Friday, October 8, 2010

The Oiling of America - A very, very interesting interview !

Three posts today. Be sure to check them all out, as I will not be putting up anything else over the weekend, unless... something important comes to light.

I saved this one for last for a reason.
(Gallier, if you are still around, you may be especially interested in this interview. Slozo, this one may really catch your interest. Silv, ditto.)

Anyone and everyone else give it a listen with an open mind. The views expressed might be really new, different and unexpected from the doctrine we are usually taught.
I do hope everyone interested will leave some thought provoking comments.

I am familiar with this woman and her work. I have one book that she co-wrote called " The Fourfold Path to Healing" I also have the companion book " Nourishing Traditions"

So when I heard her interviewed on Gnostic Media with regards to her latest DVD " The Oiling of America". I was delighted.
And, listened twice!
I will link to this article, a good read. >The Oiling of America

But, let's get to the interview!

"This episode is titled "The Oiling of America - An Interview with Sally Fallon Morell, Pt. 1"

In this episode Sally is here to discuss her new DVD The Oiling of America. Journalist, chef, nutrition researcher, homemaker and community activist, Sally Fallon is the founding President of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Her DVD is The Oiling of America - DVD - How the Vegetable Oil Industry Demonized Nutritious Animal Fats and Destroyed the American Food Supply By Mary G. Enig, presented by Sally Fallon
For fifty years, big business, government agencies and medical organizations have campaigned deceptively against animal fats, meat, eggs, butter and other nutritious, traditional foods, leading to huge profits from the sale of toxic margarine, shortenings and liquid vegetable oils, and the foods that contain them.



  1. Oh, Penny, I read everything of the WAPF foundation more than 10 years ago. In fact it was them that made a "skeptic of everything of me", 911 pushed me then in real "conspiracy" land then.
    When reading the work of Weston A. Price "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" in 2000, I couldn't believe that such a gem of a book could have been so thouroughly disappeared.
    But thank you for the pointer to that interview.
    On the DVD "Fat head" from Tom Naughton there are interview of her in the Bonus.
    If that subject appeals to you, check out these blogs:

  2. Hey GAllier!
    The interview is excellent.
    Which blogs should I check out? :(

    I want to get the DVD...I think it should be a really good view

  3. Going to check it out, but gotta say the BF and I have butted heads on the animal fat issue - especially butter - which I use with delight and often in all of my recipes which require it. Not to mention the fat on meats, of which I will also utilise it in various concoctions I dream up. And no, I am not as big as a house, don't have high cholesterol, and am pretty much fit as a fiddle (sauted in butter of course!)


  4. These blogs are excellent and counter to the common wisdom.

    Tom Naughton's Fat head blog
    Funny, excellent info on nutrition and gouvernment policies.

    Stephan Guyenets blog
    Stephan is a very knowledgeable and kind guy.

    Peter Dobromylskyj
    Funny, because of his sarcasm, but top notch metabolic knowledge. Sometimes a bit complicated for a beginner but really interesting alternative hypothising.

    Chris Masterjohn's Daily lipid blog

    Richard Nikoley's
    Paleo blog, Richard is not as knowledgeable as the others, but he is the man, the real no bullshit zone, with real results from real people with real food and real work.

    These are imho the essentials, when it goes on the subject of food and health. There are a lot others that are good, but just starting with them is sufficient, as the good ones are regularly linked to.

  5. Anonymous, you sound a bit like you would apologize to eat lot of animal fat. Don't, your cholesterol and your weight are normal, not despite your fat use, but because of it. It is the big lie that is peddled by mainstream (big corp and big gov), that animal and saturated fats are bad, they aren't and they're important. Grains, sugar and vegetable oils are the evils that put the current obesity epidemia on high gear. Follow the blogs I listed above and search on their archives to see the size of deception.

  6. Very interesting, and something that I kinda knew already. Years ago when I lived in Germany I ate like a maniac, rich foods, desserts, pretty much everything. Oddly, that was when I was at my thinnest.

    Gallier, my apologies for not logging in lately, Anonymous was me, maggie, or as Penny knows me so well by, buffy. Am I apologetic? NOPE. I simply love my butter! Butter always, without doubt, makes it better.

    Penny, thanks for this - I will be replaying it later for the BF, while I put him to work making something with LOTS of butter! (I am SO cruel!!).


  7. Thanks Gallier for all the links to check out.

    The interview sort of knocked my socks off. Had hubby listen to it.

