Friday, October 8, 2010

Distrust in US mainstream media grows to record high

In light of the fact that we have watched the media march in lockstep with the government.
The media of any country. Pick any one. It does not matter.
Never asking the really hard question......
Such as, in the lead-up to the war on Iraq. Reporting of Operation Cast Lead. Covering the UN report on the flotilla murders. 9/11. Why so many anomalies in the official, government sanctioned conspiracy theory. Why limit the so called investigation? Really a whitewash. Why deny and censor important information? Why has no real, credible investigation of building 7 been done, to date! Why was it Pat Tillman's mother that had to do all the investigative journalism? And on and on and on!
Where was the supposed "independent" or "liberal" or "conservative" media. Whichever bogus label you want to attribute to the corporate media.?
They were missing in action.
The only place I notice, real hard questions being asked is in some of the alternative media, or in the blogosphere.
Keeping all that in mind. I want to post this interesting bit of info.

Distrust in U.S. Media Edges Up to Record High

I am not going to get into the bias angle, which is pure nonsense. The simple fact is the corporate presstitutes are not doing their job. They are not asking tough questions. They are not looking for real hard facts. The are busy spinning the news. (This is where perceptions of bias come from, the spin)

So, why is there such a problem with spin (rhetoric, propaganda, out and out lies) in the news? Why no real questions, no digging, no getting down to the nitty gritty??

One reason, there are psy-operatives implanted in the media outlets. Getting "experience" on how to spin the news.

Another reason? The media lies by omission. That is a biggie! They just fail to disclose all of the facts. Because, what you don't know ensures you stay in the dark.

A third reason is there is outside influence, paid outside influence.

Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed

Psyoperations and manipulation by other countries. Is that all?

Well no! In the Tillman story I posted yesterday, we have the heavy hand of the government itself "encouraging" the press to give "context" to the news coverage of the wars.
On the day that Pat Tillman was killed Donald Rumsfeld was addressing the Newspaper Assoc­iation of America, imploring them not simply to write about 'the attacks and setbacks’ but to 'give context’ to the events in Iraq and Afghanistan."

We see that context or spin, ongoing today.

Bottom line, if you want to know the facts, do your own digging, have multiple resources and take the time to get informed.
Avoid rhetoric and propaganda. If your emotions are being manipulated pay no attention. Plough through until you get the facts!


  1. And as I pointed out before: Massive manipulation of US military by Israel NOT exposed (yet).

  2. I suppose there may be a few honest journalists left.

    - Aangirfan.

  3. hey erik, yes you did point that out, and I imagine there is more.

  4. Aangirfan:

    I suppose there are a few honest in the msm, but, I would think they would be quickly weeded out