Monday, October 25, 2010

Cults leaders and followers: Abuse and Sacrifice

Let's call this post the CULT post. Because lately we seem to have alot of cult related persons and activity popping up in the news.

If you have followed Dave McGowan's Laurel Canyon series, or know anything about the MKULTRA program you would by now have the definite impression that cults are linked to mind control experimentation, very likely funded by governments.

Think Jim Jones. His little experiment in the jungle had, in my opinion, all the hallmarks of some governmental operation. Covert. Black-op. Call it what you will?

Greg @ Goon Squad had an interesting post up about Julian Assange of wikileaks fame and his early cult days. "Village of the Damned," meet Julian Assange
(read it all at link )
Anne Hamilton-Byrne acquired fourteen infants and young children between about 1968 and 1975.(Assange was born in 1971) Some were the natural children of Santiniketan members, others had been obtained through irregular adoptions arranged by lawyers, doctors and social workers within the group who could bypass the normal processes.

The children were frequently dosed with the psychiatric drugs Anatensol, Diazepam, Haloperidol, Largactil, Mogadon, Serepax, Stelazine, Tegretol or Tofranil. On reaching adolescence they were compelled to undergo an initiation involving LSD: while under the influence of the drug the child would be left in a dark room, alone apart from visits by Hamilton-Byrne or one of the psychiatrists from the group.

That is one interesting background there Mr Assange.
Makes me wonder how it is, this child of an Australian cult is gaining access to Pentagon documents? How, where or when did he make the necessary connections?

Speaking of Cults or cult leaders in the employ of governments???
Here is another curious story.
Leader of cult works as psychologist in Queensland, paid for by the government.
Is this appropriate? Is this an ongoing mind control experiment funded by the government under the guise of helping?

A WOMAN accused of leading a cult that has damaged the lives of scores of people is working as a psychologist with vulnerable patients at a community mental health service in Queensland

Natasha Lakaev’s Universal Knowledge organisation was offering courses until last year that prophesied the world would end in December 2012 and almost everyone except her devotees would die.

Ms Lakaev has faced criticism for more than a decade about the extreme practices on her courses, and accusations that she was a practitioner of ‘‘coercive persuasion’’ or mind control techniques. Oh, and she was physically violent.

‘A large proportion of her clients are often initially highly unstable with disorders such as schizophrenia, delusional disorders, major depression, major anxiety and personality disorders,’’ the letter said. ‘‘Forensic clients with homicidal backgrounds are also present on the clinic client list.’’

A mind control cult leader, counseling people with a propensity to commit murder? That seems a rather odd way to help people? If the intention truly is to help.

Reading about persons in these types of positions. Positions of authority over vulnerable people makes me think back to the Rotenburg Center and Dr Israel. Dr Israel had a rather strange inspiration a CIA connected and funded inspiration BF Skinner, and his Operant Conditioning

Cults and their adherents or leaders show up in the oddest places. Dr. Israel's patients are kept in Rotenberg at taxpayer expense, a very large expense. The "treatments" he gives his patients reminds one of the mkultra experimentation done in orphanages and mental institutions and hospitals (Dr. Ewan Cameron). Again under the guise of 'helping'. Like the cult leader in Australia.

And one more creepy cult story-

Dozens of headless animals dumped in Miami neighborhood; residents, police suspect ritual sacrifice

Dozens of butchered animals strewn across two bloody blocks outside their homes on Thursday morning. Decapitated goats, cats, chickens and other unidentified animals were dumped on the street

Police believe the animals may have been part of a ritual sacrifice linked to the religion Santeria, the Miami New Times reported. The religion is practiced throughout Florida and its followers often practice animal sacrifice, according to local reports.

Apologies just one more...
According to the news story above Santeria is practiced throughout Florida. Well how about in California? Or is it something or someone else?

Human hearts with couples' photos pinned to them found in Colma cemetery
A maintenance worker's macabre discovery has sparked a police investigation into the identities of two couples whose photos were found pinned to human hearts and buried at a cemetery.

The worker was in an isolated part of the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery on Oct. 12 when he spotted the tops of two jars sticking out of the ground (were they left that way to make the find easier?) and knelt down to take a closer look, said Colma police Cmdr. Jon Read.

