Friday, October 1, 2010

BinLaden Zombie has a message you can believe in.

Of course, this AUDIO only tape could not be immediately verified.
Osama bin dead for a long time shows up just when the west needs him.
Oh my! This is getting very stale, really

Oh and lookie, lookie Osama bin Dead also 'personally approved' those alleged European attacks.
The ones that never happened. Thanks to that preemptive strike on Pakistan.

"Agents have made the assumption that bin Laden used couriers to send a message"

Don't these agents know that saying about assuming?
Don't assume, it makes an ass out of u and me.

Bin Laden's message concentrated on global warming and the floods in Pakistan
Is it Bin Laden or Al Gore sending this message?
Perhaps it is those aliens the former NORAD officer claimed were going to visit earth and admonish humanity for global warming?
I may be updating this post or maybe not.
But I will end with this. Bin Laden is dead.

Leon Panetta, the head of the CIA, said in June that it was "the early 2000s" when they had "the last precise information about where he might be located"
That is because Bin Laden is dead.


  1. Hey Penny,...Fancy 'osama bin dead a looong time', coming out in support of climate change after using all those deadly toxic munitions to destroy the wtc? I wouldn't be surprised to learn OBD is a yid, working for mo'ssad-ness department of vile crimes against humanity!

    D'ya think anyone really buys this OBD tapes shyte anymore?


  2. Oh I believe Penn I believe as a matter of fact I'm channeling with him even as I wright, he sends his best btw. And in the words of that Great American, Arnold, Hes Say's "He'll Be Back".

  3. "Dammit, you peons are supposed to be shitting in your pants from all the fear we've been manufacturing and not asking questions about 'Bynjamin' Laden, 9/11, the Fed, Wall Street thieves and corruption."

    "Gosh, we long for the old days, before this damned Internet thing fucked up our plans for the NWO."

    Maybe BL will return in person with the aliens on October 13, looking like that scene out of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind?"

  4. Yeah, obl, the warmista, imagine that?

    He really is a useful tool to the one world government drive, does he not?

    Silverfish: channeling OBL.
    does he have lottery numbers, you know winning ones?

    Greg: those days of living in fear with my eyes shut are long gone for me....

    and good riddance to that!