Monday, October 25, 2010

Omar Khadr plea deal reached. Spares the Obama administration embarrassement before elections.

Omar Khadr takes the plea deal. I have a number of posts on Khadr so I want to say this..

While I can understand after all this time of incarceration, torture & mind control the desire to extract oneself from this horrid situation. Also being fully aware I am not in Omar Khadr shoes, he just did the US government the biggest favour they could have ever asked for.
And not just the US government as a whole, the Obama administration benefited prior to an election this was also a gift to the Harper government in Canada. Sparing them before a possible election from the ugly face that would have been exposed, the face of complicity in the torture and abuse of a child.
An ugly face for all to see that left a Canadian citizen to rot and be tortured. Something no other government in the world had done.

I had Omar Khadr's Guantanamo interrogation tape posted, the link is there

There was also this news that a Soldiers report and photo cast doubt on Khadr's guilt

A U.S. soldier reported that he accidentally stepped on Omar Khadr following a firefight in Afghanistan because Khadr was covered in rubble, casting doubt on whether the 15-year-old Canadian could have thrown the grenade that fatally wounded Delta Force soldier Christopher Speer.

Identified only as "Soldier # 2," it's expected he will testify that he "inadvertently stood on top of (Khadr) and thought he was standing on a 'trap door' because the ground did not seem solid," a motion submitted to the court states.

The soldier then "bent down to move the brush away to see what was beneath him and discovered that he was standing on a person; and that Mr. Khadr appeared to be 'acting dead,' " the motion continued.

Khadr's defence team told a military judge here Friday that this soldier's testimony will be key at trial because it proves the Toronto-born captive could not have thrown the grenade

What makes the evidence even more compelling is there is a photo, an actual photo of Khadr buried under the rubble

A photo of Khadr buried under the rubble!

Then this post: Omar Khadr - A Canadian Citizen tried in a US Kangaroo Court

Or CSIS slammed for the handling of Khadr

A U.S. military commander modified a report on a firefight in Afghanistan to pin the blame for a U.S. soldier's death on Omar Khadr, a defence lawyer alleged Thursday.

Khadr tortured in Afghanistan:

Khadr's interrogators included members of a unit implicated in the December 2002 beating deaths of two Afghan detainees, named Dilawar and Habibullah, Kuebler said.

"We learned today that those interrogations were conducted by members of the military intelligence unit whose members were implicated in numerous allegations of detainee abuse in Bagram, and in fact the deaths of two detainees," Kuebler told CTV Newsnet from Guantanamo Bay.

"As we now know, contrary to what the administration has been saying for years, there is no eyewitness who can say Omar Khadr threw a hand grenade at anybody," Edney said from Edmonton.

He couldn't have thrown the hand grenade if he was buried under rubble.

Still the Canadian government let the child Omar Khadr age 15, rot in Afghanistan, then at Guantanamo.

Khadr was interrogated in a coercive manner, refresh you memory on the true value of a coerced confession, here. What real value in coerced confession ?
Watch that video, of the child, who confesses to the murder of his sister, thanks to the coercive methods used by interrogators. Watch it and really think about what these techniques do to the mind. How these coercive techniques cause confusion, fear and disorientation. Then picture 15 year old Khadr, shot, three bullets, beaten, used as a mop being coerced into a confession.

Now that I have refreshed your memory, as well as my own back to today's news.
A plea deal was reached, Khadr plead guilty to all charges in exchange for freedom, the ability to return to the country of his birth? No details. But this much is obvious.
He spared the governments of two countries much embarrassment.
Neither nation deserved to be spared.

A young Canadian terrorism suspect accepted a plea deal Monday that will make him eligible to leave Guantanamo Bay prison in a year, sparing the Obama administration the spectacle of putting the first child soldier on trial for war crimes in modern times.