    I don't know why it is, when I hear about collusion between government and business it still shocks me, though I know dam well it shouldn't.

    I think everytime I hear something else, I say to myself, "can it be this bad, really"?

    And it always is!

    And it boils down to profitability for the food manglers, "producers"
    I do not want to give to much away for those who haven't listened yet.
    But, the quality of our food is pathetic, and our governments do not worry their "pretty little heads about it" They could care less. As long as palms are greased and the profits flow.

  8. "Penny, thanks for this - I will be replaying it later for the BF, while I put him to work making something with LOTS of butter"

    LOL, I cook everything in butter.
    Or olive oil, or sunflower oil.

    Since I do not believe in using toxic teflon pans I always have to "grease the pan" as they say. No Pam either.

    I don't go hog wild, but, fried eggs are always in butter.
    Butter on toast.
    Olive oil grilled veggies.

    And guess what, I have excellent cholesterol, and normal blood pressure.

    I do not use margarine, ever.
    Don't touch Canola oil or cottonseed oil!

    I wonder if the requirement for fats in the diet sort of lubes the system, like oil in your car, keeps everything running smooth.
    Provides necessary support for organs, particularly the brain.

    The antifreeze in the icecream was disgusting...

  9. Hey Pen,

    Sorry I'm off topic here but I left a comment back at your Pat Tillman thing for Silv and I thought I'd put it up here in case he misses it. Yoroshiku.

    Hey Silv,

    Yeah, yeah, riddles whatever, I couldn't be fagged playing. Really I'm down with PG. Or to put it another way, I was sitting at home when the thought suddenly popped into my head a colonelcy?!? WTF!? and I had to rush down the library to log on and ask How on earth did you manage that mate? And there's PG to answer my question Does no one else think that that's weird?

    Honestly Silv, how does a bloke who joined the army in 67~68 at the age of 17 get offered a colonelcy 3~4 years later? Between officer school, staff college, or even the years required for an NCO to earn a commission, I just can't see how it's possible.

    A colonelcy? The whole thing is so unlikely that we'd really need to replace the word 'unlikely' with something much stronger, you know what I mean?

    And yeah, I do know about men from the ranks rising to a commission (depending on how you look at it, my father was one of them), but that took him 25 years mate. And he was a capable officer who, well, to cut a long story short: did three jungle wars before he got to Vietnam; ran one of Australia's biggest body count battles with Westmoreland shaking his hand; and ran the jungle warfare school for pretty much every platoon leader following - and he took 25 years to make it to colonel.

    I'm shaking my head mate. Really I'm left with only two possible explanations for this. One is obvious and I don't really need to say what it is, and the other would pivot on the question of What exactly did you do in Vietnam? The only possible thing I can think of is that you were 'army' like Albert V Carone was army, which is to say 'a spook'. Fuck, for a colonelcy you'd have to be the uber-spook, king of the wet-job. Which is it mate?

    While you're at it, I'd be curious to hear what you have to say on the subject of the Phoenix Program. And how about Kay Griggs and the whole idea of 'cherry marines'. And I recall you being utterly dismissive (albeit in a similarly riddle-like fashion a la above) whenever I spoke on the topic of SRA and the paedophocracy etc.

    What's going on mate? You've tripped me across the line now. I kept my thoughts to myself before this, but now all those small headscratchers have tipped the scale. Too much at-odds-with-itself weirdness for yours truly. Your picture stopped making sense. Feel like spilling the beans? Honestly mate, 'option one' is looking like your best bet here. What do you reckon?

  10. Like Gallier, I have also seen this years earlier, Pen.

    Of course, I had the advantage of growing up in an eastern european household (in Canada) where we cooked meals every day, and my parents did it 'old school'. Growing up in a strictly north american atmosphere, being influenced by their propaganda, it's a much tougher hill to climb to realise what is healthy and what is not.

    But thanks again for the links, and I will see if I have some seconds to take a look at them later.

    What I really have to do now, though, is go back to that Pat Tillman entry, after Nobody's response here.

  11. Another thing if you want a good laugh about the subject of nutrition, check out todays entry from Richard Nikoley about the vegan nonsense of editing wikipedia to suite their agenda. It's eye opening on the modus operandi of wikipedia and other nutrient depleted retarded fruitarians and granola munchers.

  12. Hey nobody!
    I am ok with that.
    If I may, acknowledging of course, I cannot know all of Silv's life history, but, i do recall him mentioning here on the blog once he had been a sniper.

