Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Google's street view mapped more then just addresses

Canada's privacy commissioner said Tuesday Google broke Canadian privacy laws.
But of course the privacy commissioner says it was "accidental".
Accidental?! Bullocks.

An investigation by Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart's office found complete emails, addresses, usernames and passwords. Even a list that provided the names of people suffering from certain medical conditions was collected.

Stoddart said thousands of Canadians were likely affected by what amounted to a careless error on the part of an engineer.

According to the investigation, the code the engineer wrote to map wireless Internet signals also allowed for the capture of communications over unencrypted networks.

Wouldn't the engineer who wrote this code be aware of it's ability to capture communications over wi-fi networks? I would think so?

This is not the first time this issue has been raised.

A German data collector first raised concerns about the Wi-Fi mapping earlier this year, Google denied it was collecting anything other than what was publicly available.

So a German data collector, non-affiliated with Google, I presume raised concerns about this, but Google was unaware?? Going as far as denying there were doing so.
In response to Canada's privacy commissioners concerns Google maintains it had no intention to use the data and would keep it safe until all investigations are complete, then delete it.

My opinion, this was no mistake. If others could figure out what Google was doing, then Google knew exactly what information it was gathering. If it had no intention of keeping the data, why hang on to it until "investigations are complete". When will that be?

Just delete it now. Google caught with it's hands in your cookie jar.


  1. Hey Penny,...It's like we don't have chance. I mean; how do we compete with such COMPLETE control?! The entire system is corrupt: Think about it, what do you do with a computer that is COMPLETEly absorbed and controlled by viruses?

    A: You format the hard-drive and reinstall all the software that you WANT to have on your drive!


  2. It is getting time, isn't it veritas?