row: Netanyahu

Of course what is never mentioned is the loser. Real peace for the Middle East and for the Palestinians peace, a home, an opportunity for a decent life...
Keep that in mind when the Israeli propaganda machine regurgitates the bile filled line of always wanting peace and security.

-Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be the winner of the construction-freeze crisis: The 10-month suspension of building in the settlements will not be extended and the prime minister has given up nothing.

-Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, his threats to the contrary, will not scuttle the peace talks that have barely begun just because Netanyahu isn't extending the freeze.

-U.S. President Barack Obama,preaching for the moratorium to continue, can't force it on Netanyahu on the eve of the congressional elections

-Abbas and Obama will swallow the end of the freeze and wait for Israel to stumble by approving a provocative building plan.

-Netanyahu will try to leverage his success in the freeze crisis to show his camp that he really is the strongman of his election slogans.

Haaretz has kindly pointed out what should be the obvious falseness of the "peace talks" and their agenda

This is the settlement paradox: They (settlements) expand in direct proportion to advances in the diplomatic process. When there is no peace, there is no construction, and when there are contacts, ceremonies and optimism, hundreds of new homes sprout up in the hills of the West Bank.

After he releases some of the immediate pressure and calms the settlers down, letting a few homes be built in proportion to gestures made to the Palestinians, he will delay plans for further construction in the West Bank. These plans will have to wait for an improvement in the diplomatic process. They will be authorized when Netanyahu and Abbas have drawn closer; then pressure will be put on Israel once again. Building will speed up again, concentrated in blocs to strengthen Israel's negotiating position on borders, and to create more facts on the ground.

It is all a show, a sleight of hand, while "peace talks" continue, Israel steals land and leverages it for future land thievery.
What a ruse!

Interesting ending to this piece-

Netanyahu can swing right and left, demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state, hint on an approaching breakthrough with the Syrians, and hope with all his might that Iran will do something provocative that will challenge America and its allies to take serious steps against it.

Therefore, we can be sure Iran won't do anything provocative. But, a false flag provocation may be all Israel needs.


  1. It's the same ole same ole. Just a Jew doing the schlep foot shuffle while the Palestinians suffer.

  2. Hey Penny,... Peace talks, schmeace talks; the quotes available regarding the real attitude of the yids to peace are abundant - they are going to establiah eretz israhell אֶרֶץ יִשְׂרָאֵל‎ by hook and by crook - murder mayhem and then horseshit at the negotiating table.

    Step by step I have watched these scumbags creep like a malignant cancer all over The Palestine:

    "They Live, we sleep"


  3. I know, I know it really is more of the same and has gone on for so long, but, in these trying times the obvious sadly has to be stated.

    So here I am stating the obvious, Israel does not want peace, or security, they want land, they have an expansionist agenda, they want resources.

    And will get them however they will.

  4. But isn't Israel a 'peace' loving nation?

    Yes, they want a 'piece' of Lebanon; a 'piece' of Syria; a 'piece' of Iraq; a 'piece' of Saudi Arabia; a 'piece' of Egypt; a 'piece' of Jordan and whatever is left of the 'pieces' in Palestine after the Judeo Nazis get thru 'wiping Gaza off the face of the Earth.'

  5. Hey Penny,...Totally, say it again and again, go up onto your roof and scream it at the top of your lungs: "The yids are evil bastards and have no interest in peace!"

    GB: "Oi vey, ya vanna piece a me?"

    N.B. love light & peace