    Something he was not proud of. And has expressed regret over.

    Don't know if it helps answer your question?

    Silv hasn't been around for a couple of days..

  13. Hey slozo, the interview is about the new dvd coming out, or out, it can be found at

    Not available at .ca yet.

    I also noticed there was a torrent out there....

    Do listen to the interview and wondering are you familiar with either of the books?

  14. Gallier- I did check that out thanks and i noticed the wikipedia crusaders were engaging in a "shoot the messenger" type of hysteria..

    Which is never good.

    "So first their problem was that Denise was supposedly too young and didn’t have the scientific education to write an accurate critique, and now their problem is that “Denise” has too much science in her critique and so must obviously be an evil conspiracy by an underground committee. Okaaay….what this tells this member of the uneducated online masses (simple too! don’t forget that!) is that being vegan makes you paranoid and hallucinate."

    this response was quite good

    Did you catch the interview?

    Do you recall about a month back I put up an article on the long term damage antibiotics do to beneficial gut bacteria.

    Then the link between meat consumption and cancer?

    Then asking, is it the meat??

    Or is the antibiotic laden factory farmed meat destroying human immunity, leaving us more susceptible to cancer??

    Dam, the phone rang and I lost my train of thought.

    Off the rails it went!
    If I recall what else I was going to say I will be back.

  15. No Pen, haven't read the books. Have scoured websites, done my own research . . . never felt the need to buy books about stuff I could find out about myself.

    I was reminded just now though (one of Galier's comments) about the false argument often brought up by the vegan crowd - that meat is bad for your health.

    Problem is, that much of the processed crap that passes for meat IS indeed terrible for your health . . . and if it's not processed, it's often laden with chemicals, or has residual stuff in it like hormones from the injections the animals get. Pretty awful stuff.

    It's like arguing with the pasteurise your milk crowd . . . they argue that you have to pasteurise to ensure that no bad bacteria can form, which can cause serious disease. True enough for once puss-filled and bloody milk from the tortured cows fed grain and injected with growth hormones . . . not true for the grass fed natural cow.

    And they ignore their canines. Teeth, that is.

  16. THere are 2 points I would like to address in your answer and in slozo's answer. The point of the antibiotics in the meat. While that practice is bad from a technical point of view, it is irrelevant from a health perspective. There is no problem with meat, the problem is a false representation of what a "meat based" diet is. The SAD (the standard american diet) is often representaed as a meat heavy diet, in reality it is not. Look at the pictures that always are shown on conventional wisdom articles about the "badness" of meat and "artherycloggingsaturatedfats". It's most of the time the poster child of American Food "culture", McDonalds hamburgers. The little beef patty in the middle will get the flak, but the carb laden buns, the HFCS ketchup, the rancid oil of the mayonnaise and the fries and the bucket of sugar water get a free pass, while they make up 80% of the calories.
    And as we are here a bit more on conspiratory stuff here, there is some evidence that all this push to veganism and agri-business is not random.

    HEre a good article from the very talented and sharp Chris Masterjohn

    which make the link between Rockefeller foundation and modern medicinal "science". All the usual suspect are present, CIA, Dulles, MK Ultra and so on.

  17. I got a little side tracked in mu comment. What I wanted to say was that the problems that meat could generate are overwhelmed by all the other crap we eat. From a long reading in these low-carb, paleo blogs I am now persuaded that the health problems that can be imputed to diet, come from these 3 ingredients: wheat, fructose and seed oils. Each for itself has little potential for health damage but combining all three of them has a synergetic effect that is amplifying each others defect.

  18. Wheat gluten seems to make the gut permeable, which will then let pass nasty proteins in the blood stream.

    Fructose can not be metabolised by normal cells, only the liver knows to handle it and the only thing it does, is making fat from it (that's the reason triglyceride shoot up on a sugar diet). That would be not that bad if there wasn't an overload of linoleic acid (main component of seed oils) which has the property of blocking the generated fat in the liver cells. This is one reason of the explosion of NAFL since the 80ies.
    BTW fructose is metabolised in the liver exactly like alcohol, so fruit juice is as damaging as booze.
    There are a lot of secondary effects of these 3 ingredients that would get us to far now (glycating factor of fructose, bacterial overgrow in the gut, oxidative stress of pufas, absorbtion blocking effect wheat germ agglutini (WGA) etc..), you get the point.

  19. I'm late to the show here and haven't had time to read the refs and links, unfortunately (apologies, and thanks Pen and Gallier) but there are a couple of things that have intrigued me over the years and that I have never come across discussion of.

