Monday, October 11, 2010

Linda Norgrove Aid Worker Killed by Friendly Fire

NOT executed by the Taliban. NOT killed by Taliban suicide vest, as the story was told.

Rather like Pat Tillman, killed by friendly fire. US friendly fire. Despite the military knowing Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire, almost immediately, they chose to spin the story.

All this coming to light for the simple reason that the parents of Linda Norgrove are demanding the truth.

PM Cameron had this to say

Statements made about Norgrove's death over the weekend were "highly likely to have been incorrect," although they were made "in good faith."

Not likely.

I would think that, like the Pat Tillman murder, the military would have known almost immediately how Linda Norgrove died.

Interesting- The initial report on the incident, the so called rescue, failed to mention that Special forces THREW A GRENADE.

The initial report on the rescue mission by the troops who carried it out did not mention throwing a grenade, but a follow-up report did, which "raised a lot of question about what killed" Norgrove,
Also interesting to note this.

Negotiations had been ongoing and had seen the successful release of Afghanis who had been kidnapped along with the aid worker. "The three Afghans kidnapped with Norgrove had been released days ago"

It was reported that tribal elders negotiating her release asked Nato not to intervene so they had more time.

Yesterday, Afghan elders insisted they could have negotiated her safe release but claimed Nato refused to call off a special forces operation

The elders said they had peacefully resolved a string of kidnaps earlier this year, including the abduction of the district governor and the seizure of several construction workers.

So, why did US special forces insist on going in the grenades and weapons to "free" this woman?

By all accounts Linda Norgrove was being held in a small mud sided hut, in a family compound, with women and children wandering about.

A squad of crack soldiers swooped in a bid to rescue her. And the operation was hit by a 30-minute delay when they spotted women and children wandering in the compound, meaning they could not fire indiscriminately. (But, they could throw grenades?)

Of course British PM is being as supportive of US troops as possible, he believe they took the right action. He believes.
But, I don't. I question. I question, why if it was very possible that this woman could have been freed via negotiations why did NATO have to "rescue" her???

One more point I would like to raise. In all the follow up stories I read, the so called suicide/bomb vest has gone away.

So one must ask was the presence of a bomb vest fabricated to cover up the fact the grenade killed the aid worker? Specifically, a US Special forces/ NATO grenade killed her?
Could readers be looking at a complete fabrication. Did the military immediately begin spinning the story? When did discrepancies in eye witness accounts begin to appear?
So many questions, unlike PM Cameron, it is so hard to believe.

The first casualty of war, is truth.


  1. Rescue her?

    Most likely, she was murdered on purpose to get American's blood boiling and demand revenge.

    The important thing to these ghouls was to first get out the lie about those nasty 'Muzzies' killing a woman.
    That way, when the truth comes out, it won't matter.

    The Tillman family still hasn't received an honest answer from the Pentagon, nine years later.

    More people are becoming aware of how that Afghan mess actually got started and it's making those SOB's who were behind that inside job nervous.

    ANTHONY LAWSON: 9/11: The Unidentified Murder Weapons(VIDEO)

    Editor’s note: Every American should be deeply embarrassed, humiliated by President Obama’s statements regarding demands for an end to the 9/11 cover-up. 9/11 is a national disgrace. We thank Anthony Lawson for supporting Americans who are working to restore our national honor.

    And from the Youtube video:

    The four aircraft which crashed on September 11th, 2001 have never been forensically matched to the four passenger planes which were allegedly hijacked that morning. Requests under the Freedom of Information Act have met with denials and refusals, and documents which have been produced, allegedly using data from the only three "Black Box" flight recorders said to have been found, have no serial numbers of the devices listed on them....

  2. Hey Penny,...The USAID organisation Norgrove was employed by is a known CIA utility. This woman was probably 'neutralised', I assume Norgrove was becoming a liability; therefore the duality of an asset's inherent value - functional worker-ant or food for the colony.

    In this case sustenance means murder-as-publicity-stunt to sustain the enmity of the mind-slave populations of sheeple toward extremist ‘islamists’: Don’t you love the way they make up their own words to describe their own existential creations.

    GB excellent link.


  3. Thanks Pen,

    A grenade eh? Sounds like an ideal weapon for a hostage situation. Think of all those movies where we see those specially trained hostage rescue teams. They always use grenades, they throw 'em around with great abandon. Ka Plooey! Cut to close-up of Steven Seagal, "What? We weren't meant to kill the hostage?! I always get confused on that part. Are the hostages good guys or bad guys?"

    You know what Norgrove's problem was? She was blonde and good looking. Well that's her fucked. If she resembled a hippopotamus she wouldn't have garnered any sympathy, wouldn't have dominated the news cycle, and subsequently wouldn't have been worth killing.

    As is, she was well worth it. Two nights of anti-Muslim propaganda and she's paid for herself several times over. Hell, I expect we'll get a third night out of her tonight. Honestly you can't buy that kind of publicity. Wicked! Muslims! Killing! The! White! Women!


    To the parents of Linda Norgrove, your daughter was killed for the grand cause of race hate. Everything else they tell you, ernestness in the telling or no, is a pack of lies.

  4. Greg: I agree there was no way this was about rescuing this woman.

    It makes no sense what so ever.

    She was in a mud hut for christ sakes, the special forces were outside of the door for an undisclosed amount of time.

    In the one article they acknowledge delaying the "rescue" for some time due to the fact that woman and children were milling about...

    Then when the opportunity presents itself, the first thing they do is lob a grenade?! For a rescue? From a mud hut?

    That makes zero sense.

  5. "The USAID organisation Norgrove was employed by is a known CIA utility. This woman was probably 'neutralised', I assume Norgrove was becoming a liability"

    I wondered about that??
    Though she may not have been aware of that. But, that thought had crossed my mind.

  6. "You know what Norgrove's problem was? She was blonde and good looking. Well that's her fucked. If she resembled a hippopotamus she wouldn't have garnered any sympathy, wouldn't have dominated the news cycle, and subsequently wouldn't have been worth killing"

    Nobody, you read my mind!

    Had she been freed, of course the media would have drooled all over, how the media loves the 'barbie doll' representation. She was it, blonde and good looking.
    She would have been the ideal angle/virgin/white victim.
    Sullied by the evil, dark, people. Oh my!
    But, what if she had become sympathetic to the plight of the Afghan people?
    And would speak to the media about this. The military could not take the chance. It would be a loss to the propaganda flow necessary to keep the masses dumb and blind.

    Thinking of the Jessica Lynch "rescue" another barbie doll.
    No grenades. But, they had to rescue her, for the propaganda value in that one. Once she started talking, some time after her rescue, do you recall how little the media payed attention to what she had to say?
    It was barely covered.
    The barbie doll had outlived her usefulness. No propaganda value. The msm took it direction form the Pentagon, and paid no mind to her.