Monday, October 18, 2010

Propaganda Alert ! Osama living in Pakistan and Terror attack in France

Anything to plant a seed in the public's mind that Pakistan is a problem....
Note the vagueness?

Osama Bin Laden, according to an unnamed NATO official is living in comfort, no less, in Pakistan.

The official, (unnamed, no idea of who this person is, what is his affiliation, nothing) who has access to sensitive intelligence( what is that, the toilet habits?) information, told CNN that Bin Laden was not holed up in a cave, but has been moving between houses in the Chitral district and the Kurram valley, which neighbours Tora Bora in Afghanistan, from which he fled in 2001.

The Pentagon, refused to confirm or deny the CNN report.

Just like all those unverified audio tapes?

Richard Holbrooke doesn't take this report seriously

"We hardly have a day that goes by where somebody doesn't say they know where Osama bin Laden is," said Holbrooke.

I can almost hear him chuckling...

France Warned of New Terror Threat

Saudi Arabia has warned France that Europe is at threat of an al-Qaida attack. A French official says his country in particular, is the target of an imminent attack.

Saudi Arabia????
Just in time to clamp down on the massive protests.


  1. Go to the FBI's website and look at Usama's bio. He's wanted for killing "over 200 people" in 2 bombings in Africa, and "suspected" of other attacks. Osama did 911 (in the mass-media), but the FBI has no bio of him. "O"sama is a figment of the imagination.

  2. Emmanuel Goldstein.


  3. Hey Penny,..Sorry I haven't been commenting lately, it's just a time thingy, on the weekend I'm gonna get a bottle of Shiraz and review all your recent work, ya busy little beaver; go grrrl!

    This whole Obam, oops Osama thing is such a bunch of shit,today in the pseudo parliament of rosthchalia we had to endure the 'debate' on afghanistan, what a joke, I have not been so infuriated by our piss-weak zionist muppets since both sides of the house pledged their un-dieing love and sloppiness to the cause of "The whore on Terror" subsequent to the terrible unjustified, yada yada more sloppiness and sychophancy etc etc of 9/11.
    We will be "staying the course" now is "no time to get the wobbles" truly that is the term they used the fucking "wobbles". Ten more years of opium production may be required of our brave defence force due to the ongoing alliance between the taliban and al kye-dah; FUCK OFF gillard you dirty yid muppet!


  4. Did you notice how nicely the media prepared for this psy-op?

    The release of the unverified tape, back on October 1, which has OBL personally okaying the so called terror attacks emanating of course from Pakistan.
    You know the unsubstantiated ones, no evidence,no intelligence no nothing terror attacks.

    Along with his fireside chat on non-existent terror he discusses the flood victims in Pakistan.

    After all that talk of Pakistan we now have him allegedly living, in comfort (the bastard) in Pakistan.

    You should be outraged! You should want to go in and bomb Pakistan back to the stone age!

    At least that is what governments are hoping??

    Erik: "O" sama, like "O"bama?

    reinforcing the myth?

    Buff: Yup!

  5. Hey Veritas

    "We will be "staying the course" now is "no time to get the wobbles" truly that is the term they used the fucking "wobbles".

    The wobbles?

    Yes stay the course, that is it.
    Because it is such a righteous course???
    For opium and as the step stone into Pakistan.

  6. Yes Penny, they are schizoid identities: Big Brother vs Goldstein. Follow the strings back to the puppeteer--he's laughing his ass off at us.

  7. Even if Americans WERE ready to do something about it Pen . . . what would they do?

    Legitimate protest - unlawfully marked, detained, arrested, contained, harrassed to the breaking point.

    Run for office - smeared, coerced, coopted, even killed.

    Run a counter organisation - criminalised, killed.

    Opine on blogs/internet - not listened to, ignored, marked for harrassment later if subject escalates response.

    Keep any "protest" within mainstream bounds (useless option) - tolerated, while subject continues to pay taxes.

    Stop paying taxes - ostracised, criminalised, jailed, killed.

    There is only one response left.

  8. slozo: uprising, overthrow???

    It seems the only answer.

    The problem is then what?

    will the masses be able to forge a community?

  9. Erik: two halves of the same coin.

  10. Actually Pen, more exactly, it is:


    The one thing you are told not to do, other than if it's self destructive/anarchistic behaviour that undermines others trying to fight the power.