Monday, October 4, 2010

Possible (UFO's) Unidentified Flying Objects???

It is not my imagination that as of late, there has been a lot of news stories about UFO sightings.
Keep in mind that UFO simply means unidentified flying object. That does not mean it is otherworldly necessarily. It just means that the flying object cannot be identified.
All this type of news had me wondering what could it be?

Which of course got me thinking about experimental aircraft. Which would not be well known, or easily identified by many people.

My mind went to the X37-b, I have covered it a couple times on the blog here and here
Maneuverable and able to hover.

What might this craft look like to the untrained eye at night?

Image borrowed from The Gun Deck, who calls it a drone, as it is unmanned.

Then I came across this:What Kind Of Top-Secret Assassination Tech Does $58 Billion Buy?

Every year, tens of billions of Pentagon dollars go missing. The money vanishes not because of fraud, waste or abuse, but because U.S. military planners have appropriated it to secretly develop advanced weapons and fund clandestine operations. Next year, this so-called black budget will be even larger than it was in the Cold War days of1987, when the leading black-budget watchdog, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA), began gathering reliable estimates. The current total is staggering: $58 billion

58 Billion dollars can buy all sorts of secretly developed weapons and aircraft.
One of the most recent aircraft to emerge from the military's black budget is the Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel, an unmanned reconnaissance drone.
Check this aircraft out?

What might this look like in the night sky?

But much about the RQ-170 is puzzling. Why would the Air Force need a stealth aircraft in Afghanistan, a country with no radar defense system? It wouldn’t, according to those familiar with the drone. The RQ-170 was developed with a more sophisticated enemy, perhaps China, in mind. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t be adapted for current conflicts, however. Unlike the relatively easy-to-spot Predator and Reaper drones, the RQ-170’s stealth could allow it to conduct missions that those aircraft cannot, such as clandestine tracking, or slipping unnoticed across Afghanistan’s border into Iran or Pakistan to spy on their nuclear programs.

Those are just two of, I am sure many other new experimental aircraft flying in the skies. Would we be able to identify them?

How about this news? CIA using pizza platter size drones or micro-drones?

According to two former intelligence officials, who declined to be identified, the CIA is now using micro-drones “roughly the size of a pizza platter [that] are capable of monitoring potential targets at close range, for hours or days at a stretch,” the Post’s story said.

How weird would it be to see that?


  1. RQ-170 Sentinel All I can say is WOW and I want one, I mean like I could check up on the herd without spooking the cows or even leaving the house. Like how neat would that be?

  2. Good post Penny. I'm wondering what is going on too, did you see the report about strange lights over Montreal?

    Now, years ago I did see something very odd in the sky above Golden Lake, there were a bunch of us who witnessed it and no one really said anything afterward - we were all quite spooked. It was one light making circles, then it separated into three distinct lights and all of them whizzed off in different directions, one flying straight over our heads. Very odd.

    Though I do agree with others here that if an alien life form did traverse the great distance to get here - why oh why would they even bother stopping in? We are pretty messed up down here. Though, if Von Daniken was right, perhaps they are checking in on their experiment, to note that it was a dismal failure.


  3. silverfish: I will admit, it is quite a plane.

    i imagine the price tag is very high.

    yeah, I saw that story about the lights over Montreal.