Officials of the controversial military commission kept secret the length of the sentence agreed to for Omar Ahmed Khadr, who was 15 when he was captured in Afghanistan

The plea deal spares the U.S. government the need to try Khadr for the crimes he is alleged to have committed
Hilary Clinton Intervened in boy soldier plea deal

Hillary Clinton aimed at resolving a case that was becoming an embarrassment for the Obama administration. (A child, no evidence....)

In a statement last summer, a top United Nations official had condemned the prosecution of Khadr, which began under President George W. Bush but continued under Obama, saying that “child soldiers … must be treated as victims” not war criminals.
“You don’t want to make Khadr the poster child for military commissions”
Can't have that, a child, lack of evidence, or fabricated evidence like Pat Tillman?

The Canadian Foreign Ministry has no comment, saying only the matter is between Omar Khadr and the US government"

"This matter is between Mr. Khadr and the U.S. government, and we will not have further comment on this today."

To all the Canadians that read this, keep this thought in mind.
Your government will hang you out to dry should unsubstantiated charges be laid against you by another country. Should you be subjected to abuse and torture. Even if you are a child. Sold down the river.


  1. First comment on this news story.

    The fact that Omar Khadr was offered a plea bargain, in exchange for a guilty plea indicates to me, that the case was weak, very weak.
    Evidence was lacking.

    I mean Hillary Clinton and the state department intervened to save face and only to save face.

    I will add this to the post

  2. "Your gov't will hang you out to dry."

    Amen. A pity so few actually get that, and reciprocate in kind.

    Unfortunately for Khadr, I am positive he was gamed from all sides on this one. Guaranteed his lawyer was the one who convinced him to take the plea bargain, selling him the same kinds of lies as the opposition in terms of how strong his case was, what his chances of winning were, and especially, how averse to some of the truth getting out the state was.

    That was a big trump card that went wasted here . . . the state would have done much to avoid eye-witness testimony making them look like idiots, and to see how they tortured the boy get at least some mention in a very filtered press.

    That's what I really see here . . . gamed from all sides.

    Lawyers get so removed from reality in their profession, they have no idea of justice - and I have seen it first hand from seemingly earnest people. No clue about real rights and freedoms getting trampled, for the most part. No clue about trading in your values for career advancement.

    Poor kid got caught up in a sick and twisted world.

    And you should listen to some of the public who gladly parrot away that Kadhr and his ilk deserve everything they get . . . they just eat up the propaganada like hungry swine at a trough of rotting food.

    Those same people will be so shocked when their own rights and freedoms, when they actually need them, aren't there.

  3. I assume Khadr is innocent. I assume Megrahi is innocent.

    - Aangirfan

  4. Anon: if you assume Khadr is innocent, you assume correctly.

    The offer of a plea bargain confirms that completely.

  5. Hey slozo!

    Isn't it amazing how few people get that?

    Khadr was Canadian born, a child.
    The Canadian government left a Canadian citizen, even worse, a child to be abused.

    The statement made, this is between the US government and Khadr is like a huge red flag.
    Or should be to Canadians?
    If they actually were capable of thinking for themselves?

    Put this was, Your Canadian? Not Canada's concern.
    Britian got their citizen out of guantanamo, Australia got theirs. Canada??? Citizenship means zero.

    As for Khadr being gamed by all sides?

    I would agree. His lawyer, his latest lawyer, didn't operate in his clients best interest. He would have or should have known about the lack of evidence. The soldiers testimony that he was standing on Khadr, under rubble.
    The photos of Khadr.
    The torture. Coerced into "confessing"

    The sheer embarrassment of this trial in the international community.

    15 years old and innocent for cripes sake, can't drink, drive, vote, buy cigarettes, but can be held and tortured and interrogated.

    The lack of evidence.

    The lawyer had to have done a complete snowjob on him..

    "And you should listen to some of the public who gladly parrot away that Kadhr and his ilk deserve everything they get . . . they just eat up the propaganada like hungry swine at a trough of rotting food."

    I have seen some of it, read it.

    "Those same people will be so shocked when their own rights and freedoms, when they actually need them, aren't there."

    Then they will walk in Khadr's shoes.