    And they are the facts that we humans have rather long digestive tracts like herbivores rather than the short ones that carnivores have and we need to cook meat to eat it with out harm where as carnivores do not. Does this mean we are not suited to eat meat?

  20. No James you're wrong, the human intestine is very short (in the same ballpark as dogs). We have a high acidic stomach, exactly what's needed to handle high loads of protein, we have a high amount of bile useful for fat digestion and amylase in the saliva hinting to high starch consumption. What we don't have is something to handle raw greens, like a fermentation chamber, herbivores have two strategies for using high fiber plant matter, fore gut fermentation(ruminants) or hind gut fermenter (horse, gorilla). I am a bit in a hurry now, if you want I can give you some good links explaining it in detail later.

  21. Hey gallier, slozo and james.
    Never to late to join in the discussion....

    If I may explain a bit about the two books I am referring to.

    The first book called a "Fourfold Path to Healing" is exactly that four approaches to healing/improving the well being of your body.

    Covering Nutrition, therapeutics, meditation and movement in the art of medicine.

    The second book, Nourishing Traditions, is a cook book.

    Using the diets espoused by Weston Price as it's basis.

    "The oiling of america" is about, not so much the consumption of meat (though that is discussed) but, the way vegetable oils/fats (lipids)vs animal fats (lipids) butter, cheese, even eggs were promoted to the detriment of human health.

    Given the fact that humans had evolved eating animal products

    Think of the natives, hunting.
    for a quick example.

    I will be back to fill in more on this topic, but, it is a busy day.

  22. Gallier, thanks very much for your reply. Yes, I'd be very interested in those links you mentioned when you have time.

    Pen, thanks also for your additional info on the books. My local library has them, so I'll check them out.

    I've been experimenting with diet in the last few months in a bid to improve my health with some success. Just drinking a lot more water has worked wonders. No more chronic indigestion and a lot less joint and back pain for starters!

  23. Here you go.


    Second part using Kleiber's Law

    About the gut size and nutrition absorbtion

    Gut comparison

    and here a big site written by an ex vegan who has seen the light and put up a monumental site with a lot of info. Best is to browse and search for yourself.

    There are still other sites but these three are a good start. The good thing wit Dr.Eades and Barry Groves, they have an opinion but they back them up with references in the literature and can stand scrutiny. You can verify yourself the references and the interpretations of them, something always lacking on veg*an sites.

  24. Thanks for the links and comments, Gallier. Much appreciated. I have some reading to do!
    How have you found the diet (for want of a better word), yourself?

  25. slozo: regarding raw milk.

    In the interview Sally Fallon mentioned that the pasteurization process kills the enzyme that aids in the digestion of the milk.

    (Or did I read that in one article?)

    Hence lactose intolerance
    Have you read or heard anything to that effect?

    Same as she mentioned that the fat of meat aids in digestion of the meat.

  26. Hey Gallier!

    "The point of the antibiotics in the meat. While that practice is bad from a technical point of view, it is irrelevant from a health perspective"

    I gotta disagree with you on that point, respectfully disagree that is, the antibiotics in absolutely everything are leading to big health problems, with superbugs and all manner of anitibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

    Learned about this the hard way..

    If you notice everything discussed in the msm always talks about people taking to much antibiotics via their doctor. Which I agree with.
    What is never mentioned is the massive amount given to animals in the factory farm process, that passes through meat/milk/egg/cheese consumption.

    So, I feel from a health perspective the antibiotic problem is a big one.

  27. Penny
    I gotta disagree with you on that point, respectfully disagree that is, the antibiotics in absolutely everything are leading to big health problems, with superbugs and all manner of anitibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

    We do not disagree, that was what I meant by technically bad (I know it wasn't clear, but as always I was in a hurry and expressing myself in english is particularly difficult (not that it is any better in french or german (I should stop opening parenthesis lest the comment will look like a Lisp program))).
    The irrelevant to health remark, was that if you eat meat that was raised with antibiotics, the effect on your body of the residual medication in the meat is negligible. Drinking a soy smoothie will a tremendously worse effect with all the sugar and phyto-estrogen and other artificial stuff in it. That's like the scare of nitrates in processed meat (sausages), that you read and hear a lot about, but they always forget to mention that vegetables like spinach contain 10 to 100 times more of them. So the nitrate in meat is irrelevant.

  28. thanks for clarifying that gallier!