He pulled one of the jars from the dirt, saw what was in it, and then he called Colma police.

Police opened up one jar and found a human heart with the photo of a young man and woman pinned to it.

Nearby there was a second jar with the same contents, but bearing a photo of a different young man and woman.

The San Mateo County coroner's preliminary investigation shows the hearts contain embalming fluid and likely come from dead bodies.

"The investigation appears to lean toward some kind of ritual involving Santeria,"

However two Santeria experts have a different opinion.

Two experts on the religion say otherwise. They said it is unlikely that the hearts were buried by people practicing Santeria, because the faith does not call for human organs to be used in rituals.

"I would be totally shocked if it was related to Santeria or Voodoo," said Miguel De La Torre, a professor at Iliff Divinity School in Denver. "If it is connected to Santeria it would be by people who don't know what they are doing."

What's that saying about fact being stranger then fiction?


  1. I think that the wikileaks thing is a psyops of some kind mostly because the msm is treating it as 'serious'. Most of the abuses and crimes were already known of (if only unconfirmed) or certainly guessed at, given the overwhelming amount of alternative press on the matter.

    This is a controlled front. Just as it's better to 'sandwhich' a criticism between two compliments, it's really great when you can sandwich some lies between two truths.


  2. I agree buffy, completely.

    the first big "leak" served to demonize Pakistan.

    This leak looks like it is heaping blame for deaths in Iraq, on the Iraqis, mentioning nothing about the fact that Iraq is in such disarray thanks to the invasion by the US and "allies"

    It is more like they are the Pentagon PR office, then anything really challenging the status quo

  3. Penny and all, just some notes on your post on the ritual butchery found in Florida and California. I analysed the news story of the Miami case which occurred Thursday night October 21, 2010 and a couple of unusual facts popped forth. First off this doesn't seem like Santeria per se but more accurately it's darker counterpart Palo Mayombe… or at least made to look that way. The one stark oddity is that during the night it was reported that there was a very loud boom, then the sound of tires peeling out, which conveniently brought out the neighbours. Whereupon they were overwhelmed by the stench of headless animal carcasses strewn about the street for a two-block stretch. The problem is… is that practitioners of Palo Mayombe and Santeria DON'T advertise and conduct their bits of business publicly. The perpetrators of this crime obviously wanted quite a number of witnesses and a lot of exposure with police involvement in this and just in time for the Druidic Halloween season? This act seems more like one designed specifically to terrorise. As for the case in California of the human hearts and couple's photo pinned to it, it again seems like Palo Mayombe. If one examines the definitively satanic murders in Matamoros Mexico, they'll find that Adolfo Constanzo and Sara Aldrete were zealous practitioners of that belief system. California and Mexico are neighbours, with the likelihood of people practising that dark path being considerably more than the Caribbean Santeria which concerns itself primarily with animal ritualism rather than human. This human heart incident itself is most apt to be some sort of diabolical curse invoked upon the pictured couple by a practitioner commissioned to perform the task. My supposition is that those who hired this perpetrator were the one(s) who provided the cadaver hearts and couples picture, and had access to the organs in their line of work. The perp probably wanted them to be just as, or more committed in the crime as he or she was.

    As for monsieur Ass-ange, these new backstory revelations do not surprise me in the least. As his background will become most like the loose thread in a ratty sweater, that becomes more and more undone the more it is pulled upon. So we have the cult to which he once belonged that has ties directly to Australian intelligence, and him acting now as a well-marketed tar pit for useless, scripted and agenda supportive information.

  4. HHQ:

    "The perpetrators of this crime obviously wanted quite a number of witnesses and a lot of exposure with police involvement in this and just in time for the Druidic Halloween season?
    "practitioners of Palo Mayombe and Santeria DON'T advertise and conduct their bits of business publicly"

    That is pretty much what I was thinking.
    Someone wanted a lot of attention, a lot of exposure so the drew it to themselves. Hence the loud noise and squealing tired, sure to draw attention to the 2 blocks of carcasses.

    Even the heart incident in California?

    Only half-buried. With photos of people who can now be easily identified. Someone wanted those jars found.

    Mr Assange? Pentagon mouthpiece.